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  1. As you would know if you had read the earlier pages in the thread, the option to convert store purchases into Steam keys was a limited deal, as a courtesy, when Steam first added KSP. But after that deal ended, more than two years ago, Squad is not free to give keys away because they are Steam's merchandise. It will not happen, so let's please not get caught up in that argument again. 

  2. Every time the subject of testing comes up I say this, but no one seems to listen. 

    Experimental access is not a privilege. It's a job and a hassle. It's the "gift" of running into nasty bugs before other people do, of "getting to play" with the shiny new part that doesn't work like it's supposed to yet, it's the "fun" of having to constantly update your game version so that you're not reporting a bug that's already been fixed, and it's the "reward" of occasionally having your save ruined so badly that you have to trash it and start over. Ever had a flight half-way to its destination rendered unusable because its engine was re-balanced and it no longer has enough thrust to land safely? Your best airplane's control surfaces are no longer in contact with the rest of the craft? That's testing. 

    As a moderator, I have the choice to participate in testing, and I don't. Because it's a pain in the behind. I thank the people who have the patience to do it on behalf of the rest of us, but it's not a job to be envied. 

  3. Some posts have been removed. Steam keys are an issue from 2 years ago, and are not the subject of this thread. They are only available through Steam purchase.

    Also, please do not attack each other for having differing views on the matters in this thread. 

  4. Guys, Steam sells access to games. Some people who bought KSP before it was available on Steam were given the courtesy of switching over. But that was a limited offer because it involves Steam giving away its product for free, which they obviously can't do indefinitely. 

    However, that transition was 2 or so years ago, and is not the subject of this thread. Please go back to discussing the new version and its testing. 

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