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  1. Jeb was in the UK over the summer. When he got to Greenwhich, he asked "This is good and all, but which was is prograde?". It took some explaining to make him understand.
  2. Great job! I had been looking for a high-rez Kerbin map so that I can mark Kerbinside locations as I fly near them using triangulation to nearest airfield.
  3. Wow, amazing planes! It has been a while since I have seriously played this game, maybe now that I have a better computer, I should pursue true spaceplanes instead of old jets.
  4. Hey, chat changed for me in today's update, how do I use it now?
  5. Granted, but you think about the ground. I wish that Kerbin City was completed already.
  6. Granted, but the save gets corrupted and you die in a car crash. I wish that the Mun was made of cheese.
  7. Granted, you lose all the physics knowledge to play KSP. I wish to learn airsoft.
  8. Granted, it snows molasses. I wish that I did not need to take a break from games to continue to enjoy them.
  9. Granted, but you walk with him in timewarp, thus killing him. I wish to remember to add this 2nd portion more often.
  10. Granted, but it turns out it was a murderer who had the power to shapeshift.
  11. Granted, but the game gets boring for you. I wish that the local airshow was better than it was.
  12. Granted, congress decides to try anarchy for a month instead. I wish that political parties would stop blaming each-other for things.
  13. Granted, everyone forgets about other types of music, and music starts becoming dull. I wish that my Shuttle-2A will have the range to get to the Mun and back once it is completed.
  14. I agree it is crazy. As explained in a recent issue of National Geographic the periodic bombardment had/has something to do with the slight changes of the orbits of gas giants.