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  1. No, you should be able to do it. Go to your profile, click to edit, then type something in the member title box.
  2. @david50517, that is more complex than everything I have ever made in KSP put together.
  3. I do not believe so but I have moved your question to a sub where more technical types might know.
  4. Keep it on-topic, please. Some comments removed.
  5. Some posts removed. Keep it on-topic, please.
  6. Since your question is not about our game I have moved the thread to what we consider our off-topic subforum. There's no harm in asking here.
  7. You can't please everybody, but let's please skip an argument about whether or not this is the aspect of development the devs should have shared, and whether or not others are wrong for wanting to see something else. Either enjoy this post or move on to other discussions.
  8. Is there a mistake on your pages? Those all appear to be the same plane?
  9. They have said that their plan is to continue to develop both games.
  10. Well, there's the Mission Reports subforum, which this thread now occupies. Maybe look around here?
  11. Upload to a hosting service and link here. No direct uploads. Also, thread moved to Kerbal Network since it's about the forum rather than the game.
  12. As we pointed out the last time this question was asked, there's no reason to be nasty to the people asking. Some comments have been removed, now please move on to other discussions.
  13. Well done. Very authentic.
  14. The links in the OP had expired and some URLs now led to questionable sites, so they've been removed. No body's in trouble. We're just letting folks know.
  15. Hi @ColdJ. We've put your log inside spoiler tags to make it easier to read the rest of the page. Welcome to the forum.
  16. Some comments removed. Keep it on-topic, please.
  17. I notice you did not specify a minimum flight distance. The craft. Proof. Mass: 0.779 tons. Flight duration: 30 seconds.
  18. This suggestion for the game's development has been moved to Suggestions & Development.
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