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  1. Some personal remarks removed. Please keep it polite.
  2. Sorry, it is not. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/129085-wernher-von-kerman/
  3. 1. Name changed. 2. So people can't stir up trouble and then try to evade the consequences.
  4. The military services would give you food, housing, medical care, and pay, if you're the sort who doesn't mind that kind of lifestyle.
  5. It's been a long time since I did a spotting contract and I must admit that I don't recall the details. However, I've moved your thread to the Gameplay questions sub in hopes that someone else's recollection is fresher. Good luck.
  6. Please post in English when not using the international subforums.
  7. We're happy to have you.
  8. Some posts removed. Please talk about the subject of the thread rather than each other.
  9. Check the navball and make sure it's all blue while sitting on the pad. The craft might be taking some rover part as its orientation point.
  10. About things being the same order of precedence, that shouldn't matter. The whole thing is a set of arbitrary rules merely meant to ensure that everybody reading the same equation comes to the same answer. And the way I was taught, multiplication comes before division and addition comes before subtraction. If another set of rules is being taught, that defeats the purpose of having the rules in the first place.
  11. Are there differences in the way this is taught? The version I learned ordered the operations by strict priority and did not have a left-to-right rule, and at least some of the sources I checked also explain it this way.
  12. Crew reports can be taken just about anywhere, though they are not worth a lot. Put whatever science instruments you've invented on tiny rockets and land them on grassland, on hills, in the water, etc., and even in different spots around the space center.
  13. There's a thing called the Algebraic Order of Operations. It says you do calculations in the order of multiplication, then division, then addition, then subtraction. Parentheses over-ride that order and you do what's in the parentheses first. (That's a short version. The real rule is longer.) It's an arbitrary order but it's been specified so that everybody gets the same answer to the same problem. In this case 1+2 is within parentheses to it goes first. Then 2x3 makes six. So the final problem is 6/6, which is 1. This is the only correct answer to the problem as it is presented here.
  14. If you're playing a career save this will actually be a common mission you are offered. It will be good practice to rescue this guy.
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