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  1. FINALLY! I've been playing KSP since v0.11 but never had a gaming PC. The game was initially fine on my modest, old, laptop, but as graphics got elaborated and content expanded, my laptop just couldn't handle it. I can only play the current version on the lowest settings and still have my laptop start heating up. But I do have a PS4 and you can bet I'll be the first to buy it on PS4 as soon as it comes out! This is to hoping there aren't a lot of bugs.
  2. Said the patient, (Any brave soul willing to compile this 250+ page story?...)
  3. The Story of Kerby the Kerbal A novel in Progress Special thanks to A Fat Pokemon for having compiled this story! Book 1 Chapter 1 There once was a kerbal named Kerby who wanted to fly to the Enterprise while he ate a 3 foot rotten cheeseburger while he drank a cold beer and went hiking on Mount Kraken which he thought was located over the top of Duna’s large anomaly, which was at the center of a large crater of the interesting red dust planet who’s gravity affected the range of its gravitational pull that managed to attract the love of their life which was called Charley the unicorn. Kerby thought his love is hideous towards Charley since he murdered orphans and are their hearts then the spleens, and cooked their brains so he could use an evil thing called Kerbal Space Mastermind, which could divide by Zero which caused the destroyed space stations to fire a giant nuclear missile at the sun at the speed of sound. Which a giant blanket of cupcakes, that ended the reign of the great Kerbin monster named Ideathief who crushed every kerbals dream of landing on Earth, an imaginary planet they believed was rocketry paradise that had a crisis of kerbal overpopulation that Cthulhu caused by eating potatoes. To get him to see the ʇxÇÂʇ uÊÂop ÇÂpısdn (upside down text). After one year, kerbin was teleported to another identical star system which had binary stars. This was unfortunate because one was exploding into a white dwarf and releasing gamma radiation in the direction of Kerbin, which fried all the rockets, but luckily the people escaped on interstellar spaceships. But the Kraken attacked, yet Jebediah bravely saved most of the morons who fly broken SSTO Fart BalloonsTM which run using Farts. Not surprisingly smelly, so airfreshners that smell like Pork N Beans are used to freshen the huge space station on Kerby’s old dictionary that is filled with explosive yo-yos that you can eat, but only when Jebediah is stranded on Duna’s analogue in the classroom on Laythe. Anyway, as the oxygen depleted because Laythe exploded because Jebediah was insanely going to the center of Layther despite it exploding. Which violates causality of the universe causing massive data streams to decompile disrupting google searched thus preventing all new KSP mods from working in countried other than England, Australia, Mars, Jool, Canada, Pineapple, and Ethiopia, which makes Canada angry causing the next country to explode creating black holes around the Enterprise. Which destroys all of Zombing’s braces making kerbal dentists panic in fear. Suddenly, kerbal kittens popped out of the organic, trimphant, and little cool exploding fueltank infazed by crazy monkeys imported from Texas by a secret evil organization from Turkistan, who ate deep space potatoes. After eating the Deep Space Kraken, they then proceeded to launch the uber missile 9001 baby shoe sale which is disguised as a secret fluffy bunny who had some explosive Russian Sock Monsters which fire x-rays at the deadly and furious Zine who retaliated by firing the solar hotdog cooker of run on sentences. Jebediah’s pet apple then decided to jump into a powered cow launcher which launched him into minmus, de-orbiting from pig-planet which turned out to be from a platypus head floating in space in orbit around the giant celestial newfoundland dog. Despite the fact that it was very heavy and ugly. It was loved and it was very, very, very repetitive in its endeavours. However, a trash can stopped by and it broke the love of the queen who then destroyed someone’s butt for eating the honey that had melted in a microwave that shoots lasers to heat your meat grinding chicken imported from a galaxy far far away, so the captain of the enterprise said that the eye of the tiger would rise up to the Fight and the Challenge of our rival Kerbal and the last known survivor stalks John Madden, an imperial commander who could not survive the falling debris that rained down from the sky because a ship started to experience thousands of g-forces of wibbly-wobbly bendy rockets that exploded. So he inadvertently managed to sing a song about the ceiling. Meanwhile, on Laythe, Jebediah went swimming to relieve himself from the gravity of the situation of his re-entering heat effect being so hot he almost exploded with joy, but pineapples were not ripe. Instead, everything burst into celery and it all ended with vegetables destroying other vegetables, which at first seemed harmless, but then stabbed the carrots with a giant knife-shaped apple. Jebediah felt the sharp stab of betrayal penetrate through his left thumb. While on Moho, Bill sent a Christmas gift for Kirberry Kerman, the imp sister of the space Kracken which later on acknowledged that he met space Cthulhu in a station made of chocolate easter bunnies. Meanwhile, Kerby decided to call Jebediah to negotiate a treaty that would determine whether or not he could pee on a monolith to investigate the explosive powers of some black paint they thought could resist the power of temptation. However, Bill decided to paint it orange but it tasted like old lemons stuck on Eve. Despite looking like mashed potatoes, the invisible spoons of planet called Mars that looked so white that it blinded several important sensors of the martian probe that was about to collide with the universe yet it wasn’t able to because the cat destroyed the cable of data link. Kerby couldn’t call his mother, so he went to New York city to see Big Ben, even though he hated clocks. On Laythe, Jebediah continued to re-enter the burning building that wasn’t burning CDs, but actually Jebediah was dreaming, so he got very, very angry and proceeded to make orange juice but the cat pulled out a super duper blaster that shoots feces heated to 200,000 oF, so he put on pants to do Gangnam style but his hips burst into flames while he was eating an oversized split banana that emits gamma rays while singing the national anthem of Canada. Charley felt offended because he couldn’t remember tha coordinates of Bob Furniture Store in that place over the rainbow in Narnia, Australia, Australia, southerns hemisphere, Earth, inner solar system, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo supercluster, known universe, all possible universes. “WAIT!â€Â, said Kerby, “Did I miss my spotted shirt?â€Â. Immediately, Kerby was filled with horror his computer, preventing him from playing Human Space Program, a very safe space program with death every where. The monolight experiment went terribly wrong from the start because of absence of oxygen in their objects. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the cat riding an invisible bicycle, crashed on Eeloo creating a crater (vaguely cat shaped) the size of a crater. Kerby, spotting his shirt wearing pants, decided “space suite = trendyâ€Â. He was jealous at Jebediah, obviously, because of his amazing sense of smell for burning cats and dogs when the weather is cats and dogs falling like snow. After the largest asteroid had passed through the halls of the dead, it went explode because the asteroid was U-238 and nuclear physics is a lie told by the U.S. to deceive a team of highly skilled terrorists whi were looking for Kerbal master mind “Rudolphâ€Â. Suddenly, ghosts! They hijack cats and giraffes around the globe. However, Kerby and Jebediah farted causing mass extinction of all butterflies and all potatoes in Brazil, which was is potato. Chapter 2 Back on Kerbin, Wernher Von Kerman, who created the high-potention locomotive, decided to fly to Eve because Eve is round and its atmosphere is as thick as your skull when it is discussing religious matters. Anyway, Bill’s lamp failed to illuminate Jebediah’s office when Laythe eclipsed with a space station around Jooltopia, which was badly damaged by a large deathstar constructed by kerbals from LolLaythe. Charley felt disliked because his spacesuit was pink and he wants blue so he went to the ocean which burst into tears because it was blown up by smoking cow that were falling from harley's weed Protection service company owned and operated by a cantelope which was from a far away sun called Bol that was beginning to explode soon, but luckily, some ten thousand ballistic missles and shot At Planet X making it crash into the Bol-Star Causing the universe to collapse into a black hole where it started to fly out from the exploding Solar System Bol. The next day a rotten taco decided to leap into a portal to 1969 so it could see Carl Sagan reenacting the moon landings because they involved rockets. Kerbin's doomsday began when Jeb danced the jig of the saw puzzle with Jigsaw, a puzzle made up with Jigsaw pieces mass produced in Jigsaw, a city on Joolipter, which didn't look like a puzzle piece from the game Shoot The CAT!!!! After a puzzling day on Laythe a dinosaur named T. Ryan Sorous ate Bill Kerman while he was eating but vomited all over his new car, making soup. Cleaning it, he got Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis from mining titanium on Bop. After several days of Living on faith, a car salesman crashes into a rocket which was from Korlkinnikon. The name is foreign to everyone alive today because it is A K-name made up in the land called Kerbalkistan located behind Those atmospheric ghosts who hate Cheetos. Cheese is dairy but tastes like the Jeb's spacefood that was used to wash socks. Does it taste Like Cinnamon Toast or rotten vegtables? We may never taste something as a roasted kerbal, but maybe we can taste like a roasted human. Where is Bill? Somewhere over the event horizon of the black rainbow, of course. How he got there is a question that only Tony probe can answer. He knows everything about the first generation quantum mechanics used by kerbals to make a ton of dynamite to blow up but for fishes, the dynamite seemed to be tragic despite the lack of kerbal oxygen in the atmosphere. The 69 kilometers that separated Bob from the disturbing eagle-eyed Jebediah who wants to blow everything up and then travel to Eeloo, and built a snowman. After the snowman was created, it melted due to It's incredible evilness and Jeb found a large booster To be quite awsome, and so he began replacing flying cat mines with orbiting dogs to confuse pirates. On another note, all submarine sandwiches are now cheeeeeezburgahs because of Bill made a button for his coat. Laika the dog profited from Carl and he ate no more than three ounces of New Year's fireworks Which weren't cold despite it being very explosive for two years until someone named Kraken ate them so now, they lack the explosive punch and were forgotten. Meanwhile on Laythe, the Kraken exploded and got flung by my ship into the depths of space and proceeded to protest the rights and citizenship of all cows who looked Like Barney. Moonkun Munchkin was a bagel that liked to be eaten by an elephant that wished it can swim in eleven herbs that tasted like Big, juicy, and tasty bananas. That morning, uncooked onions and buckets of KFC, seasoned with the 11 secret herbs And 12 spices. It's finger licking time! Said Kerby. The chicken attracted all the gals living on Ganymede while kissing some Carl Sagan dolls. Ganymede doesn't exist in the mind and reality of Kerballand. They think Ganymede, a Timbits biscuit in space, is a fictional space rabbit that can land on The unmagical boulder. Twenty light-years away, Jebediah had just EVA to the surface of a piece of debris in Kerpollo One that had seemed to explode on contact. He thought it was a good thing, but the debris then crashed into a Semi-conductive electric probe, it was fully electrified, so thunderbolts and lighting came raining down on Charley the Unicron who ate three kilos of what he called "Kerbalinator," which causes Rocket fuel to spontaneously fire out of Bob's toilet which caused mass from mr Charlie's and went into a coma, which a cardiac arrest Murdered cave dude and called 911. All the while, Bill was reading PSY, the creator of the delicious Goongam style, a Russian delicacy best for dancing Korean who needs more celery for his delicious, spicy Kimchi which he sold to Jeb as space food for Loren ipsum, a dolor sit amet "Air Crash Investigation," program. Charley's stomach exploded, causing banking problems in banks all around Jupiter, by 60000000000 degrees of toxic pudding. A flying pudding smacked me in the 23rd vertebrae Said Charley. He grinned deviously, "I Can't believe you would eat chicken without offering me one overcooked fried potato chip tasting like yummy garbage!" When Adam Kandler, Kerbool Deeds' brother, Decided to murderize Charlie because he pooped on Jeb's Parachute, ruining it, he drank lumpy Juice And Kerby Went to Duna. Kerby then proceeded to dance on the broken parachute at 90 mph which he had smash into the taco of time. The taco can imagined as a dictator over the school of jell-o located on Bop, Which, coincidentally, was the dentistry headquarters of all dental gorillas of the Dentist variety, thus were accidentally wealthy. Maaren Kerman, Dentist of all gorillas, was accidentally assigned to brush the giant evil cow. Meanwhile, the presidential election was over, angering all indentured old denists, who served their masters by brushing underneath their gums using Oral-K brushinator which is made in Italy, along with dental floss. The Great Pillow was traveling across the Pilou, a 45mm screw driver usually drills dental replacement holes. Midway past the future, but it hurts, way too much. Meanwhile, on Laythe, he took off like a scary Jebediah riding a Dental dentistry rocket. The rocket horrified a P-51 D Mustang pilot, because he had arm amnesia, a very strong alcoholic beverage, ice cold. Jeb likes arm made of plastic. But Bill hates Bill Gates, the president of Kerbal Dentistry Overclocked Computers (or KDOC for troubled readers or short, which uses objects for stuff). Jebediah couldn't figure out the calamities in the cars of slugs and walruses that explode, causing their tusks to melt into flavorful pineapple juices. The juices cause gastroenteritis, which is a disease only caught by orange potatoes grown in Japan, which is frequently hit by the mighty rocket powered cannon, which is in Area of a circle, is 51 cm2, which is large compared to a mushroom growing on a pineapple. The Same pinapple that the walrus ate which caued BOB to implode on Neptune, while eating spaghetti. Jebediah's mother was very fat, and everyone insulted her. Her name was Kerbalia and she can fly rockets too bad so Jeb taught her to ride horses while eating a roasted pink crobar topped with juicy plutonium that might decay into a 1 eyed dinosaur saying J/Yodelleehoo scary cabbage will all explode until it bows down before a giant waffle in the palace of purple puke. Then Joobidaeiah, who is an imposter of Jebediah, the spaceman of dreams, attempted to go over the rainbow to get to Kerbaltopia, a paradise on an island shaped like the nose of a at ugly bat that is not green as some preliminary reports suggest. Secondary reports however report the bat is actually purplish for being scary when it is doing things like afirin' its lazoars at defenseless zebras near the mystic shrine of the Holy Koala Institute. After the tiny space probe crashed liquid which tasted of stale melons, the melons revolted and killed bob and billidiah, a shorter clone of Jebediah, that was trained in the caverns beneath the secret caves of Jeb's front lawn. Jeb went out to feed his pet rock named Rocky the Great, king of the Mun Pies, then Rocky's rival, who just so happened to be Bill's evil object thing, which can devour approximately 47 cubic-meters of Pandas. Meanwhile, Bob's old friend, Billybobidiah, a monster made in China, but sold in Cuba, attacked Canada's Socialist ways and converted it into a nuclear stockpile that will be used to explode an unused spork. If the spork Becomes a planet, the society of icy glampernoodles will melt all of this forum which will sadden me because we need all the things that are spicy because they are disliked by many Asians that eat all of the spicy buffalo wings that give you bronchitis if eaten raw or cooked. Chapter 3 Meanwhile, somewhere in Spork "launch" foods, some angry vegetarians ate meat because 'twas dyed green, With red gas from Jupiter, the king of all giant waffles and maple syrup from Joolpinearteer, a fake gas giant orbiting exactly 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0 00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away from your home planet of Kirth, another fake planet made up of completely no nuts and gluten, really, no joke. Kirth was set to become king of the pirates, ultimately to destroy And Jebediah said,"I like big slices of pizza, which are stinky and somehow glowing when dipped into green slime sauce manufactued by fish", which was completely pointless and unnecessary but yet they are communism supporters, albeit green ones. To remedy this gross problem, Scott developed a cannon to shoot all opponents into the mesosphere, a sphere nobody quite understands yet mentions allot because it is said to contain dead kerbal's ghosts. Meanwhile, on the Kerbal Space Center had begun rising due to acute back pains, causing more kerbals to demand a cure for back pains, but it tastes like grasshoppers with spicy ice cream made for people with back pains who live in Kentucky and explode. Then the thing that created democracy turned to anarchy from back pains, causing many people to horribly explode if they went kaboom too much while playing Kerbal driving simulator. When this game was for back pains, everyone hated it, except in Japan where they thought It was groovy because it heals OOOOOOHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO disorder hence causing the kaboom. A ludicrous Japanese scientist programmed a ninja robot that will assassinate Bob's box of president-shaped chocolates for back pains that were caused by back pains in German-Chinese. An atroscious apple that caused back pains that were South of the amazing all natural back of pain which cause back the back pain to hibernate until a presidential mousepad was impeached and once again everyone was forced to vote for republican democrats who believed that both Romney and Obama could Start another war against the USSR, And the moon, and Jool's moons, which would disrupt the back pains of Carl Sagan's old telescope. Eventually, The super back of back pains will devour George he devourer, then A Miss-ile will devour a back massager when Stalin Eats this message. Then, with a hiccup, He burped it out and sal_vager felt ashamed. Then, all moderators became evil so Gandalf the White defended the dumb stoopied mawderatiers frum the wrath of the smarter ones that are developing indie video games that might become back pain worthy if they are capable of selling back pain cream. Meanwhile, several lamps bought several art In the new city of LegoLand. Disney Land, however, was strangely empty because everyone filed into the strange filing cabinet of not a trap-ness that might contain a giant man-eating corrupt file, which is on fire. Backety back pains that watch the small children playing a game called Minecraft which is Kerbal space program. This game was made of burritos that tasted like and white, fleshy meat pies which contain no meat but front pains caused several people to turn up the music so back pains can find their way to the temple Of the Knights at night while Lightning Mcqueen drives wayyyyyyy too fast, even faster than a sadistic orangutang from cancer pains that hurt more than bad viola players that recycle bent pineapples with an apple pie that hates you because screen cleaners are mutually biased towards glasses but the Hulk wears contacts, so liquid strawberries can explodify and make oreo cookies that support various fundraisers. While Irish soldiers are fighting sharklike olives That are going to attempt to create "Olive and Petroleum Kingdom", Bill figured out how to copy-paste his thoughts on the awe-inspiring story that is about ULTIMATE BBBBBAAAACCCKKKKK PAAAAIIIIINNNSSSS which were created by Ctrl-C and Ctrl Alt Del and Ctrl-V and chocolate pudding. On planet cancer pain, John Appleseed became so very sleepy that he felt cheez on his house 1000000 kilometers away by the riverside real estate that sells for Billy Mays. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs began to sell seashells on the seashore with Sally the purple orangutanlike fish that helped Steve join an evil corporation that sells warrants for the Best Video-game ever made by Squad that actually isn't released yet, but someone captured the space chimp mascot cleverly named John the "funny bunny" Tomwitsky, who hired Jebediah German, a pumpkin from Germanland, which looks suspiciously like a mangno but war occurs when it blows up the KSC Suddenly, "Mr. Jebidah"? "It's Ender Wiggins!" cried Gene Kerman, Spaceman of nightmares. Later, the pigs of cowland decided to revolt against the "firing" Squad who are launching A version of Kerbal Space Program that has more boosters than Jeb's secret stash of disposable cancer pain noodles that cause instant medical gratification when World War 93 starts and Bill Gates junior pickles himself because aliens ate his dad, who angered Steve Jobs because he is dumbo in calculus but is a genius in liberal arts, which is kinda off-topic. Meanwhile, Jebediah played rocket chess while going to the base on the giant cow asteroid orbiting Keptune, an undiscovered planet in .19 which NovaSilisko disliked, so he broke KSP but Harvester retaliated with the Kraken and pushed back until Nova fell down a giant black hole that is located near the end of the world, which actually doesn't exist unless you are a Mayan or stupid and gullible, like the people who attempt to make space simulators without Harvester's help. Inevitably, these always end up like planet cancer pain the movie, which exploded very awesomely until the incorrect grammar became unbearable for old teachers and grammar Nazis. This caused grammar monsters from the other side to attack physicists and fully functional space debris that is like the Soviet Mun missiles heading straight toward Kerby. Kerby realized that he was going to secretly infiltrate the Soviet headquarters in Kerbalikistan, a giant brown toothbrush on the edge of the sink. Kerby shrunk himself to gigantic proportions in order to surrender himself to the small rockets of West Korea (not East Korea), North-East underground of Planet ALL CAPS, the home of of water bottles with strange properties like the ability to communicate by saying OOOKI OOOKI ROEKIE ROE! Nobody understood why, so they experimented on Jebediah Kerman's brother. A new sentence rose up from Jeb's brother's grave so zombie chipmunks ate the brains of the rather smelly raccoons located in the luxury of being in the presence of the incredible, amazing polar bear of the Australian outback, a very unusual area with several rockets with a tendency to explode when approached by Russian kangaroos, which actually aren't Russian despite popular belief. Popular belief is almost never true sadly, fooling most Kerbals into believing that things actually don't explode, which is completely untrue story, told by the evil Haidibej who's known for making safety regulations for specific kinds of rockets that have a tendency to kill Kerbals. Nobody knew that these safety regulations were not very fun, so they got rid of most of them, including the regulation forcing Kerbals' suvival OF KERBAL KING. But nobody talks about the king of France 'cause he is corrupt and quite rude. Moonmites attack the themselves from sheer luck. We don't have enough power to save things , so instead we ate a bomb . It tasted odd. Anyways, we continue to draw circles with a circumference the size of a nickel and a gigantosaur morphed into a dalek from the show doctor star whotrek those words which are not heard in space because aliens are angry. Who will vaporize the angry aliens? Nobody had forseen their pizza obsession, thus causing everyone to burn down the pizzarias! I just LOVE pizza, so I attacked the Italians too, they are entirely responsible for the death of multiple citizens of New Pork City, bound to earth. Meanwhile, Rick Astley ate bacon. he sang rickroll in NEVERGONAGIVEUUPLand, a strange helicopter shot him with a funny booster looking thing that was boostless but it crashed. It was a green mushy carrot that didn't smell of sassy Llamas, the best smell after eating more stinky cheese bits that were poisened! by Rose Tyler, queen of the unanimous, morphing cats. Chapter 4 Everyone loves aliens, therefore, everyone proceeded to watch ASDF movie6 while running from the big cloud of doom containing magical flavors of ...... flavoured Pizza (a reference to The Channel Tunnel). Tomorrow is Jim's favorite day, LAZER OSTRICH KERNDAIAN DAY. After that day, Bill decided to revisit it again returning with a moderately a cat stuffedused M104-Wolverine, a cat stuffed with said gun that wasn't actually. Meanwhile, at the mobile bridge headquarters, JEB meatspan Bob, which is quite disturbing and kinky when it is angry. You won't get a chance to see my pet polar bear that has a taste for Kerbals. Explosions then occurred when the ferret accidently tripped the shark alert button that was malfunctioning on Jupiter, because the planet implodedand caused Jeb's wonderful edible rockets to explode in the Siberian region of North Korea with wonderful flavors. North Korea then nuked South Korea for reason but MOAR EXPLODAY EXPLOSIONS. Meanwhile on Kerbin BOB'S HEAD ASPLODE! Nobody has seen any sense in the past few posts of awesome, so some moderators locked the thread, which is a great crime, "so screw the mods!" Said llamatoes loudly. Immediately, the moderators died from shock when multiplayer was requested 9001 times and was implemented by the people who annoy everyone and eat custard. Then, the mods ate more custard! But they exploded because the custard had multiplayer spam that said "eat my spam bomb!" Hopefully the birds who suggested multiplayer will die too. But they might commandeer darth vaders Death star even to do curtain that jeb could ...., Sassy Llamas. "This isn't going well at all." Said, Trux, the square root of 42, and bacon sandwiches. However the slutty Llamas in ablative armour from "Back Pain Returns" sent there via Back Pain man that was teleported. Deploys Casu-Marzu Cheese with a side Of Uss Voyager, that's know for coffee and borg, which is delcious AND Borg destroying which isn't cool. Practically everyone fell into more custard than ever before when Jeb decided that custard=mustard is the most awesome thing inc ustard land, tomarrow is 'Mispellings Dae!' where you spell words horribly badly bcaus spaeliaeng is useless, daleks exterminated all Grammar Nazis in alternate Earth that didn't like things like spoocemen because it looked too spoocy woocy and was extremely unspooce worthy. "NOPE, CHUCK TESTA," said after he farted Bill. When the gigantic purple object met Test Chuckta, buckets of orange fruit which Kerby ate. After that funky happenstance, Kerby ran after his favorite glass of orange juice, but suddenly Jebediah Kerman kerbalfied everyone again and became custard, causing back pains to come back so now kerby is drinking his custard pain related chocolate beverage. This outraged several condiments causing a revolution that lasted almost 50 years because they were bored. Then jeb came over to walrustopia to change the custard into Daleks and then back to me. Now there is no way to live on Zargathar 7 without the help of the Daleks, masters of mayonnaise. Mustard, however, is horrifyingly NOT custard because custard is sorta like mustard but less yellow and less smelly and induces intestional groovyness quite often. 'Often' is a wonderful word, except when referring to the meaning of life and the cars he drove in random circles. Shortly after that, the custard stoiled from being custardy, and then it died a death of custardy goodness. My head hurts from Jeb kicking it ovah 8999 times while eating custard and ketchup for the custard-ketchup challengeof 78'. Predictably, he lost. However, Bill used his thread continuator machine in order to make this thread survive longer than the screenshots one by mentioning multiplayer, and by being dumb and watching Kerbal crash investigation, a show about excessive explosions and PG-14 shows which are not very popular because robots like space apples and other miscellaneous items, including a very cute Irken robot that knows 152 languages. The Kerbals of the 2nd KSC that I never have seen attacked the first KSC's handy dandy rockets. These rockets became so handy dandy that they dandified the handiness of of the landy tautological handiness dandical, a horrible thingamajig created by thingamabob, not thingamabill, despite Jeb saying that Thingamabill was awesome, and immediately becoming a thermajeb kerb stone which Bob stoned to death the non-belivers of the church of boosters while the church of slowers generally acted apathetically towards the media attacks. Meanwhile in the Kerbalists evil lair of planet cancer pain, a fairly stupid way to feel about most of the many injuries to the Kerbals that were allergic to pea nuts. "Yaey, Comic Sans!" says the normal-ly sarcastic and abnormal bean-stalker thing that does not like ASCII art named John thethingamawhat, leader of Why​ama, the show about Doohicky McGee, who jodels in Antiyodelstan, a fake magikarp who likes to rule Ming Dynasty, a non-Chinese South African, middle Eastern North-Southern Europe and Asia. This confuzzles many interdimensional tennis courts, which were sunk when they heard that Reentry would cause giant muffins to explode like a banana in your favorite ear, most likely your ship will blow up now. "FIRE!" The ship sunk. Titanic was offended that jeb had a giant boat, and it stayed afloat despite it not wanting to explode into a even trendier Llama which was mad and everyone died. The next thing after this post the universe explodes. It was cute and pretty lovely that everything was exploding, but unfortunately the remanent of the star of the solar system that had a galactic party house with a hot dog stand. Meanwhile, the cold dog named Weeb barked forever once again met again for some strange reason and he wanted to play with some massive boosters that he brought home along with his really fast and very smelly bacon flavored bubblegum that looked gross when put in a old blender fueled by nuclear powered jalopys which when startled emitted lots of raydeeashun which is radioactive because Albert the Great radiated with bananas and mashed pencils, made of incredibly long sentences. Run-on sentences are divinely worded phrases. And. Sentences. Are. Too awesome because they don't end for a poop or a .... and that's odd. If your weird then the world gets more smarter and uses poetic justice to enforce Jeb's use of legal EULA scripts. A balloon floated into space and the lonely void. Everything got greener in Jeb's home but there is a purple smudge all over the sign banning all other Kerbals from drinking rocket fuel, the tastiest drink known to Kerbal-kind. The tastiest food not known to Jeb and his pet rockets is SRBs and LFEs, a delicacy made in the wastelands of Kerbilfornia by the Kerbalians, sworn to swear to Kurthulu, because they have not learned the true meaning of life in the book of the Mk1-2 Manual. The manual floated in Eve's oceans for ten years until it sank and dissolved forever. Meanwhile on Eeloo, the kraken was trying to escape but it died due to overeating Space Kraken Chips which are very disqusting to non-krakens causing back pains to all who oppose Kerby the magic magenta monster, oddly colored brown. The spiffy monster took a sip of nacho dip made from a uncheesey tomato-like substance grown in the stupid stinky swamps of Uranus, the worst planet ever. Far far away a galaxy is having stellar wars and a death star causes death sometimes when thrown at Kalderaan and other living things but it is destroyed by space bacteria and fat pokemans. Because it was hated very much, it got ded Jeb redemption, where space cowboys are playing GTA SA. Games like these shouldn't be allowed so he boiled lobsters from Europa with an interstellar lobster erasing eraser and he did the Karlem shake and the Kangnam Style dance, while the Hootinany Committee sent Bob and Hootinany expert Jeb to Kerbolsoft, the strangest company ever to the Kacintosh, the nefarious computer that was very hateful towards computers like the worst operating system of all time, called Mech-bob, the terrible spagettie monster, as giant Italians eat pizza pie and meat-balls while Kerby took a jaunty spacewalk to clear his head of the communist joy happy sunshine! This silly propaganda invented by the computer Mech-Bob, is so horrible that the planet LolCommunism's propaganda department was immediately shot up by a cellphone emiting gamma, coming from the Noocleore Reactinator thingy, withs isn't a Llama llama duck zing zang zoobedeybop, bing bang soda -"STOP!" shouted the angry android "Kata", along with a silly yellow flying but somehow incredibly serious and orange-like taste. Their blue car can bound across mountains. Kerby was forgotten and he jumped off of a obnoxiously loud car that annoyed several ignorant pedestrians. Nobody cared though, so then everyone rioted because of the lack of explosions on WeHaveGotExplosionsOnThisPlanetNoReally. Back to reality, where Taxi Apple Sponge couldn't been seen to non-giraffes sometimes. Santa clause Kerman, father of SAS decided to "fire off all the torpedoes!" said Homer the geek poet from the 9th area in AreaLand , the area where areas meet areas when different areas stop being areas because when areas don't run away to infinite distances away from PLACES, the laws of areaness and placeness are squared, thus square rooting the the cubed roots creating sixth roots, making C multiplyD, eating pizzas. "THIS IS NONSENSE!" said Albert Keinstein, whom everyone hated for making these silly equations like ungeneral areativity and M=2xCxE which is very komplex and boring and very fat like fat pokemon and very tall like Jeb's Statue because physics breaks and breaks physics because why not. Really, why not? Because someone ate all the light in the sun, becoming so radiated with anti-radiation, that anti-matter appeared everywhere in the yooniferse causing mass destruction of space stations orbiting Laythe and Eve. Nobody knew why cheese is such a controversial politician. Mass con-de-struction wasn't the cause Mr. Cheese, but an apple died and newton is rather stylish sometimes. "OIL UP YOU'RE SPLENDID JALOPY"!, Yelled the cheese curderler named Masha, the the the the the THE THE THE THE THE the the "WAIT!!!" Quietly yodeled SuperKerbal, the cheese fondeler superstar. He then followed the path , the yellow brick path to mulberry mills, the aquatic... And from that point on, the story of Kerby the kerbal, savior of the universe, was lost forever more as Jeb created a singularity at the center of Laythe after the explosion, which proceeded to consume the entire universe. Although many mourn the loss of Kerby, it is believed that the many parts of his legendary story were spewed out into an alternate universe, were something very special should arise.. ************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************* As this is a novel in progress, please head to the Three Words Story thread to contribute to the story! (The second and third books are being compiled at the moment and will be posted as soon as available!)
  4. I've been following the forum since early 2011 but I only registered a year and a half later in June 2012.
  5. It's been almost 3 years that I've joined this forum and boy has the community grown!
  6. It's how many ever you can use! I'll go with... pylon.
  7. 5/10 seen your name around, don't remember where, but with that many posts, probably a few places.
  8. 1/10 Just saw a post by you in discussion board. I think.
  9. The explosions were quite spectacular back them. I know because i could hardly play since my laptop overheated every time i exploded anything.
  10. I remember my first successful rendezvous. It was by accident. I wanted to approach it fast to hit it and see everything explode but I noticed I was slightly off course and would not hit it dead centre so I decided to slow down and try approaching again to aim better. As I was getting slower and slower and finally started to head back where I came from, I was slow enough and close enough to the docking port that it just snapped right on to the vessel
  11. Speaking of old stuff... I had made a 30 second altitude challenge. High score hasn't been beaten yet! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/27751-Stock-30-sec-Altitude-Challenge!
  12. So I've been playing KSP since version 0.11 (or 0.13, I forget), and thoroughly enjoy the beta version now, but, I was going through pictures I had and found some screenshots for older versions of the game and thought I'd share some of the relics I found. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but to make this in to a discussion... What are your fondest memories of KSP (extra points for screenshots)? When there were no other fancy buildings: Trying to land on a gas planet... because why not. Well that didn't work...
  13. I want to apologize first in case this challenge comes out to be impossible in game. I'm by no means a good KSP player (I have a hard time docking... LOL), however, i know most of you are way better than I, and I hope you take this challenge as I attempt it as well. So with no further delay... here's the INTERSTELLAR DOCKING CHALLENGE! For those of you who have seen the new movie INTERSTELLAR, you know what I'm talking about. For those of you who have or have not seen the movie, here's a youtube clip of a recreation of that scene in Garry's Mod: The challenge is to have a space station (or ship or plane, or whatever suits you), rotating at about 70 rpm around the center of the docking port. A spaceplane then approaches the docking port from below, and when ready to dock, needs to rotate at the same rpm as the station, in order to kill the relative rotation between the two docking ports, to allow for docking. The docked plane then kills the rotation of both ships. Is this scene re-creatable in KSP?!
  14. Shrimp. Astronaut or Cosmonaut?
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