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  1. I started playing KSP when the map screen was just an idea and palm trees could regularly found on the way up into orbit. My rockets then were stuffed with SAS to keep them straight. Then when ASAS arrived that was the first part to be placed under the capsule and with a combination of RCS and rudders I still kept my rockets straight. I found the less I had to manually keep then that way the better they flew. As for making a stable orbit, I managed that twice and only twice before it got 'meh, nothing else to do'. As for the Mun, I managed a successful landing or two. Even managed to get back on one occasion. Then persistence arrived. My next failed mun landing left survivors. I had to rescue them. A few more attempts later and those survivors were enough to play a few games of 5-a-side footie. Whats this got to do with MJ? As stated earlier on it allowed me to shift over to the mission control aspect more and when I saw the accuracy of MJ's landing autopilot pretty much every craft I throw into the sky has one. My last few mun landings have been on semi manual (mainly because the autopilot don't like landers with barely enough dV land). Things like the translatron's 'keep serf' function for descent control and even super-simple things like kill-rotation, pro. and retro-grade alignment are a god-send. Even the orbit normal- and + functions make shifting my orbit around a process that doesn't involve sending by craft into the cold black yonder or accidentally lithobraking into the munar surface.
  2. A game that looks like TA, plays like TA, kinda sounds like TA and HAS TA'S ORIGINAL NARRATOR! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  3. I know its a extremely long shot, but is there any chance of access to the Windows calibrated Joystick data? Or at least access to the raw data that Unity has access to (can do calibration in the autom8 script). Access to that data without having to map in KSP's control settings would be essential. Oooh, oooh! While I'm at it I would also like to request a GFX output window with some BASICesque drawing commands (line, circle, colour, cls, etc)
  4. Lol Shows what I know about 3D modelling. I never thought that using the scaling tool in object mode made that kind of change. I did what you said and it works fine, even trundles along at the speed I thought it should (based on mucking with your original rover). Just one other quick question, is there a reason why you have the cart's crash tolerance to be near indestructible? The hills near my KSP are littered with numerous carts and rovers after various high speed large mun rover designs. mental note: Do all re-sizing in edit mode from now on...
  5. I've been trying my hand at making some wheels and considering that it's my first time messing around with Blender (seriously, that software seems like it doesn't want to be used sometimes...) Anyhoow, knowing next to nothing about 3D modelling I have managed to get something into the game and the wheels even work... kinda. It looks like the physics part of the wheels work; I can move and steer but the visible mesh just acts odd. The wheels spin and pivot OK but the suspension is pretty much stuck in the up position all the time, flicking dwon now and again based on the terrain. My current work files. I've followed the instructions fairly closely, the only real difference I can see is that the part only has two wheels, the idea being that you could build a large rover or mobile base and then just slap a pair of wheels on each side.
  6. Bit of a long shot here but what chance would there be of including a compiler into KSP itself? Distribute plugins as sourcecode and have KSP compile them the first time they are run? Then again I dare say that implementing that would be more effort than sandboxing the the plugin system so filesystem access for the plugins would be limited to a directory inside the KSP directory structure and limit plugin\'s ability to access external API calls. (Not all of them tho. I want API access to the Windows Joystick routines to bypass Unity\'s not-fit-for-purpose excuse for joystick handling) Anyhoow, while I\'m typing I might as well ask a few questions of my own: 1: How is input in KSP handled? I\'m guessing that the user input and the input fed to the rocket are separate things and that KSP does some kind of stuff in-between. I suppose a way to describe what I am asking is does KSP have some sort of virtual joystick (ie the one inside the command pod) that is controlled based on user input? Can I write code that can alter the input handling behaviour? 2: How is code actually executed in game? Not counting initialisation and clean-up code how does the \'meat\' run? Is there a function in the plugin that can be called once per physics frame or similar? Is the plugin code run paralel to the game (multithreaded) or sequentially? (eg, a badly coded plugin in a endless loop freezing the game) 3: Documentation? I have been watching the forums like a hawk for ages now and in the absence of any documentiaiton of the game\'s APIs how comes we already have people writing plugins with new parts with new fuel types and GUIs and autopilots. Unless I am going blind, or senile, or both! Anyhoow, once I have given myself a crash course on C# I plan on making my contribution to KSP, a command pod with a (near) fully functional 6502 based computer built into it. Code your software in 6502 asm, for C use CC65 or load in a EhBASIC image to code like its the 80s 8)
  7. Cars do X miles per gallon, and go X miles per hour and A is X miles from B... (I always cringe when I hear a british documentary say 'and the shuttles goes at XXXKM per second') Electrical cable is sold by the meter while I am about 6 foot high... Milk and beer is in pints but its petrol by the litre... but ultimately: Sphess Marins can move up to 4' per turn, boltguns have a max range of 24' (2nd ed rules of course), by PC still has a 3 1/2' floppy disk drive AND 1KB = 1024 bytes, 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB AND 1TB = 1024GB!Unrelated yes, but I felt that had to be said...
  8. I send my 10 quid on 12+1/8/11. I got the PayPal and the thankyou email on that day but have yet to receive the pre-order confirmation. I\'m not too bothered about receiving one as long as you have a record of it. Thanks.
  9. Preordered here. This game is worth at least ten of those dollar thingies.