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  1. The word "guest" is substituted if account information is lost for various reasons, such as old posts getting corrupted by time or user-requested account deletions.
  2. Some comments removed. Leave politics and religion out of it, please. That never ends well.
  3. This is not a challenge or a mission idea anymore, and so the thread has been moved to Forum Games.
  4. No need. We're on it! Looking for mission ideas? Thread moved to Challenges and Mission Ideas.
  5. If you believe a post is a problem please report it rather than reply to it yourself. Let moderators deal with problems so you don't waste your time on arguments. Some content has been removed.
  6. Joking aside, please don't make excessively large posts. The cause real problems with page loading and whatnot.
  7. Try the BBCode version of Imgur's links. It works best on our forum. Also, congrats on your massive mining craft.
  8. This sharing of a craft has been moved to the craft sharing subforum. And congratulations on your accomplishment.
  9. Uh, sure. As a moderator I totally knew these things existed now. Totally.
  10. Your question has been moved to its own thread for clarity.
  11. And overlapping threads have been merged. Good luck with your issue.
  12. Welcome to the forum, @Zerozeros. :D The quote function can be tricky, eh? Please feel free to try posting again.
  13. Welcome to the forum, @ZYKerman. Could you quote just the line you're thinking of? Displaying the entire file in a post will cause page loading problems on our forum, so I'm afraid we've had to remove that.
  14. Those files are fairly large. You would need to upload it to a file sharing site and link to the download in your posts here.
  15. Was there something specific you wanted to talk about? Because we have several entire subforums for talking about KSP stuff.
  16. Welcome to KSP. This is one of the oldest and most persistent problems in the game. Many generations of KSP players have battled it. Versions of KSP come and go, but somehow this problem persists through it all.
  17. Was a rhetorical question. Please return to the topic at hand, which is EVA pack stuff.
  18. How did we get from EVA packs to politics? Some comments removed.
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