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  1. K.I.S.S. - Kerbin International Space Station Edit: Not the first to say that on this thread...
  2. Mostly harmless. I love that book.

    1. Tremzack


      Yea, best printed in large friendly yellow letters.

  3. That was quite unexpected. Thank you to Squad and everyone involved! KSP over the years has really turned out to be a great experience and has fostered an even better community!
  4. Congrats on winning the 1st prize!

    1. Tremzack


      Thanhkyou so much!

    2. George2004


      No problem! Sorry for the delay in answering. I have been inactive recently. However, I am back! :)

  5. Would it still be better for pods coming straight down with parachute? I always wince when my spacecraft splashdown because water disintegrates them.
  6. I saw in the new features for 1.0.5 that the buoyancy model was redone. Is it safer to land in the sea now, or is land still the safer option?
  7. I believe this is actually coming in the next version isn't it?
  8. Little bit off topic here, but jesus. Isn't that one of the original photos they showed off of re-entry effects in one of the OLD dev livestream? I remember seeing that for the first time like back in 0.18 and it was amazing. It still is quite beautiful though.
  9. Man, Gaming has finally hit rock bottom I am sorry for that stone-cold pun. Puns are some tough schist, and you gotta be ready to be stuck between a rock and a hardplace. To be fair though, they did say that the music in this game was pretty good. Wow these puns are getting boulder by the second. But honestly this game could do with some rockets.
  10. Toggle sas and RCS would be good commands to add. Edit: Codey737 seems to think so too. 2nd Edit: Just tried it out, and this is awesome, It works way better then just about any other voice recognition I've used in a bit. Great job, I can't wait for more commands.
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