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  1. Genuinely emotional reading this!! Farewell, Felipe! Thank you for being the driving force behind the best game I've ever played, I CANNOT WAIT to see what you do next !
  2. Sadly I installed it on 1.1 the heat shield is the only viewable part in the game, the command pod doesn't show for some reason sadly
  3. Hi all, I Have read already some updates for 1.1 are going on with this mod but im no coder - does anyone have this mod jigged to work in 1.1 64bit? Just the crew module would be great as I need a 7 seater for my space station! lol, would love to see a full update ASAP Thanks for all your time modders
  4. Sorted now thanks So, I had a look but i couldnt find anything specific, how do I calculate rendezvous and flying into the correct inclination for munar and minmus launches from the launch site ? Obviously just launching into the listed inclination from the launch site doesnt work, lol, any ideas?
  5. Any ideas how to get rid of 'small Kerbin' inside 3x scale kerbin with this mod? Obviously a graphics clitch, running EVE also.
  6. Yeah seems to not happen with SM removed now - iv lost valentina in the save file, but the rest of the crew are transferring correctly now, ill get them and see what happened to valentina in the crew quarters - Edit - bizarrely my stations solar panels have vanished as well ?
  7. Had a read back, but I'm not using any station mods :-/ just this, mechjeb, alarm clock, tanteries 7 pod crew, and the actual station at this stage I'm at is all stock parts, infact it's the kerbal x stock rocket and hitchhikers container with stock scince lab. Hope this info is useful somehow, do u want me to post any log files? (not sure how but if u let me know I will retrieve them). Thanks for all ur kind mod work though, I appreciate it and I hope I can assist in squashing this bug
  8. Found a strange bug, no matter what I do to transfer crew in my new space station, Jeb always remains in the station, even if I EVE to the non docked ship, he appears back in the station, trying to fly my ship away past 2.5 km with Jeb hanging on the side, then try and board the capsule see if I can force him in ! lol
  9. Thanks! i couldnt see an arrow but i double clicked on it and it did the trick. MY GOD IT LOADS FAST !!
  10. Thank you so much squad !! Been following this game for years and enjoyed every minute, 110% looking forward to 1.0 and my support for this game will continue forever!!
  11. RIP Leonard Nimoy, one of the greatest scifi actors in history. Live Long and Prosper Spock. May your Katra explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. RIP
  12. I would love a craft file please, I am no good at building planes so wouldn't mind even a basic setup only using the mods parts to get me going
  13. Ahh yes same for me, I just thought it was higher as the DV map says LKO was 200km with 64x. Any quick links for correcting flat landscapes? I am already running graphics mods but any higher res graphics for stock?
  14. So I have just got this scaling installed on my system, the planet size is working but my numbers seem to be off. I can orbit at 128km at 6040 m/s and the atmosphere height remains 70k , am I missing something here......... ? What is it meant to be ?