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  1. Keeping them organized, commented and short may be more educational than reading complete source codes, especially for beginners. And it\'d hopefully prevent copy pasting from other peoples work. I like the idea. I\'ll see if I can contribute with some easier stuff.
  2. Try looking at r4am0n\'s and CardBoardBoxProcessor\'s MechJeb Autopilot. They have a GUI which you can see in their source code, you learn a lot by reading the code. Then we have Unity\'s own documentation: http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/ScriptReference/30_search.html?q=gui And some basic tutorial: http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Components/GUI%20Scripting%20Guide.html How you apply it to KSP you\'ll have to figure out yourself, or by help from other people\'s source codes.
  3. If it\'s possible, try to get the warp multiplier, and adjust the oxygen exhaustion rate accordingly. I\'m thinking something like. public void adjustExhaust(<T> theWarpFactor) { if (theWarpFactor is something) then set oxygen to certain speed something like this.oxygenRate = theWarpFactor*this.oxygenRate else do something else } Excuse my really shitty psuedo code.
  4. That looks incredibly tasty. I haven\'t booted up Visual Studio in a while, have mainly been working with Java.
  5. I was thinking about such a mod, I\'ll drop my ideas for now Good luck!
  6. Freaking Kerbin sized flying dinosaur dragons with lazer eyes and nuclear eggs. 8) Edit: I want to make some kind of 'targeting' system. So that you can launch missiles on your satellites (or Kerman\'s).
  7. I\'ve heard all from 'wait' to 'a few days' and 'weeks'. I\'m hoping for a few days :V
  8. I got one question. How does making the source code public prevent malware .dlls? I could likewise just exclude the bad parts of the code. I suggest changing the guidelines to include your whole plugin project, just to be one the safe side.
  9. I\'m kinda more exited for this than I was for 0.14 ;D