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  1. I got the flu shortly after eating cake at a friend's wedding. Put me off of cakes ever since.
  2. But it would stop tracking when the craft was not active, wouldn't it? Like rotating parts?
  3. This report of a mission has been moved to Mission Reports.
  4. Did you land intact and were you then able to return? If so, there is no room for improvement.
  5. This report of a mission has been moved to mission reports. And congrats on your new wisdom.
  6. Vanamonde


    No longer relevant.
  7. Yes, F1 screenshots go to the game's own pic folder. F12 gets squirreled away by Steam somewhere and is not part of KSP itself.
  8. Check for yourself. I have set GIC's rep to -5.
  9. Is your name to distinguish yourself from the frogs that need runways?
  10. I rotate my avatar now and then between images nice people have made for me.
  11. Something went wrong and when they tried to revert to a saved backup of the forum, the last viable save turned out to be 7 months old. I don't know why. I wasn't a moderator at the time. But months' worth of posts, threads, and new accounts were undone. We transitioned from one forum software to another. Yes.
  12. He was one of the earlier and busier moderators.
  13. I seem to recall that this was a bug in some early versions of the game but I haven't heard of it happening for years.
  14. You can either point the nose at the maneuver marker manually or use the maneuver SAS setting to do it for you. Then watch the timer. It will automatically count down to the moment of the ideal burn. But since an ideal burn is instantaneous whereas a real burn takes time, the timer will also helpfully split the actual burn half before and half after the ideal time, which is the next best thing. 98.4 is how many meters/second it will require to achieve the projected path, and 2 seconds how long to burn to achieve that. You will have to watch while the burn takes place and manually s
  15. Those are people whose other commitments are preventing them from moderating right now but whom we hope will be able to return to the team at some time. What's this about Supernovy's tent?
  16. Correct, it should not require any mods. Or is that what you're asking?
  17. Hi guy. Welcome to the forum. If you have started a "career" mode save you will need to upgrade the tracking station building before you can use maneuver nodes.
  18. I never got good at spaceplanes even without talking a couple of years off. Anyway, welcome to the forum.
  19. Unfortunately, the person you're replying to has not been active on this forum for some time. But who knows, maybe this post will lure her/him back. Anyway, welcome to the forum, @Nova_AereoSpace.
  20. Hey guy. Several of those seem to require modded parts that I do not have installed, so the only one I could get to load was this one. Why can't your PC take screenshots? The F1 key should place them in the KSP screenshots folder.
  21. A personal argument has been removed from this thread. Please talk about the subject rather than each other.
  22. Hmm. Try it and report the result.
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