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  1. A fuel/air explosive does not bring its own air with it. It sprays the fuel into existing air as a mist and then ignites it. Where there is no air the fuel will not burn, so no matter how powerful or efficient you made this it would still only work for the first couple of minutes of a flight and after that the air gets too thin and you need a different kind of propulsion. And that is really not very useful, as you can see for yourself by trying to make a KSP rocket with jet engines as a first stage. (I imagine everybody as done this at one point or another. :)It sounds great on paper but you quickly reach an altitude where the jets stop working and you need to eject them as dead weight. So considering how little of the flight uses the jet engines, you might as well save yourself the trouble and just go with a conventional rocket for your first stage. Real rockets would suffer from much the same problem. 

  2. I'm sorry I overlooked this question until now, but yes, I suspect the craft is out of power, as Snark says. If you don't have solar panels you might not be able to get control back. However, if the craft is already on a path to enter Kerbin atmo you may be able to save it.  Eject the other stages and the capsule should orient itself properly and be able to deploy parachutes during re-entry. 

  3. We keep this kind of thing in the Challenges sub, and so, moved. While we're here, please remember not to get overly invested in your faction as "roleplaying" has caused no end of trouble on the forum. 

    Well, it did end, I guess. When we banned it. 

    Anyway, you get the idea. 

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