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  1. Sorry to see you go, but time moves on for all of us Good luck in your next endevour Boris <<<an old timer from way back in 2012 who spent 3 months seriously ill in order to master getting his Kerbals to the mun and back "the Smeagle has landed" is all I can say right now
  2. Hi all Greeting from late 2011/early 2012 when someone told me to get the demo of KSP and have fun, they'd just added the mun. Finally paid the cash for the game in april 2012 (whatever version that was) and my descent into madness as wibbly wobbly spaceships took off for outer space and the mun....... and some even made it there.. and 2 made it back Overall I've enjoyed the game very much, only mod I regularlly use is mech jeb and the antena models from the long range remote control mod Best moments.... shouting "the Smegol has landed" when I finally made a controlled soft landing on the mun for the first time Worst moments... loading a whackjob inspired monster from a previous version into 1.05 and expecting it to fly (it did..... sort of ) Boris And of course, keeping my sanity together in late 2012 after a serious medical problem nearly killed me...
  3. If I could upvote the OP a 1000 times it would'nt be enough. But hes not the only one feeling this way about KSP. Given 4 weeks to live at the back of 2011 unless I had emergency heart surgery ment a long time off sick and recovering. KSP kept me sane though all that even if it was the demo/0.11, To be honest , KSP has been the best £15 I've ever spent on a computer game, and it teaches kids stuff too in the process of playing..... cant get better than that Boris <<a fellow earth bound space guy... sitting next to his crutches
  4. Forgot the heat radiators on my nuclear powered transfer ship I launched perfectly and docked to the payload in 15 mins yesterday. Without them after 10 mins my engines go POP. Hey ho another payload to duna in a useless orbit Boris
  5. I know just how the OP feels KSP has taken a bit of a backburner for me too, where as I used to spend hours trying to get exploration missions consisting of fuelling tankers, landing craft, orbit stations and rover drop ships to a world, I dont any more, sad but there you go;.; KSP helped out when I was seriously ill by giving me something to do while stuck in hospital/at home, and all in all, its been the best $15 I've spent on a game ever.(bought it in alpha at about 0.11) Boris BUT... dont think you're safe , I'm still in space only this time in Elite : Dangerous, been blasting, trading, smuggling and exploring for since last xmas and having fun too
  6. Sounds a bit like one of my Jool probe carriers, when I used the short grider to hold the probes in place while I built up the carrier ship in the VAB... then forgot to replace the girder with a decoupling thingy before take off. Much fun was had when the whole contraption arrived in Laythe orbit only to find I could'nt release the probes from the carrier.... Boris
  7. I'm getting strange I read the thread title as RoverDude wants an onion drive Boris still alive...just about
  8. What is this "testing" of which you speak? Slap the ship together in the VAB, and go launch it. If it makes orbit all well and good... if not... Then look in the flight log to see which bit failed first and add more struts Boris lost count of how many kerbals have died on his watch
  9. I did it again I circularised the station's orbit safely, de-orbited the tug unit, then moved to launch the 2nd part of the station and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Currently its in solar orbit with no fuel and no hope of getting the crew back. On the plus side I know I can reduce the number of fuel tanks and increase the payload on the next attempt Boris
  10. Hi all Been a while since I played KSP, so I thought last night..late at night, was a good chance to launch my super big research geostationary base into orbit. Srbs burned out fine, staged the outer 6 boosters at 65 000 m, all flying as planned (despite the station being designed to fly in 0.21's atmosphere), ok start the boost to the usual transfer orbit of 2 800 km by 10 so I can dump the core stage and launch locks without them adding to the cloud of debris around Kerbin and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Woke up 90 mins later with the core stage empty, the orbit showing 2 700km by -100 km and I'm just coming up on AP.. Boris <<<<removing key impressions from his face
  11. Good otherwise it would be back seat driver time Boris
  12. I was going to say that Eve effort was almost whackjovian in its scope and scale But since he'd have sent it all in one flight..... sorry Boris <<<not dead yet
  13. My answer to how many Kerbals I've killed over the years is Who cares? when ever I start a new mission I get 3 more to launch into orbit/deep space/splattered all over the landscape
  14. For finally making it to KSP version 1.0 (actually version 1.01 in 6 hrs time when someone goes "EKKK major bug!" ) and bringing the art of rocket science to the masses in a really fun way For sure we've lost somethings over the 4 yr trek to this point ... wobbley rockets, the kraken, and magic boulder.. gone but never forgotten. But then we've gained so much more... muns and planets for example, and a huge flight roster of willing victi... errm brave crews ready to make the ultimate sacrifice when you notice that the staging is wrong... usually at 25 km up and at 1km/sec and just after the staging button has been pressed. We've got science, planning, careers, NASA , rovers, space planes and Elon Musk (I'm sure he plays KSP in the evenings and comes into work the next day and says "guys.. I got this great new plan for our rockets....." And as I said to start with.. well done to all of Squad's crew , past and present for making KSP the game it is today Boris_T_Roach Backer since Version 0.12
  15. "If at first you explode... congratulations , you're doing it right " Boris ...currently playing Elite: dangerous in much the same way he pilots a Kerbal spaceship
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