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  1. I am sleepy. 

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    2. Vanamonde


      That's what I said. 

    3. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      I have a challenge!

    4. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      Go to the link to see the challenge:


  2. Nifty forum avatar. I had not heard of this movie before I looked up the picture. 

    1. Andiron


      Made with the one and only Hermann Oberth !  I'm really into SF, so I watched this movie a few years ago. Frau im Mond and Metropolis from Fritz Lang are both really good movies of the beginning of science-fiction.

    2. WinkAllKerb''


      obssessed with avatar ^^

  3. Your avatar is cute. 

    1. ManEatingApe


      Ha, thanks!

      I don't think our avatars should be left alone together, I'd be worried that yours would get eaten!

    2. Vanamonde
    3. WinkAllKerb''
  4. Oh, hey. I just noticed that your avatar is a thrint. Which goes with your username. :)

  5. Conscious. 

    1. JedTech


      Oooh, I'm now conscious of the status feature and the ability to comment on one. Thanks!

  6. But the root grows on the tree, right? Check and mate.

  7. waterlubber, this has been pointed out to me. I do not care. :sticktongue:

  8. Looks okay, unless there is some significance to it that we (moderators) are missing.

  9. Tag. You're it.

    1. Dman979


      Tag. You're it.

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