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  1. That is a cute little ship, though I would not want to sit in a suit in a chair that long, myself. Meanwhile, congrats on your trip and your post has been moved to Mission Reports.
  2. Question moved to the support subforum, and good luck with your issue.
  3. You're already here, since I moved your thread for you.
  4. Sometimes but it's not that bad. No. Since we are volunteers, we can un-volunteer at any time. No. I couldn't say but I'll let the guys know some stuff is there. This feature was added a few software updates back. It means the thread is very active.
  5. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  6. You can turn the game's music off through the sound options on the menus, but it's all or nothing, not just in the VAB.
  7. The part I don't understand is that chutes shouldn't open if you're going too fast. When this happens to you how fast are you moving and how high are you?
  8. Autostruting is an optional ability you can activate by selecting "advanced tweakables" from the options menus. When applied, the craft behaves as if you have stretched struts between some of the parts for support but without you having to actually place strut parts.
  9. That chute may not be enough to bring the assembly down gently, but I don't recall experiencing chute destruction on something that small. Is the craft coming straight down on descent? If so, try ascending at more of an angle to come down at more of an angle. The result is reduced re-entry heating, and possibly less strain on the chute. Also, welcome to the forum.
  10. Piffle. I have made much worse planes than this.
  11. I saw this vid and thought it was well-made.
  12. Is the game timer showing yellow digits? Do you have a lot of parts on the craft?
  13. $9.99 on GOG.com right now.
  14. Ah, yes. You should be able to edit it from your profile page.
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