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  1. Sorry guys, this idea has been cancelled, thank you for the support. Who knows, maybe the idea will resurface! I've just been pretty busy lately. Sorry again.
  2. So, here's an idea for a plot (Thanks to Bradley101 for some ideas) After a botched mission to the moon that left two of the Kerman brothers stranded, their ties of devotion to the peaceful exploration of the Kerbol system have evaporated. When Jebediah left his brothers and made off with what was left of the lander after a crash landing on the Mun, Bill and Bob realized he could no longer be trusted. Bill soon later abandoned the injured Bob and made for a space station 15 kilometers out. After almost 5 days of radio messages, a rescue vehicle finally found Bob. When each of the brothers returned to Kerbin, their sense of brotherhood was gone. Each left the Kerbal Space Program to make their own company. Jebediah went on to create the ASF, Aredian Space Fleet; Aredian meaning "of red" in Kerbal. The ASF was a warlike conglomerate of many nations' space fleets to the North of Kerbin. Bill went on to create the FKS, Federation of Kerbal Space. The FKS had a goal of colonizing all bodies in the Kerbol system by whatever means necessary. The company grew into a Federation to the South of Kerbin. Bob went on to create NK, New Kerbin. The company, like the others, gained the support of many nations and forged a new nation in the Great Kerbal Desert. After 3 years of preparing, these nations, headed by each founder, are readying their armies and raising their fleets. The first Interstellar war is upon the Kerbol system. -Anyways, that's my idea for the story. I'd go under the ASF because that's more my play style.
  3. Just to make this easier, perhaps, just add me on Skype at genred256! I'll only accept the friend request if you mention that you are adding me for the KMP thing.
  4. Perhaps we could work something out! Anyone else interested? Post here or pm me.
  5. By now, I'm sure all of you have heard about the KMP mod, Kerbal Multi Player. I was wondering if anyone was interested in starting a Kerbal Space War and possibly doing a Youtube series on it. Let me know if you may be interested or just want to talk about it a little bit. I can host but no guarantee the internet will be of the highest quality. There would be mild role-play as well. Also, the game would be Vanilla.
  6. Kerbal Space Battlefield. I'd love to destroy Minmus. I don't think destructible objects on this scale would be possible though.
  7. I can't stand Halo 4, so when I'm playing anything besides PC games, its Halo Reach. I'm a General grade 4. I don't join clans, I ride solo
  8. I called it by just making a joke
  9. how did that Reddit thread slip under my eyes...
  10. .21!?!?!?! I'm just kidding. I can wait my whole life for .21 if I must.
  11. Already been done by Kurtjmac on Youtube
  12. This may be a stupid question but here it goes... What body is the Magic Boulder orbiting? I saw the picture of it, and I plan to find it myself. Any more information would be appreciated.
  13. We need to forget about the Duna image, let's look for those theorized caves.
  14. Awesome! 50k! I think we can owe some success of this to Youtube LP's such as Kurtjmac and Szyzyg
  15. Banned would have been the least of their problems mate Piracy is illegal practically everywhere. Just save up your money to buy KSP, it is worth it! Anyways, illegal actions aside, WELCOME ABOARD! lol