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    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    Don't worry, Squad will soon kill this mod too! Probably in next update..
  2. 8749236

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    Also it disables at least some antenna and prevents them from transmitting science report... and disable their ability to extend/retract as well.. (solar panels are disabled as well, but they are irrelevant to RT2.. maybe that is not RT2's fault..) Tiny menu on bottom right of vessel map view or bottom left of tracking station had also disappeared.. Glad it does not lock up vessels this time RT2 is just way too clean in 1.0.5, can't even find a hint for it, this looks like a clean separation... I guess there is a mechanism in RT2 which automatically disables itself if version of the game is inconsistent with the one it carries (the version number that the mod was designed for)... If that is true, then that is a very good feature IMHO since it prevents the outdated mod from breaking your saves.
  3. Is there a standalone mod whose purpose is solely enable ion engine to fire while time warping?
  4. It seems like there are only VERY limited reports defined in the downloaded component of this mod.. I have only seen at most 2 different report per report type; maybe I am wrong.. there are lots of reports hiding some where.. but I havent seen them yet.. I tried space, water, grassland, runway, they all seems only giving me very limited and repeating reports most the time I thought there maybe a separate link which i missed which has bunch of customized reports in it.. But I havent been able to found one.. does anyone has such config file or link to such config file? Or this is simply a mod where no one is allowed to publish such config file and we are basically stucked with those existing reports unless we spend some boring time to write our own?
  5. 8749236

    [1.7.x] Community Tech Tree (April 15)

    Two advNuclearPropulsion Node? I noticed this problem after installed Mod: Atomic Ages.. The ModuleManager's Tech Tree config file apparently will generate two "advNuclearPropulsion" node.. Therefore I can get same part by researching either one of them, but one of them is MUCH cheaper.. Is this a bug? I have attempted to delete ModuleManager.TechTree file under root/GameData folder; which did not work..
  6. Drag & Drop causes lag? For some reason, when I attempt to click on an item, game first freezes for 1 second, then the click is handled.. This lag occurs no matter the item I was clicking is a rocket part, or a items that is provided by KIS.. after this mod is installed... Is this a possible performance issue in KIS? Anyone getting this, too?
  7. Thanks to all of you guys =D All I have to do now is to figure out how to post a mod... properly!..
  8. Can I just use them to make a welded part?
  9. I see, thank you. Is it legal to use stock model for my tiny jet engines if I want to post my parts? Or I have to make my own model?
  10. I mean.. can I make some smaller jets and you add it to the pack?
  11. I want add some small jets =S... Basically scale down version of stock jets... Would that be good?
  12. Thank you very much! and Diazo as well! GameEvents.onEditorShipModified is most probably what I was looking for the whole time.. But how do I trigger it? (Not sure what goes into Fire method) Also, I am curious about IModuleCost, about how it is being used..
  13. Just noticed this thread today... And noticed I was working on a similar mod, except it is complicated for dev but simpler for players =S... Should I just throw away my project and cheers?
  14. Same question, but no one answered me last time (or I have totally missed it). If I want to change a part's cost when a button (KSPEvent) is clicked, how do I do that? [KSPEvent(guiName = "Quality ++", guiActive = false, guiActiveEditor = true)] public void AddCost() { // Doing something useful or not-so-useful.. } My current way of doing this is using GetModuleCost: public float GetModuleCost(float defaultCost) { // Seems like default cost is always 0.. //this.Log("Default cost: " + defaultCost); return this.GetExtraCost(); } But, sadly, that way only works iff I detach the part and re-attach it.. So, my question is, how do I change the cost right away when the button (KSPEvent) is clicked? And please, don't ignore me this time? Please!?
  15. Suppose i setup GetModuleCost() to add extra cost to specific part with specific module. But with that function only, the editor will not update the cost unless I detach that part and attach it again. How do I ask editor to update the cost? Thanks beforehand.