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  1. I did a fresh install of KSP and I get these errors when loading a Falcon rocket.
  2. On the Ascend Guidance I can not get it to go south on Kerbin. When adding degrees to Orbit Inclination, 0 goes west, 90 goes north 180 goes east and 270 also goes north?
  3. Picture says it all First .17 launch was a successful landing. What a fresh view for the first!
  4. Can you code the Powertech panel to both charge ZO2 and EPS?
  5. I can get the rover one to both the Mun an Minimus. Both trips should have a little over 1-2 half tanks of fuel left.
  6. Another on of my rockets
  7. Do the solar panels in the station pack work with ZO2/battery recharge or do we have to add that ourselves?
  8. Umm maybe I am missing something but what drains the ZO2 on this? I been trying to figure this out for a few hours. lol
  9. Yes! Thank you! Hopefully it still works.
  10. What mod has those struts?? Those are nice looking
  11. Is there an addon out their with a four or six point connector? Something like a cube with connections on all six sides.
  12. I will try without it eventually after a few more runs. I used MechJeb as a tutor. lol
  13. Finally figured out how to get to the Mun with .16 parts. Got good \'o Jeb checking out the Mun for the first time
  14. I have that too. I finally made it after I posted lol
  15. Has anyone made it to Minmus with the Edition 2 Alpha parts? Been try with no success. Plus I am a horrible pilot lol