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  1. The forum's info has been transferred between several generations of forum software and some of the older material loses details or gets scrambled in the process. This is the origin of some of the guest accounts.
  2. My guide hasn't been updated for quite a while but shouldn't be out of date. Maybe it could be helpful?
  3. EU law requires provision for the deletion of accounts, but the posts remain because threads would be garbled without them. So the name of the poster is deleted and replaced with "Guest." Some other forum software weirdnesses can occasionally cause that, too.
  4. Tosh's cart mod, from way back before there were stock wheels.
  5. This work of a fan has been moved to Fanworks. And good luck with your project.
  6. Taken care of, and thanks for abiding by our rules.
  7. Launch your satellite to the right altitude but on the opposite side of Duna. If it's a normal contract, you only have to meet the conditions for 10 seconds, so it doesn't matter if it is disturbed by Ike after that.
  8. Which FAQ? That option only applies to people who bought KSP before it was offered on Steam.
  9. Veggie burgers can be quite good depending on how they are prepared, but I've never had one that tasted anything like actual beef. I like them sometimes as a change of pace, but never as a substitute for meat burgers.
  10. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions. And good luck.
  11. What we mean to say, @Leonardoleo46, is thank you for helping your fellow players. This info is still relevant despite the age of the thread and others will have the same question. Welcome to our forum.
  12. What could be safer than flying around with a nuclear reactor on your back?
  13. Looks like is going to be a craft sharing thread, and therefore it has been moved to the craft sharing subforum.
  14. I have not encountered this but it sounds like a glitch. And so, thread moved to support.
  15. Is this meant to be a craft sharing thread?
  16. Now that April Fools is over, were you serious about that, @5thHorseman?
  17. Some posts have been removed or edited. Please keep it on-topic..
  18. Our IT guy has been working on it. Or at least I thought he was. Anyway, he's looking at it now.
  19. Version numbering is not the subject of this thread. Some posts have been removed. Please stick to the topic.
  20. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  21. Welcome to the forum, @jefalger. Congrats on your mission, but I'd suggest you post about it in your own thread since this one is rather old and there have been changes to the game's aerodynamics since then.