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  1. I don't believe I ever said that.
  2. It's hard to see what's happening there. My suggestion would be to strip everything away until the rotor is bare, move it between attachment nodes until it's rotating the way you want, and then re-attach the stuff to it.
  3. Some posts removed. If you believe a post is a problem, please simply report it rather than replying to it. Replies only draw discussions further off-topic and inspire hard feelings.
  4. Sorry, I meant close ups of the rotor assembly. Are you using a fairing base to provide attachment points? I do that as well, but you have to be really careful about exactly which nodes are getting attached.
  5. Getting killed in the line of duty is only a momentary inconvenience for Jeb.
  6. Keep in mind, please, that what seems like appreciation to the poster can sound like an order or demand to the mod maker. And they tend to get a lot of them. Asking about updates is fine, but a "please" makes it sound nicer.
  7. You might be confusing Mun with Minmus. Minmus is much smaller and you can get to orbit on your jetpack from it.
  8. I made an orbit guide a while back. It might be helpful.
  9. That's a Squad staff thing. Moderators are not involved.
  10. Some posts removed. Keep it on-topic, please.
  11. I've been in the situation of asking for help and getting answers that missed the point or didn't make sense to me, and I've been in the situation of trying to offer help to someone who was frustrated by it. Most of us on this forum have. With that in mind, please try to exercise patience whichever side you're on. If someone really bothers you, you can set that person to ignore and no longer see the posts. But harsh words in either direction are uncalled for.
  12. I'm still suspecting that the confusion is arising from frames of reference, but I'll re-move the thread to Spaceflight since that was your intention.
  13. If I understand your question correctly, the confusion arises from the fact that you're comparing figures from one SOI frame of reference to those from another, which is an artificial situation resulting from the game's method of simulation.
  14. This impinges on real world orbital mechanics but specifically involved perspective changes necessitated by the game's handling of SOIs. So Gameplay Questions seems to be the best sub for it. And so, moved.
  15. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  16. This (forthcoming) work of a fan has been moved to Fan Works.
  17. They're an indication of how serious we consider the behavior to be. A zero point warn is just a formal reminder of our rules. 1-3 points means it's getting more serious. 5 points means your posts require moderator approval before they're visible for a while because we want to keep an eye on you. 10 total points earns you a 1-week ban because you did something significantly harmful. If you get up to 25 points that's a permanent ban. However, the points expire after a while. So the penalties only apply if you have that many current, non-expired points.
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