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  1. So much hype when i saw the trailer posted on facebook today, like.. seriously a ksp 2? And that trailer... so much hype
  2. hey guys, will be going live in about 20 minutes, making some last minute setting changes for the best quality
  3. tonight will mark the return to glory for the first time in 6 years, everything is set up and ready. this return has been a long time coming so anyone new or old is welcome to join me as i rediscover one of the greatest simulation/games I have ever played. Details can be found on the first page for date and time, if for some reason you miss out and would like to watch the stream it will be cut down into 20 minute segments and moved to its own playlist after the stream has finished. Hope to see you all there. Pleborian - Chief Procrastinaut
  4. Hey Pleb

    You probably get a lot of messages talking about you making videos so please be patient with me.

    It has been a good run, what was it? 4 years? I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put on your videos and the amount of times you have made me smile.

    It is because of this that i ask you to make one last video (Dont stop reading please, there is more) I understand that you are very buisy, how could you not be? You actually have a social life!

    You have brightened the days of countless people and i assure you they are grateful for that. And that is why i think you should give them clousure. Just one last video to tell us what you think of us and perhaps thanking us for going along this journey with you.

    I hope you do see this message and i hope you reply at least.

    Thank you for everything

  5. Hype away and dont forget to check out everyone elses vids in the media group!!!
  6. lol true, but I found this and was like NO WAYYY also to any mod who see's this: i know this is in the wrong section, can it be moved to the correct one pretty please
  7. cant believe this thread still exists updated original post to be current with the times and removed all old dead links... welcome back people
  8. would it be possible to use this exact system to 'weld' IVA spaces together? it would be nice to be able to see an open port connecting one pod to another
  9. yay for possible forum crash with new forum upgrade, welcome back to black april
  10. So yeah, whilest browsing the lego CUUSOO website I came across this: reason im posting this here is because I want to raise awareness of this project, as far as I know this is not a project squad had put forward but if there is enough publicity behind it, this thing can become a reality to find out more and support this project, as well as many others like it, click HERE
  11. New video featuring one of the new scenarios
  12. there was a ton of stuff I missed explaining as I got further into the mission concentration gets the better of you sometimes.
  13. Using Tiberdynes mod as a shuttle base is pretty good, but the way the engines flail around really annoys the hell out of me... the problem with all shuttles in ksp is the balancing issues and without engines that accommodate for the change in direction of thrust makes shuttles REALLY hard, or so I thought... once upon a time there was this mod: as far as im aware it still works, these allow you to build proper launch engines that will give youcontrol both during the launch and seperation stages (where the change in direction is important) for further reference: