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  1. As you're just copying text that is publicly available anyway, you should be fine.
  2. Здравствуйте и добро пожаловать на наш форум. Я (модератор) перенес ваш пост в русскоязычный подфорум, где, надеюсь, кто-то сможет помочь вам с вашим вопросом. (Прошу прощения за любые ошибки в этом автоматически переведенном ответе.)
  3. What's wrong with it? Other than the picture being kind of small. How about a bigger one?
  4. Large texts like that can cause page loading problems, so we ask our members to host the actual files elsewhere and link to them here. You're not in trouble, but we've removed the file so that it doesn't cause problems for others.
  5. Oh, and thread moved to Suggestions since it's seeking suggestions for improving Lathe.
  6. I would like to see some vegetation, since it has an atmosphere.
  7. I was flying and I looked around.
  8. Today I discovered that Orion is (almost) in KSP.
  9. @paul23, this is such a common kind of question that we have a thread full of suggestions and info for it. Your question has been merged into that thread so you know where to find it. Have fun with your new PC.
  10. Are you perhaps trying to do this while on a ladder? How close are you to the ship?
  11. Every moon has a silver lining.
  12. I like it. If you're not sure watch for it to go on sale, which it does from time to time.
  13. Is that red glove soup or what?
  14. Quite a few comments have been removed. If you dislike how the game is developing, please take that discussion to the Development subforum. This thread is just news about the latest update and issues specific to it.
  15. Please return to the actual subject of the thread, and speak to each other politely when you do. Some comments removed or edited.
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