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  1. Not only am I familiar with UFO, I'm the one who suggested it to adsii.
  2. My goodness, that's a big ship.
  3. When he or she has time and inclination. That's all volunteer mod makers owe others.
  4. I run a save of each. The sandbox is where I test new designs, and once they're reliable, I copy them over to my "real" career campaign.
  5. Everybody has trouble lifting off of Eve. I myself have yet to recover anything from Eve surface, despite playing the game on and off for years. Even so, 47 tons sounds quite large for an Eve ascent vehicle. Are you sure you need all of that?
  6. Folks, history has proven that we can't stay on-topic and polite to each other when the subject of politics comes up, so we've removed some content from this thread and will once more ask people to leave that aspect out of the discussions. We're not saying that it isn't relevant. We know people want to talk about it. But we do have to ask you all to take that aspect of the discussion to other forums.
  7. Vanamonde

    Delta V

    Add up the numbers on the path between where you are and where you want to be. If your ship has more, you can make it.
  8. Some comments have been removed. You're not required to agree with our selections for threads of the month, but that doesn't give anyone to right to demean the winners.
  9. Hmmm... mission report or work of a fan? Sounds like a mission report. And so, thread moved.
  10. Welcome to our forum. This mod hasn't been updated for a while but the OP still visits here and might be inspired to pick it up again. Folks, please don't fault others for "necroing" discussions. If it's a problem, just report the post and let the moderators deal with it rather than give orders to each other. Some content has been removed.
  11. Thread closed by OP's request.
  12. Folks, if you are not interested in the subject of a thread, just skip to the next one. There's nothing to be gained by taking your time to post a complaint about it. Some comments have been removed or edited.
  13. I don't like having a beard because mine grows bushy and never looks tidy no matter how carefully I trim it, but I've been curious to see how much gray is in it now and the quarantine seemed like a good time to find out. (It's mostly gray.)
  14. The game's been out for 8 years so it's hard to come up with new challenges, but I don't believe this one has been done before. Interesting idea.
  15. They are rare. I don't know if Squad has ever shared the probability or how they are generated. I myself have only ever seen one, and that was actually a different version several years ago.
  16. When I want to capture an asteroid, I send a low-thrust/long-duration pusher probe to the region between Kerbin and Duna, where small nudges can make big changes. I then arrange a low pass and rely heavily on aerobraking to get a capture, then go back to long, weak burns to adjust to the desired orbit.
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  18. Some comments have been removed or edited. There's no need to attack each other over this.
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