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  1. mauermajn1

    L4D car in KSP - with interior models!

    Now all we need is a kerbalmobile
  2. mauermajn1

    L4D car in KSP - with interior models!

    Awesome, the next thing should be a limo and all the kerbals should be wearing sunglasses.
  3. why does the Hercules look so awesome even with out textures.
  4. mauermajn1

    [20.x]BobCat Ind. Release

    Did anyone else notice the pinup poster in the mark 4 IVA?
  5. mauermajn1

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Oh my lord! I must have this,quick post a craft file!
  6. sorry forgot to mention, since there are two downloadable DEMVs i would like the MARK II version. sorry for any inconvenience.
  7. I would like a craft able to get the DEMV rover to Duna and has mechjeb. The usable mods are as follows: DEMV and Mechjeb
  8. mauermajn1

    [20.x]BobCat Ind. Release

    Today monster truck rovers, Tomorrow limos with monster wheels.
  9. Sorry to bother you fox but when i download your files they are txt files, it is probably because i have a mac but if you could look into it it would be appreciated. Sincerely-Mauer
  10. mauermajn1

    The Kerbal Space Fleets

    so the answer is magic*the force+massive amounts of fuel... BRILLIANT!!!
  11. mauermajn1

    [20.x]BobCat Ind. Release

    yeah about that the creator of the Bigtrak hasn't come out with the updated version of the Cuttlefish lander.
  12. mauermajn1

    [20.x]BobCat Ind. Release

    I love this but since landing large wheeled objects isn't something i can do easily, would you mind constructing a lander stage for the DEMV to make it easier on the less talented like me.
  13. Witness the power of this fully armed and operational Orbital defense system!
  14. Real cool I have always wanted one of these. Once more things are added to it I will download.