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  1. I don't know, actually. Somebody from Squad set that up.
  2. I believe the EULA specifies one PC at a time.
  3. The sub was not hidden. It was created and the content moved into it.
  4. And now you have. Hi back.
  5. This sharing of craft has been moved to the craft sharing subforum. Better late then never, I suppose.
  6. Some comments have been removed. If you believe a post is a problem, do not clutter the thread with posts saying why the post is a problem. Just report it and move on so the thread can remain on-topic.
  7. We'll see if we can contact somebody, though.
  8. I don't think we're clear on what the problem is. Could you be specific?
  9. Howdy. Welcome to the forum. Oh, and your post has been moved to Fan Works, since the Spaceflight sub is for real-world stuff.
  10. I bought from the store and when a new version comes out I do a fresh download. That way it happens when I want, and I can keep copies of my previous versions for reference and nostalgia. You can carry your progress over between versions by simply copying the saves.
  11. That was a silly thing to do. Congratulations on making it work.
  12. Yes, French is already one of the supported languages.
  13. I do not know but I bet the modders do, and so your thread has been to the modding subforum.
  14. Hey guy. Did you have a question or were you sharing a screenshot or what?
  15. Some comments have been removed. Please do not make the discussions personal, and watch the language.
  16. Whenever the vendors put it on sale. They don't inform anyone when they do it.
  17. That is enough, @RattlerMike. Hello.
  18. That is a fancy probe, @Kerbals_of_Steel. Have you tried a pass much higher, such as 80kms? Save the game and try multiple altitudes. Meanwhile, if you want to continue to use your existing design with a minimum of alterations, remember that each heat shield can be ejected separately without the need for a decoupler or stack separator. This means that on your existing design you could stack them and kick them off one by one as their ablator runs out.
  19. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
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