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  1. Not true. Dman pestered us until we accepted him just to he'd leave us alone.
  2. Your English is fine, Welcome to the forum, @Som-Boi_lol.
  3. Is this from before the engineer construction features were added?
  4. Please don't turn this into an argument about whose space program is better.
  5. Got an antenna on the craft? Electrical power?
  6. Congrats. Now you can assemble big things in orbit.
  7. They're doing some kind of work on the game's store. It should be working again some time tomorrow.
  8. Moderators are recruited from among forum members. Sometimes we invite people to apply, and other times we approach individuals we think would make good moderators.
  9. We are told the store will be offline until I Monday. We have no info on the other thing at this time.
  10. Seeing as this show is about a fictional timeline, the Lounge seems like a better place for the thread. And so, moved.
  11. This is a fine place for questions, but I don't use MechJeb. Sorry. Imgur.com is an image hosting site that is easy and free to use. I run most of my career saves with automated craft and only send crews after I've cleared the tech tree and can put kerbals on the ships in relative safety and comfort.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Are you sure you didn't start a sandbox save?
  13. The in-game screenshot key is F1. They are saved to a folder in the game folder. From there you can upload them to a sharing site and use the link they provide in your posts.
  14. Nobody currently on the team was here then but it was around June of 2011.
  15. Hello @Kion. Something appears to have gone wrong with your links. Want to try again?
  16. If somebody is really bugging you that much, don't read his/her posts or set that forum member to ignore. This saves you the time, effort, and aggravation of writing angry replies to that person's posts. Doesn't that sound more pleasant than growling at each other?
  17. Avoid making discussions personal, please.
  18. Turns out it was after all.
  19. Sometimes we invite applications, and sometimes we just invite someone we think would make a good moderator. We look for people who are helpful on the forum and good written communicators. We're not looking to add to the team right now, though.
  20. And he/she is inviting people to try it and show their attempts.
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