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  1. As your rocket flies the speed changes, the air gets thinner, the weight of the craft diminishes due to fuel consumption, and so on. The trick is not in the keyboard controls but in making a ship that still performs properly as the conditions change. It sounds like you're having the common problem of either not including enough control parts (like steerable fins) or not attaching them in the right places. Can you share pictures of your rocket? That often helps with diagnosing problems. 

  2. Quote

    Do you find certain moderating duties monotonous at times? 

    Sometimes but it's not that bad. 


    Do you ever regret becoming a moderator?



    Can you quit or is it like a gang thing where you sign up for life and Snark threatens your family if you try to leave? 

    Since we are volunteers, we can un-volunteer at any time. 


    And linked to above, has a moderator ever gone into meltdown and randomly banned people or deleted stuff before being stopped and institutionalised?



    Are KSP stickers on Amazon & such officially licensed or at least condoned? 

    I couldn't say but I'll let the guys know some stuff is there. 


    What does it mean when a thread is HOT? 

    This feature was added a few software updates back. It means the thread is very active. 

  3. Autostruting is an optional ability you can activate by selecting "advanced tweakables" from the options menus. When applied, the craft behaves as if you have stretched struts between some of the parts for support but without you having to actually place strut parts. 

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