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  1. Could be. Why don't you post once more and find out?
  2. When you make a new thread, adding a poll to it is one of the options.
  3. Well, start actively contributing.
  4. Question moved to its own thread. Does the B option appear and not work, or not appear at all?
  5. The classic reason for that kind of issue is launching at the wrong time, as if you're plotting the right path but the planet just isn't there when you arrive due to timing.
  6. The speed of interplanetary transits is determined by geometry. The only 3 things you can do to affect that are 1) engine burns, 2) use the planet's atmosphere to slow down as you pass through it, or 3) do some complicated passes around the destination's moon(s), but that can be quite difficult.
  7. I'm not aware of any problems, Joe. Should be 25 in a 24 hour period, as usual.
  8. Unfortunately, there is already a forum member with that name.
  9. Moved to Bug Reports. I had this happen before the patch but not since. The only way I found to stop it was to quit the game entirely and start it up again.
  10. Thread moved to Bug Reports. Can you post a picture of the plane?
  11. Doesn't have a name or a color scheme yet because I didn't think it would work!
  12. I suppose one could specify post-patch in the thread title, @JoeSchmuckatelli. I don't think tags would serve very well since they are member-created and would not be consistent.
  13. It is vital that Kerbals be able to view cat videos no matter where they are. Good work.
  14. Sorry, we can't host images or videos here. It requires too much bandwidth. But you can host them on sharing services and use the links they provide here.
  15. Need to log in or something to see the picture?
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