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  1. Ok, for all the modules you dock together you should always try to keep them as low part as possible. You will only need RCS on the Main Part, so you maybe want to put RCS Fuel+Thrusters onto your Module with radial decouplers so you can throw them away after you docked. (for part count and less wobble at rcs use) And it looks cool if you have lights on your station and maybe a network of ladders so you can climb to every Module for Repairs and such things. (Cosmetic only) Components: Main Part with most of the docking ports for the other Components so you already know how the station will look like when you attach the modules. Solar Module Fuel Module (Several Orange Tanks + Several Big RCS Tanks) (Probably needs more than one launch) Crew Habitation Module (Hitchhiker Containers etc.) Heavy lighted arrangement of Docking ports (Senior, Normal and Junior) so you can dock onto your station with every craft you build. (The lights are for the sake of seeing the docking port when flying towards it). I hope this helps you, good luck
  2. Well then Happy Birthday to the guy that makes me do transfer burns close to the object I'm orbiting for definetly good reason that I'm not so sure about what they are xD
  3. Those clouds on the image look way too good in comparison to the ksp graphics, i dont think they will be implemented right now.
  4. 100 Kerbals mean 25 Hab Modules. You could build 5 Towers with 5 Hab modules either stacked or sidely attached, whatever you like more, then only solarpanels a probe core, landing legs and parachutes (you should mount them detachable on your towers with radial decouplers and trusses, so you can destroy them after you landed). If you keep your designs low on parts your colony could be between 100-300 parts which is definetly playable. Tip: If you want to save some time waiting for transfer windows to duna, dock all towers together in kerbin orbit, like a train. Attach a big interplanetary tug on the end and send them all at once to duna. Once on Orbit, send and land one module at a time every orbit, just begin your deorbit burn(this stage can be designed to be detachable too) at the same position everytime so you hit your colony location.
  5. I've been looking through the challenge section for a few days and i've seen that about half of the challenges are from people with >25 Post who havent read the challenge guidelines at all and arent even close to their ingame experience to post real challenges here. There are dozens of challenges which arent really challenges like "Glider Challenge, Glide as far as possible + 10 more of those gliding challenges all useless due to the aerodynamical system in ksp. Or bring one,three,five... Orange tanks into LKO. There was once a challenge about who brings the most and that challenge should stay the only one of that kind. We should either make a minimum post count to write challenges, so the people get familiar with challenges and how they should be made before posting useless ones or a challenge section for less experienced players. Sorry if i have been too direct, but it had to be said. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty much in your position for like ~3 weeks. Since then i try to do figure out some rather big projects. For example try to get as many Orange Fuel Tanks into Orbit as possible (one of the easier ones) or (for the harder ones) Build a Colony "Train" in Kerbin Orbit (docking multiple colony modules together in a train formation with a Interplanetary Tug at the end) and send+land it on Duna or Eve (Parachutes). The last one was actually never finished and is still floating around in Kerbin Orbit waiting for the interplantary tug because it has 6 different Modules (3 Homes, 1 Kethane Miner, 1 Fuel Rover, 1 Small Space Station for Duna Orbit) and over 500 Parts, making it unplayable
  7. What did you think would happen? You stabbed the Kraken with a flag and then tried to get away with it
  8. Even if they fix a lot of the bugs, there will always be enough more. Maybe in the next updates (career mode) there will be kerbals smuggling onto your ship sabotating stuff. (Ofcourse we wouldnt see them, just a random explanation for future bugs )
  9. Learned that the hard way xD. I once put a satellite in orbit around minmus. Hit almost perfect 25x25km, then decoupled the fueltank+engine of course and the satellite went to a 25x140km orbit
  10. This thread was a nice idea, its funny and solves some of the players issues
  11. you can place a one of those 1x1/2x2 plates on the docking ports end and then you can place to fuel tank onto it.
  12. I didnt know that , i think you just saved me from possible future heart attack. Thank you
  13. you can double/rageclick (double doesnt work all the times) on jool and the map view will say "Focus Jool" (or sth like that) and you can see where you are heading.
  14. The not Yet implemented lock parts option in the VAB. Everytime i almost finished my supermegahuge Asparagus Lifter with hundreds of parts (which will most likely not going into the air anyway, but I still try everytime) and i begin strutting it, i hit the root part and while trying to reattach it the vab goes nuts placing stuff everywhere but the right places.
  15. *Jellyfish might now be the best name for it, just came to my mind at the moment i build it dont know why xD Here is the Jellyfish I It flies like a charm, very stable and very maneuverable, but i thought it could need more speed. So here it goes: The Jellyfish IV If kept stable it still flies, but not so well to maneuver If you ever build a plane or rocket with some ridiculous moar booster designs, show us
  16. Whenever i get bored building experimental funny stuff, i think of a big project that would keep me busy for a while. At the moment I am working on a Duna Colony and I'm currently assembling all the modules in orbit. Current has the Kethane Module and one Habitation Module docked together. Whats Missing is the FuelTankRover and the Interplanetary Tug (i guess that one will be the hardest to dock^^)
  17. Just imagine Bill Jeb and Bob standing together with Crowbars on the end of the Runway trying to stare this little Spider-Robot to death before running away into the SPH to get into their Lazor-Weaponized Mechwarriors
  18. :d :d edit no.3: The forum doesnt want me to express my laughter
  19. Now it all makes sense, the kermans replicate (in whatever way they do) sign their health ensurance policy and jump into suicidal rockets with a smile. (Helping family is important for Kerbals) Lets just hope their ensurance scam wont be noticed anytime soon :S
  20. Your idea is great, i could just put everything together on the sides of a large truss, the only thing i will need is to pack 2 or 4 of everything, what shouldnt be too bad. And landing could work pretty well too, just decouple them on suborbital trajectory with chutes on. Thanks to you
  21. Hello, I decided to build a colony on Duna, but i could need some help. 1. Is it possible to send several modules to Duna on the same transfer Window? Could I be able to control them properly throughout the flight when i launch like 5 modules in a row with ~1 Hour between them? 2. How to chute-land them all on the same spot? (I wont use mechjeb) Landing several crafts on the mun on the same location is fairly easy because i can just kill my horizontal velocity at the same spot every time. But due to Atmospheric drag and the fact that duna is too big to kill horizontal velocity above the atmosphere(too much dV needed), how do i aim parachute landings properly? 3. How do you match the height of rovers and fuel modules so that you can refuel them easily? I hope you can give me some advice Thank you and have fun
  22. Just installed Kethane for the second time (used it ~2 days before 0.20 came out and when stock until now) set up my first satellite around the mun and because of the discussion about several detectors at once, i tried it myself putting up 8 Large detectors and activating them one by one (time gap) and i have a pretty well line even at 1000x Now, before i spend hours again on designing kethane extraction/converting/storing crafts, i need to ask, is there still this special complicated guideline of building them you have to follow or has it been improved in 0.5? If yes/no could someone please revise/quote the right way of building those again, as I dont want to go through the whole thread again looking for the right way ~.~ And Thanks alot for every help
  23. ok, then its not possible in right now ksp, but what if physics would be calculate all the way through, or maybe we take the idea out of ksp and into the real world, someone must have thought about that one day.
  24. I was thinking about it lately and wanted you opinion on it. If we managed to dock large segments of a ring/square (whatever is more comfortable to build) together in an orbit around a planet in a way we would have a ring/square around the planet, how would it react to orbital physics as its center of mass is pretty much exactly on the planetary center of mass (calling it COM from now on). I could image due to it having no actual horizontal/vertical velocity it would try to fall towards kerbin, but if we build it stable enough it could resist that pressure (if it even exists, im really not sure how it reacts). Or we could make it rotate (very hard i guess) so it stays in its position (just an idea again). As I am writing this, it came to my mind that it would be probably easier to build a ring the size of minmus (or maybe gilly i guess its even smaller) in kerbin orbit and then fly it over to minmus with its COM directly pointed at minmus COM and as soon as minmus is moving "through" the ring we decallerate to have their COMs aligned. What do you think of it, i mean i dont think it would be easy to build it, and I'm not sure if i would even try to. But how do you think it would be reacting if placed around a planet/moon?? Thanks for reading, discuss edit1: We are assuming that physics would be calculated all the way throug the ring. (thanks Richy teh space man )
  25. Hello, I'm now close to ~30 craft saves, and its hard to keep an overview of all of them. I recently started giving them a label like Craft/Fun/Station/etc. for example "Craft Explorer","Fun SRB Rodeo","Station Fuel Tank" but its not really a solution :/ I thought that I cant be the only one having such a problem. So, how do you manage your craft files, do you use any mod (which i havent found after some googling and searching on the forums) or do you just dig through all of them to find the right ones??
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