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  1. 1 hour ago, OrdinaryKerman said:

    Why do the @Jebediah Kerman @Bill Kerman @Bob Kerman @Gene Kerman @Wernher von Kerman test accounts have such high rep? Also why do they have high user numbers despite being created before @aLeXmOrA's account (which appears to be the first legit account)

    The answer to this question is probably lost to the sands of time, because I don't think anybody now on the Squad team was there when these were made. 

  2. Pasar por el aire puede romper las antenas. La mayoría de los tipos de antenas se pueden retraer por seguridad, aunque puede perder el contacto si lo hace hasta que las antenas se desplieguen nuevamente. (Traducción automática.) Bienvenido al foro. :)

  3. 2 hours ago, modus said:

    Just cookin' up a little something for the Kraken







    To post pictures on this forum you will need to upload your screenshots to a sharing service like Imgur.com (it's free) and copy the links they provide into your posts here. 

  4. I would suggest putting some struts on it to hold things in place while under gravity and then eject them once in space. You can place a pair of decouplers and stretch a strut between them, discarding the assembly when no longer needed. 

  5. Mythos, there is a long-standing issue in which if you place parts in mirror symmetry and then mirror that assembly, you get a phantom extra copy in precisely the same place of one of them. It mess with mass and drag and stuff but is only visible by the z-fight. Unfortunately, I have never found a way around it except not to double-double parts like that. 


    Здравствуйте и добро пожаловать на наш форум. :) Я (модератор) перенес ваш пост в русскоязычный подфорум, где, надеюсь, кто-то сможет помочь вам с вашим вопросом. (Прошу прощения за любые ошибки в этом автоматически переведенном ответе.)

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