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  1. You have learned the bitter lesson: save your working plane design and only attempt alterations to the design on a copy.
  2. Here's a guide I made a while back. It hasn't been updated for a long time, but I believe everything in it is still current.
  3. Yes, but who generated the terrain? Could it have been.... aliens?!
  4. You may direct that post to the Fan Works thread, where I look forward to seeing it. And welcome to the forum.
  5. I'm having difficulty picturing what you're describing, but this is actually what the navball was designed to help with. Keep flying toward 90 as it is still east regardless of your altitude.
  6. I suspect that is an artifact of terrain generation, but I couldn't swear to it. Mark the location and go back with a boat.
  7. Howdy and welcome to the forum. To display pictures here, you will need to upload them to a sharing service such as, and copy the link they provide into your posts. Good luck.
  8. This helpful advice about how to play the game has been moved to the Gameplay subforum.
  9. I just tested this and it looks like that's intentional.
  10. Problem solved! All control surfaces should help with roll unless you use the adjustments to turn it off.
  11. You can help yourself by aerobraking the roid, for one thing.
  12. How do you keep it from getting dusty?
  13. I couldn't stand it anymore. In addition to the stifling heat under a mask, it was scratchy when I tried to sleep, started getting in the way when I ate, and then began tickling my nose. Was a real battle to remove, though. I don't say "shave" because it was more like eroding the thing away laboriously over the course of about 40 minutes.
  14. I can offer you no assistance, but I can move your question to the subforum where you're most likely to get help. And so I did. Good luck.
  15. Congratulations on making 1 more Youtube video than I ever have.
  16. This discussion of add ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  17. Yes, you will have to buy KSP2 separately.
  18. One of my favorite builds, from way back when. Was a bear to assemble, to such an extent that I haven't tried to re-do it, though I've often wanted to. What you can't see from this pic (which is why I chose it) is that the far corner there doesn't actually line up. This is just as close as I could get it to working.
  19. The nomination process is to either PM a moderator or hit the report button on the post. If you do report, please tell us you're nominating in the comment box so we don't mistake it for a complaint.
  20. The only blue marker on the navball is the maneuver burn indicator. Look for the retrograde marker.
  21. The good news is, this is considered the hardest part of the game by most people, so if you do figure it out, the worst will be behind you. If you're getting that close, you should be able to set the navball to target mode, then burn retrograde until you're at rest with respect to the target. Orbital mechanics will still mess with you a bit, but you should be able to fly more or less directly toward it and finalize the dock.
  22. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  23. Are you suggesting these to others? Lobbying for them to be made stock?