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  1. i like the idea. would it be possible too also have options too have a module manager patch that lets u adjust the parts of your craft and their collision with all other parts of the craft, without individual unique parts? like, so i can have the surface of a cargo bay collide with wheels of a docked rover?
  2. hey, have you thought of adding additional parts? like especially alternatives for the ground assembly line? iirc its the only part with the GroundAssemblyWorkshop or AssemblySpace partmodules, yet its strange shape makes it EXTREMELY unwieldy in putting inline on a space faring vessel. i would not mind if there was alternatives too it.
  3. i noticed that the SSTU centrifuges, even when expanded, dont offer any extra habitation or work as a habitation multiplier for USI-LS. would support for USI-LS be possible?
  4. will it be considered as something possible too add in a later update?
  5. does this mod support Global construction? it is similar too EPL in that it lets u build vessels in situ, but its also different in some ways too. i think support of it would be nice.
  6. wheres the alternate config that lets the variable angle Vtol-engines use FSVTOL part module for smooth dynamic adjustment of thrust angle?
  7. nice! will you be updating too fix this bug soon? glad too see you figured it out regardless
  8. did you figure out what it was ?
  9. i seem to get errors whenever a part on a vessel inflight detaches or is destroyed, and a big lag spike accompanying it, or when tweaking a parts resource storage in the editor. i get this error in the editor: addendum- on further notice, i get the second error when inflight and the first error when in editor. the TCA functionality itself seems to work fine- the engines work, and thrust limit is adjusted dynamically when TCA is enabled, but the errors in the log lead too random lag spikes regardless. any idea whats causing this?
  10. ok, thanks. funnily enough, installing modular fuel tanks also fixed the NRE spam when i have a stock tank, even with cryotanks still installed. will cryogenic fuels, still boil off, due too KSP-IE boil off mechanics? and, could i just delete the cryotanks plugin and remove mentions of the module in the cryotanks part definitions and replace them with KSP-IE boil off part modules? i made a ship using the big tanks, and id like too still use it.
  11. i have some NRE spam too log when i place some certain parts into the editor (like the Mk3 rocket fuel fuselage), log: https://gist.github.com/96d8cbac40c30ae5a8aaa3b2810621f6 i have a couple other mods that might have their own form of boiloff (recently SSTU had a boil off part module added, and KSP-IE always had it) so idk if those are causing some incompatabilities. if it helps:
  12. also, on the github wiki, theres a dead link: the hyperlink i mouse over leads too a "sorry, we could not find the item you are trying too view" page.
  13. ah, ok. thanks, id assume id just use the part that comes with the KSP-IE installation instead? i mean, having kerbal atomics and KSP-IE seems to give you an overabundance of nuclear engines anyways, so i guess ill just use whatever works
  14. when used with KSP-IE, will this mod have module manager compatibility with the KSP-IE set up of nuclear engine, which is a part with both a "reactor" part module and a "thermal nozzle" part module? iirc, the KSP-IE system is in depth enough too manage the various types of nuclear engines in this mod, and can handle things such as a wide variety of fuels (most liquids run) and various reactor fuels. im not saying your modelling of nuclear engines is inferior, but having all nuclear engines in my game run the same way would be nice, is all.
  15. ok, thanks. i remember pathfinder had an update recently that fixed their own flex tubes, so i might just use those instead for now. iirc, they are mostly identical except for a docking module on the MKS ones.
  16. hey, i have a question, when starting a new game, there is settings for boil off. however, other mods also add in their own boil off mechanics- IIRC, KSP-IE and nerteas cryo tanks have boiloff built in. will this mod interfere with that; will i have, for example, stacked boil off values, or anything like that? im just worried if it will be an issue or not, but if this just affects your own mods tanks, and other mods hopefully wont affect your mods tanks in addition too your own boil off mechanics (iirc one of the mods adds in boil off for all resource storage of liquid hydrogen, when using CRP, but i am not sure of this).
  17. when, during loading, Module manager states it finds a warning, where do i find the warning?
  18. is this the most recent thread for OPM? i thought someone made a threat "reviving" OPM for 1.6 or 1.7, but i am not sure.
  19. will using this, and other big USI mods, in 1.7, have any big problems? idk if 1.7 changed enough of the core KSP code too have essential functions in the USI .DLL's remain functional. will most things remain working, or is it generally not a good idea too use USI-LS, MKS, etc in 1.7 without waiting for an update?
  20. as the title says, would anybody know if there was any essential code changes within the vanila ksp that would make mods from 1.6 incompatible with 1.7? sorta like how when the KSP update that added the resource system came out, almost every mod needed an dedicated update, would that be the case with updating too 1.7 from 1.6 or will most parts based or generally simple mods for 1.6 still work with 1.7?
  21. so you made your own patch file for the centrifuges for USI-LS? do you still have it? id make a patch, but doesnt SSTU have procedural parts that can have varying stats depending on size and configuration?
  22. i have an issue where remote probe control points arent working the orca vessel is manned by 1 pilot and has a omni range antenna of 12million meter. the probe vessel has a 1.5million meter antenna, and is within 350 ish kilometers with the probe control point vessel. yet, it is not available too be controlled. there is no errors in log. https://gist.github.com/5125852d9d0563c10504d8e6c9e7c4b9 log when i first switch too the probe, it shows a conenction for like a half second as its loading in but then it shows no connection again.
  23. Yeah, thanks for the advice. The issues seems to have gone away after removing atillas mods, and trying it, and i can no longer find errors about dlls failing to be loaded anymore in the log and ksp-E is working fine. I just wish these old mods would be updatable too, and compatible, so their plugins are also functional
  24. i did the following installation, for something hopefully close to 1.6.1 compatible KJR, but i get a horrible glitch, on loading in with a big plane with MK4 fuselage system and the fusion aerospike from KSP-IE, the whole vessel collapses, except the parts look technically connected since the fuel lines are still attached. pic: i think this is similar too someone elses problem but im using a different set of parts than he explained in his error log when testing, removing all KSP-IE parts still leaves the error occuring, but nothing actually disassembling. https://gist.github.com/fecf592398e081463d82a141ef1d7021 ksp log @Lisias can you help? idk what mod could be disabling KSP-E (if thats what causing this behavior) edit: going through my log brings me MultiAnimator failing too load, which is an essential dependacy plugin of other mods. is there just a version of KJR that doesnt use KSP api extensions? no offense, but it seems sorta fragile, like i dont remember these things being issues when i last played (a long time ago, granted, but still), and with a mod heavy set up i feel like its almost gauranteed KSP api extensions is gonna have lots of incompatabilities. EDIT 2: i found the issue! it was atillas mods, this, and his hangar mod, and his AT tools, were causing issues. maybe next you could make these mods functional with 1.6.1?
  25. oh, then what exactly does CRP do? just change up some of the conversion recipes? also, i was running classic stock when i got the issues similar too nhunter, massive errors when using omnistock, the ones where you suggested switching too CRP mode might fix my issues. if CRP just disabled omnistock all together, what option would i have left? just did a fresh re-install of all WBI mods, and im doing the process where i swap too pristine first, then too CRP, but without omnistorage.... D: