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  1. Alright, so this is a problem I've had for a very long time. I can't transfer to other planets while I'm in Kerbin's SOI. I know it's possible and I know how to time a launch for rendezvous, but I just want to know how to transfer to them from say, a 100km equatorial Kerbin orbit. Any help?
  2. Quick question, why can I not get the warp speed drive working? Does it need antimatter or just a lot of electricity? Because I have a nuclear reactor that I thought was powerful enough...
  3. So I tried this mod, but I'm not exactly sure how to design a rocket to get the launchpad and facilities onto another body. Is there a tutorial/beginner craft?
  4. Part of the reason why I enjoy KSP is because of the difficulty curve keeping the obnoxious people out. They make one or two videos of a horribly balanced rocket blowing up on the launch pad and get bored.
  5. None of these load for me...just freezes my game whenever I load a craft. I'm on 21.1.
  6. Figured this would be appropriate:
  7. Wow, that looks awesome! What was its launch vehicle? Got a .craft file?
  8. Because we need a place to send Kerbals to watch terrible movies, can anyone get a replica of MST3K's Satellite of Love into orbit around Kerbin? Anything but HyperEdit goes. Multiple launches, orbital assembly, anything. Who can do it? I've always wanted one of these. Pic for reference:
  9. I read somewhere recently that the plan used to go to the moon during the Apollo missions, having the CSM orbit while the LM landed was initially unpopular. Are there any existing plans of what could have been, as with those Space Shuttle designs?
  10. "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!" or "I think I left my oven on."
  11. Hey, in case you haven't heard, season 3 starts in November. No exact date, but we know it's not coming this month.
  12. I saw a debate between settling the Earth's oceans versus space colonization. The former's main argument seemed to be "Do you really think we'll move large amounts of people into space?" Obviously, the same could be said for moving everyone to the ocean floor Both are worthy causes, and neither are actually getting enough funding. Space, in particular, is seen as a waste of money while we fight another pointless war over a resource that won't even be viable within a century. "I feel upset because I feel eventually that no one will be able to go to the moon or mars because a country will claim it as their own." The Outer Space Treaty says hello.
  13. Is this normal? I'm in an orbit around the Sun, and it takes forever for it to get to an injection burn.
  14. So, not sure if this is Mechjeb or 0.17, but going from warping to 1x rips the ship apart, right when it's ready to do the injection burn.
  15. Impressive rover, and awesome lander, BobCat! Any chance of a .craft?