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  1. Hey one. I am not new to KSP. Welcome to the forum.
  2. It's always bothered me that the cupola is the only crew compartment in KSP that has an unobstructed view of the direction of travel. More choices would be welcome.
  3. Not an overall one, but there are some threads like this.
  4. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions. (Which I do not use and so can not help with.)
  5. We're running out of ways to say this, guys: don't make it personal. Please talk about the subject and don't try to characterize each other's personalities. More comments removed. This thread needs a time out and will remain closed for a bit while tempers cool.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Sorry, I haven't done the tutorials in ages. I know there's a glitch with the Swivel but I can't remember the fix. I'll see if I can nudge someone who does.
  7. Yes, looks like it's timing rather than navigating that's the problem. I like this calculator because it doesn't do too much of the work for me. https://ksp.olex.biz/
  8. I'd suggest trying some practice flights between Mun and Minmus, or vice versa. It's the same problem in terms of piloting and geometry but much easier to hit the targets. Do you have a screenshot of your closest approach markers around Duna?
  9. Vanamonde


    Welcome to the forum.
  10. There's been a little discussion of subforums but nothing definite as yet. And yes, they've said that this will remain the official forum for KSP games. When we transfer the content from old forum software versions to new ones sometimes details are lost, such as the time stamps on some very old posts. Since something needs to be there, software will often stick in the default date of 12/31/69. That moment was set as the start of time counting very early in computer science for reasons I don't recall.
  11. Thread moved to Kerbal Network, since it's about the forum rather than the game.
  12. Thread re-opened but a number of excessively personal comments have been removed. Please back off of the accusatorial tone and keep in mind that nobody enjoys a forum that is just people yelling angrily at each other. Also, stay on-topic, please.
  13. The usual causes are too much drag at the front of the craft and/or not enough control authority. With the wing parts you have on that uppermost stage, I suspect it was drag and airflow. For the benefit of others, how did you solve it?
  14. Sounds like it's time for you to do some testing and tell us the results.
  15. Accelerating at 1g for an hour would be quite a feat in itself, but assuming you got the thing going that fast, I suspect that as it followed the curvature of the earth's surface the centrifugal force would turn the passengers to a red smear on the ceiling of the car. I am too lazy to re-teach myself the math to check that, though.
  16. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  17. Some comments have been removed. Please stick to the subject of the thread.
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