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  1. Overpopulation is the worst as it then causes other listed problems such as energy, global warming, supplies etc..
  2. It's alright saying oh we shouldn't but everyone here knows we will, we always have and probably always will continue to do so.
  3. Article: http://esciencenews.com/articles/2013/09/03/massive.storm.pulls.water.and.ammonia.ices.saturns.depths?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+eScienceNews%2Fpopular+%28e!+Science+News+-+Popular%29 Pretty pictures: http://www.brownspaceman.com/storms-saturn/ Pretty mind blowing stuff if you ask me.
  4. Will the new astronaughts complex feature and persistent kerbals mean that if bill bob or Jeb die they will never respawn?
  5. Wasn't their something like this that could be used for satellite launches? If I remember correctly if the vacuum seal is broken it would cause a huge explosion...
  6. No it had a small solid fuel engine if I remember correctly.
  7. A set levels up your profile, the higher the profile the more stuff you get.
  8. FTL is never going to happen its just hopes and dreams/thread
  9. As above, I hope not i see it as a memorial to simpler times and I hope it stays the same
  10. In the future I assume that humans will finally defeat our ultimate enemy, death itself by storing our consciousness on computers. My question for you is would you save yourself or face the end? I personally would save my consciousness on a machine if I had guarantees thatit is truly me on the machine not just a perfect copy.
  11. Wrong the asteroid would need to be the same mass as the entire earth to completely annihilate the planet, Why do people assume that antimatter produces mega explosions?
  12. Can someone decode it just incase?
  13. http://www.sen.com/news/uk-pledges-fresh-support-for-revolutionary-space-engine.html Good news, skyline or at least the sabre engine itself will be funded by the Government.
  14. You wouldn't be able to hold your breath anyway, the vacuum would simply drag it out of your lungs instantaneously.
  15. Live stream starts soon, http://www.reddit.com/r/CopSub/ http://copenhagensuborbitals.com/ This is the first launch of the sapphire 1, a rocket developed by an entirely non profit company with the eventual aim to send a human into space.
  16. Skylon, it could pave the way for many deep space manned missions.
  17. I believe that's the red planet orbiting the barycentre of the system
  18. If you phrased this as a more logical question it could go in the science labs, It doesn't really need to be here.
  19. Have a look at these vids: From a bbc documentary/film thing contains some good ideas
  20. I thought solid boosters made you lose deltaV, at least that's what engineer keeps telling me.
  21. As stated above would removing the no claiming land clause of the outer space treaty boost competitiveness between countries and further human space flight? There obviously would have to be some regulations on exactly how much you can claim and that you have to set foot there otherwise everyone would claim the universe without actually exploring it.
  22. I have a Laythe crew to rescue, they were on Eva in ,19 and their ship got erased in .20 so their stranded xD
  23. Have you tried a more efficient launch profile? (gravity turn, keeping under terminal velocity untill 10k ect)
  24. Really, .20 came out minutes ago is this actually necessary?
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