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  1. Hai! So I just came back to KSP after quite a bit of inactivity (my last version was 0.21), and I was wondering how we could move old parts from this mod to the newer versions, mainly the swing-wing part. I have this wonderful swing-wing VTOL plane that consists of *a lot* of stacked swing-wings for strength, and it would be a colossal pain to take apart and reassemble the plane with newer parts; is there any way we can somehow adjust older parts to fit in? Many thanks.
  2. Not sure if there is one, but is there a 4m part for the S2 Cargo body?
  3. I'm not exactly sure which section of the forums this should go...but... So, in KSP 0.19, I successfully rescaled gears using "rescaleFactor" in the .cfg file. However, now, in KSP 0.21, rescaling gears comes up with some graphical glitch. I've tried it just using "scale" or using both "scale" and "rescaleFactor", but nothing works. Is there any way to rescale gear without this horrible graphical error? Here: I would post the .cfg file but for some reason I can't. It's just the same as "SmallGearBay" from 0.21 with "rescaleFactor = 1.85" under "scale=1.0" Thanks
  4. I s'pose that means I have to do the whole thing again, doesn't it.... Fortunately, I had a quicksave right before atmospheric entry. Unfortunately, I have to use the same o'l flawed design. EDIT: Got it! Took a long time rolling though. The plane, fully stopped, with all it's various parts shown and etc. etc. to avoid lawsuits and the like. Merman Kerman, having a suspiciously deja-vu moment, but not quite pinning it down. Something about the KSC, a landing, and some part of the plane exploding... Whatever. He's just happy to be back on Kerbin. I can haz ticket nao? (And the Pilot Proficiency Medal?) (And a special mention for converting a commercial jet to a spaceplane?)
  5. I've done it! I've gotten a spaceplane that can get into orbit purely by modifying my commercial airliner designs! Now I've just got to land it... One question; is there any way to turn off the liquid engines? Right now I'm doing it by disabling all the fuel tanks. Be back soon! (With pictures!) (After the flight) The version I took to space. I use mechjeb. :3 INSTRUCTIONS to BUILD: 1. Take one abandoned commercial plane. 2. Take two aerospike engines and tanks, secure to wings with ducttape. Add additional strips if necessary. Ready to fly! The same plane, on the runway. Merman Kerman prepares for takeoff with his complimentary bag of chips and soda. Liftoff! 'Ere she is, takin' off. I keep 'er at 50 degrees for most 'uh the flight. That's basically what Mechjeb is for, 'account of my fingers getting tired 'a hittin' the "s" key. Also, she flies like a brick with wings. Meh, that's the price you pay for goin' cheap. At 14,000 meters, I ignite the aerospikes. Then, at 20,000 meters, I turn on RCS, turn off the turbojets, and throttle down to keep 'er from spinning over. This 'ere plane carries 5 tanks of RCS fuel.... Burn to the horizon I don't know what the most efficient way to get into orbit is, so I just burn to the horizon once my apoapsis exceeds 80,000... or somethin'. Orbit achieved! Due to this horribly inefficient method, I end up with a hugely varying apoapsis and periapsis.... That other orbit was the plane I took up first... For some reason, in the middle of the orbit, the tail of the other plane blew up. Time to circularize! I've run out of RCS fuel by now; it's really hard to control the plane, so after a few piddling attempts, I hand 'er over to Mechjeb and sit back. :3 Final orbit altitude is about 215,000 meters. PE 212,000 AP 220,000 Going back home By the time she's been circularized, I've got just over 2 tanks of liquid fuel, so I've got plenty 'a fuel for tha' deorbit burn. After all, Merman only brought the "Fun Size" bag. He can't last forever. Targeting KSC I try to overshoot, 'teh account for atmospheric drag and whatnot. Falling short I realize I did not overshoot enough. Merman appears not to. In fact, he's been happy the whole time. I fear we'll land far short of KSC. Gliding to Victory For all the junk I've got on this thing, it's gliding capabilities are...not bad. We touch down! Merman is as elated as ever. Still gotta brake though... My finger reaches greedily for the "B" key.... Solid Ground Merman poses beside the stopped craft, admiring the KSC. He doesn't appear to notice that THE NOSE OF THE PLANE EXPLODED DUE TO OVERZEALOUS BRAKING. Oh well. At least he's safe. :3 And thus ends the journey of the SpaceLiner IV, and it's brave pilot, Merman Kerman, clearing the way for countless spaceflights to come. Each plane filled with passengers swimming around in kerosene, rocket fuel, and other liquids. (Considering we don't have a bathroom...) I hope this gets me off the Gatecrashers list :3 I believe Merman gets a "Pilot Proficiency Medal" due to his touchdown at KSC. And the free beer and whatnot. Let's just hope nobody LOOKS AT THE EXPLODED NOSE..... (After all, it wasn't *in flight* that the nose exploded... heheheh?) I suppose...I could try this again if you want me to...the newly modified version has a farther forward landing gear to ensure the same does not happen. Also, the .craft is attached in case anybody cares to try. I've removed Mechjeb from the file.
  6. Yeah, well, cfg editing is basically the same as cheating too
  7. Thanks Ooooh...does that mean that any designs considered "conventional" in commercial aircraft terms are horrible at SSTO? Also, are there any nifty little programs that tell you where the center of gravity or center of thrust are located?
  8. Well, I was going to revolutionize the spaceplane industry by retrofitting an older commercial plane of mine- in this case, a Learjet. Think of the reduced costs! In doing so, I turned an extremely stable design into a concrete brick. The problem is, the thing goes crazy at about 13,000 meters, and I can't control it. I'm fairly positive it could go into orbit and back, because there are still 5 tanks of rocket fuel, or about 2,000 liters. Well, I don't know. I'm relatively new to KSP, and have mainly just been doing intraplanetary stuff.
  9. Thanks for all the help you've been giving me Sorry, that was an updated version I put out, if you want to, the stock-version is here, but it's basically the same. The whole tilted-wing placement was to contribute to stability (and discourage yawing), and the actual wing itself was mainly built for aesthetic purposes. The issue I'm talking about is what happens when you leave the plane flying unattended. When you leave it flying (as I like to do, especially without SAS) the plane gradually rolls to the side. As for the strong left roll, that's an over-calibration of the hard-point I stuck there. Thanks again EDIT: So, my other mish-mash wing was finished, and it has the same problem, only towards the left. It probably is some weird thing with the parts meshing, but I s'pose I'll just trim every time, and hope the next update fixes it.
  10. Bigger pictures, just in case. http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/5136/learjetii.pgn http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/434/airlineriv.png (How do you embed them?) Wheels used to be on the wings, but that appeared to be making the plane tilt wildly while on the runway, so I changed those. These planes are (In my opinion, at least) very well balanced, they would fly by themselves if it weren't for the rolling... Well, I'm making a bigger mishmash-style wing, going to see if the issue persists.
  11. I created my own wing with a mishmash of stock parts, but when I fly a plane using that wing, it tilts to the right for some reason. I use symmetry, so I have no idea what's causing the tilt. Is it just a bug? Or something else? I resorted to using a small hardpoint on the left wing to balance the plane, but it's really hard to calibrate, and the plane still tilts.
  12. I would find getting two parts in orbit near each other...pretty hard. I think we should just release a single part, indicate it as our space station, and have an autopilot feature that maneuvers the space vehicle into orbit near the space station. I mean, every orbit I've gotten into is highly elliptical... After we dock into the space station, I think we should have an assembly area, much like the VAB, but I'm pretty sure that's already been said. I also think there should be fuel pods you can attach, to make fueling missions to...say, Mars, easier, without having to lug up every bit of fuel from Kearth's ground, in a single ship. I think there should be limited parts in the space station editor, with space station parts bought in the VAB, brought up to the space station, and becoming available in the space station editor then.
  13. I really like the decoupler, but the red/black color stripe just...seems so out of place. I would like it more if it kind of fit the yellow/black stripe theme of the other decoupler.
  14. Personally, I always tried to go straight down. But that's just intuition, and probably wrong. My orbit just went crazy. I'm at 875k, and still heading up. My speed has since decreased to 1300 m/s. This has happened before. What am I doing wrong? My basic strategy is to have a main rocket that just shoots me straight up. Once that rocket runs out of fuel, I jettison my orbiter, turn torwards the horizon, and fire until I get to a speed according to my altitude, based on the orbital calculator.
  15. So far my brave Kerbals have been in flight for 37 minutes, after being launched from the ISV Coldie Mk. IV. Notable events include (so far): An extremely bumpy liftoff. Without interference from my brave Kerbonauts Bill and Bob (Jeb didn't do anything), the ship would have never made it outside space. The orbit went successful until... Jeb accidentally jettisoned the reserve adjusting fuel while searching for his sunglasses. Fortunately, a solid-rocket final reentry burner had been installed, so they still have a chance of getting back. More news on the orbit soon.
  16. I had the (Almost) same design too. Anybody who wanted to build a plane probably got that. The RCS helps. Greatly. Without it, you can't even obtain level flight.
  17. That just happened to me, but I reaccessed it, and the download was there.
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