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  1. So I was messing with the aero values in the debug menu to see what would happen but I forgot what the original values were. Is there a way to reset all the stuff you did in the debug menu? Or someone could just tell me the values.
  2. Could someone make a tutorial on how to start a kmp server with hamachi?
  3. There needs to be more ways to get science like a crewing staying in orbit for a week, month etc, or for docking 2 spacecraft together. But so far I'm loving careers mode, can't wait when we have to buy parts
  4. Also I think with the different difficulty settings you should get different budget amount, to me 50k starting seems a little low because since liquid engines cost so much you have to always use solid rocket boosters, maybe 100k for easy, 75k for medium, and 50k for hard
  5. Um it became un tidally locked in 0.18.... Edit: Ninja'D
  6. I think you can email the novapunch creater (Tiberion) about olds versions, I remember getting the 0.13.3 demo version of NP before. Not sure about mechjeb
  7. Hmm on my computer the exe is in the folder but on the website it isn't
  10. Why would crew management need to be optional? It doesn't force anything on you. It lets you choose what crew you want on a rocket and how many you want in the capsule