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  1. Either that or you are welcome to use the other-language subforums. Either way, welcome to our forum. Meanwhile, your thread has been moved to the modding support sub.
  2. You get stuck at "thumbs"? I'm not following. Meanwhile, welcome to the forum.
  3. This forum is for both KSP and KSP2. We've been told it will remain the official forum.
  4. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  5. Vall I my favorite place to go.
  6. The control surfaces are so close to the COM that they have almost no leverage. Replace those tail pieces with pivoting alternatives. It will also help if you lower the engines so they are not applying nose-down torque, and adjust the landing gear heights so that the plane sits with a slight nose-up attitude. That last is because KSP airfoils only generate lift if they have an angle of attack to the air flow. So if the plane rests nose-up, they will begin to generate lift as soon as it moves.
  7. You'll need solar panels and/or batteries, some landing legs, maybe docking rings (depending on how you will perform the mission), possibly antennas. Start with the final stage, work backwards, test every step before you add the next step, and when you realize you're missing something you need, save that design and go get more science until you invent the missing thing.
  8. Decide what you want to do next and choose the techs it will need. Also, welcome to the forum.
  9. Howdy. Are you talking about a game mod? Or a real space probe thing?
  10. If you'd like all your content removed, this is where you can place the request. Thread locked by OP's request.
  11. Welcome to the forum, @VAN DARKHOLME. Your post has been moved to the modding subforum since it's about a mod.
  12. Some comments have been removed. Since KSP attracts players from all over the world, please remember that 'the other side' of any comparison of nationalities is going to include fellow forum members. This is why we ask folks to avoid politics and arguments about which country is more or less virtuous, effective, fragrant, etc. Those discussions are always hurtful to someone and make the forum a less pleasant place to visit.
  13. Firstly, if you dislike a thread's subject matter why not simply skip to the next one rather than waste your time writing out a complaint about it? Being harsh with each other makes the forum less pleasant for everyone. Those comments have been removed. Secondly, if you take issue with something someone has said, please report the post and let the moderators deal with it rather than scold the person yourself. Those comments have also been removed. Stick to the topic, please, and keep it polite.
  14. Politics is all around this subject but for the duration of the emergency we've let the thread run as a way for people to share our common experience with the crisis. But the pandemic is now thankfully passing, and the discussion is turning from commiseration to assigning blame. And assigning blame for a pandemic is off-topic for our friendly little space game forum. With that in mind, we are now closing this discussion and advising folks to move on to other topics. We hope you all are and remain well.
  15. Computers are very stupid. They make up for it by being millions of times faster than humans. This is why your PC can animate 3D objects in real time while you cannot. Already fighter aircraft with computer assistance outperform craft piloted by humans alone, and before long they'll be able to leave the human out altogether. The US navy is working on this already. Automated craft have the additional advantage of not having to worry about G loads squishing the crew. And they can be lighter because they can leave out all the life support stuff like food, beds, toilets, and so on. In short, space
  16. This report of a mission has been moved to mission reports, and congratulations.
  17. Craft sharing thread moved to the craft sharing subforum, and nice ship.
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