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  1. Well then I guess I can finally get back to rescuing my mun lander then.
  2. So, I watched Scott Manley doing one of the new missions this morning. Are maneuver nodes actually broken in 1.4.3, or what?
  3. I do hope so. I guess it's still early in the day, so I'll check back this evening.
  4. Good. I guess I'll leave everyone in orbit of or enroute to the Mun for another week so I don't need to bat down all those contract completions over and over.
  5. That... isn't really a thing you can call "honesty." It says they are NOT putting it aside indefinitely, when what they then say they are doing is exactly the definition of putting it aside indefinitely.
  6. I fix that by using RealChute. Deploy on staging, but with a delay so the staged part(s) get clear.
  7. Woo! Thanks for this and CW+ (and a few others that were already done)!
  8. All of which is just working around the broken gear. I've been able to land using the early landing gear by tweakscaling them to 150%, but the impact they can handle is nowhere near what the stats on them in the hangar indicate. A minor bump blows them up as I'm trying to drive science experiments around KSC. I'm afraid to send anyone to the Minmus ground survey contract sites I have since there have been reports that legs are affected too.
  9. As far as I know, if you're not using ModuleManager, you're disabling huge chunks of nearly every mod you have.
  10. This just forced a launch abort. I have a communications network to build, and can't go to space like this. Reverting.
  11. There is always someone who is going to ask, whether the answer is the first line of the first post or the entirety of the last post.
  12. When IFS updated today, CKAN refused to update, claiming it had been installed via some other method (it had not). I removed the folder manually and it updated, but I've lost some fuel tanks that had been in the IFS folder (inside a Parts\InterstellarGasTank folder?) Did these come from somewhere other than this mod? Edit: Ah, found them. KSPI-E did it. Uninstall, reinstall, wait to see if it breaks again next update.
  13. Right now I'm entirely unable to land a plane (on land) without something exploding. Being at the beginning of a career, there's only one option that has brakes at all, and only one that has steering. Alignment hasn't been an issue since I found absolute rotation. None of those affects my landing at all, because the wheels are exploding before they do any more than touch the ground. I currently get back to the runway by landing in water and driving out at about 4 m/s. At 11 m/s, I get explosions when I touch the shore.
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