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  2. This relates to the AN-225's story. In the beginning, the AN-225 was designed as a heavy lift vehicle with the Buran and its Energia boosters in mind. It was meant to take the whole Energia-Buran system from one place to the next. Unfortunately, we all saw how the Buran program ended. The AN-225 had no practical use. It sat for eight years, gathering dust and on-ground hours, before someone realized "hey wait, we could use something like this!". So, the government had it repaired and refurbished, and now, the AN-225 is one of the greatest planes known to mankind, being able to haul very large cargo, at an extremely fast (comparatively) rate. Unfortunately, that's where the Buran and the Mirya's stories differ: the AN-225 has a practical application.
  3. Permission Granted. Continue with your business... I'd just like to say that wow has it been a long time since I've been here. Wow has it been a long time since I've played KSP. Years, in fact.
  4. Zekes, you never fail to succeed in bringing a smile to my face. But, I bet your computer hates you for that battleship. Also, Ratte
  5. I assume it doesn't fly in the atmosphere, based on the flaps on the back, but it's still awesome. A bit of constructive criticism: perhaps replace the little flaps on the wings with pylons (the ones that detatch), and then mount the little flaps on it. It looks like the swordfish has longer side panels (on the wings), so perhaps that would work. On a completely different note, wow, I did not expect to have this thread reach this size! Keep the crafts coming, guys!
  6. *sigh* My posts are broken. No more Eurostile for me. Very sad. But, of course, I'm too lazy to fix it. Oh well. Also, if we can do requests... Here's the first version. Here's a group shot. And here's one for Jeb. Based on this vehicle, the Oshkosh HEMTT.
  7. Just when everyone was starting to like him too! (I mean Rozer.)
  8. You hit my weak spot! I'm from Seattle! Also, does anyone other than me think that it kind of looks like a Learjet? Also, the panther looks awesome! Those missiles remind me of the TOW missiles used on the Bradley. Perhaps I have to make a Bradley replica now...
  9. Hey, just so you know, you put a space there, so here's what it would look like fixed: Also, the rover is cute
  10. Not to be that guy, but Spoilers are fixed guys. So please, if you have large amounts of images, put them in spoilers. On the other hand, those probes are pretty good! Also, yay! Someone other than me went to Dres!
  11. Let's see if I can do this... Gah! Does anyone know how to embed an imgur album? I don't know how to. Nevermind, I figured it out. But, in other news, here's the edits you wanted, plus some action shots!
  12. Semi-completely unrelated to the story... Hey KSK, Ornie's truck doesn't happen to look anything like a millitary truck, does it? Because I have something that I think might fit the job...
  13. :blush:Well... um... you see... Crap, I'll say it. You officially have me embarassed. I hate to admit defeat, especially in my own thread... Well, even experienced users of anything can learn something, plus a serving in not being stupid. So, I guess I'll have to take my grumbling somewhere else. *Takes grumbling somewhere else*
  14. So, the comment here is to reply to the fact that spoilers work again? EXCELLENT! Also, I agree, this is great to hear! We're all watching and waiting eagerly for the next update! But, that said, no pressure