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  1. FINALLY! I've been playing KSP since v0.11 but never had a gaming PC. The game was initially fine on my modest, old, laptop, but as graphics got elaborated and content expanded, my laptop just couldn't handle it. I can only play the current version on the lowest settings and still have my laptop start heating up. But I do have a PS4 and you can bet I'll be the first to buy it on PS4 as soon as it comes out! This is to hoping there aren't a lot of bugs.
  2. Said the patient, (Any brave soul willing to compile this 250+ page story?...)
  3. The Story of Kerby the Kerbal A novel in Progress Special thanks to A Fat Pokemon for having compiled this story! Book 1 Chapter 1 There once was a kerbal named Kerby who wanted to fly to the Enterprise while he ate a 3 foot rotten cheeseburger while he drank a cold beer and went hiking on Mount Kraken which he thought was located over the top of Duna’s large anomaly, which was at the center of a large crater of the interesting red dust planet who’s gravity affected the range of its gravitational pull that managed to attract the love of their life which was called Charley the
  4. I've been following the forum since early 2011 but I only registered a year and a half later in June 2012.
  5. It's been almost 3 years that I've joined this forum and boy has the community grown!
  6. It's how many ever you can use! I'll go with... pylon.
  7. 5/10 seen your name around, don't remember where, but with that many posts, probably a few places.
  8. 1/10 Just saw a post by you in discussion board. I think.
  9. The explosions were quite spectacular back them. I know because i could hardly play since my laptop overheated every time i exploded anything.
  10. I remember my first successful rendezvous. It was by accident. I wanted to approach it fast to hit it and see everything explode but I noticed I was slightly off course and would not hit it dead centre so I decided to slow down and try approaching again to aim better. As I was getting slower and slower and finally started to head back where I came from, I was slow enough and close enough to the docking port that it just snapped right on to the vessel
  11. Speaking of old stuff... I had made a 30 second altitude challenge. High score hasn't been beaten yet! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/27751-Stock-30-sec-Altitude-Challenge!
  12. So I've been playing KSP since version 0.11 (or 0.13, I forget), and thoroughly enjoy the beta version now, but, I was going through pictures I had and found some screenshots for older versions of the game and thought I'd share some of the relics I found. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but to make this in to a discussion... What are your fondest memories of KSP (extra points for screenshots)? When there were no other fancy buildings: Trying to land on a gas planet... because why not. Well that didn't work...
  13. I want to apologize first in case this challenge comes out to be impossible in game. I'm by no means a good KSP player (I have a hard time docking... LOL), however, i know most of you are way better than I, and I hope you take this challenge as I attempt it as well. So with no further delay... here's the INTERSTELLAR DOCKING CHALLENGE! For those of you who have seen the new movie INTERSTELLAR, you know what I'm talking about. For those of you who have or have not seen the movie, here's a youtube clip of a recreation of that scene in Garry's Mod: The challenge is to have a space station
  14. Shrimp. Astronaut or Cosmonaut?
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