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  1. Here is 0.7.3, dropbox may get overloaded if too many people try and download though - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48481896/KSP%200.7.3.zip Enjoy!
  2. I hope this doesn't count as a necropost since there's apparently still interest in it, but I have a copy of 0.7.3 that's completely unmodified.
  3. "In the news today, Amethyst prices has plummeted as a lander full of them has returned with over one ton of the rare gemstone. The sample return mission has nearly doubled our supply of it, and inadvertently caused massive inflation to panic Jebrod, Kerbin's main supplier of Amethyst based products. The crystals are to be scientifically studied by major universities before release to the public. ... In other news, billionaire Geomond Kerman has died after being stuck in his diamond-plated toilet for 36 hours straight. All attempts to cut him out have been futile."
  4. Ehhh, 4/10. I see you in a lot of places, but you're kiiiiiiiinda newish.
  5. Thomas Jefferson chasing himself from 5 years in the future through Area 51, both of them flying the Millennium Falcon.
  6. I would also like to know what water is. My local 'pond' has some and I'm terrified of the thought that it could be dangerous.
  7. Ooh, I think I\'ve used this site before! Kinda reminds me how much awesome stuff comes from the fandom. Anyways, here\'s an OC of me I just threw together.:
  8. That.... Ohmygosh.... You win. Take my money, my house, my everything That was all I need in life :\'( *cough* But though, that was excellent! Bravo!
  9. Yep, I\'m a derp. Next person is someone who likes Jonathon Coulton\'s musics.
  10. Since we\'re all posting kerbals, here is our latest test pilot after waking up from (involuntary) sedation and realizing his environment.
  11. A handful of cornflakes.... I\'m not even going to try to think of something....
  12. Well this is pretty normal.... Oh wow, I don\'t even know what this is. Knife shooter, because I can. Knife cannon, also because I can. Ultimate weed whacker Bullets are overrated 8)