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  1. You have four options. 1) Start a new save. 2) Make a debris collection ship and start de-orbiting those things. 3) Just keep going because despite what happened that is seriously bad luck and unlikely to happen again. 4) Go to the settings and turn debris max down to zero, which will eliminate all existing bits of space junk. 

    Good luck. :D

  2. 2 hours ago, paul_c said:

    Please be aware (or learn) how forums work. Forum is NOT chat, and neither is "chat" necessary to solve your problem. Neither are people going to fall over themselves trying to help you. 

    I've seen people here fall over themselves to help others. We're a pretty nice bunch. :)

  3. Your question has been moved to Gameplay since it's not about real spaceflight. 

    And now that it's here, Kerbin's surface gravity is by default the same as earth's though the planet is too small for that to be realistic. So you shouldn't need to alter anything to get earth gravity, if that's what you're asking. 

  4. Adventures in Crew Rotation! 

    So after docking the science module to the station above, I found that the lab could not function because there was just the one scientist aboard. Time to fly up another, but poor Chadfal had been up there for over a game decade already, so why not bring him back while visiting? So I made the crew rotation ship SamRalph and flew it up there. 

    But when I arrived I discovered that some nitwit had put RCS thrusters on the ship but not RCS fuel, so it was time to put on my big Kerbal pants and dock using main engine burns. Which I did. 

    However, for some reason the game wouldn't let me transfer the guys directly, so it was time to EVA two kerbs in and one out. 

    After that the return was fairly routine, except when the RCS thrusters decided to detach and escort the craft down like dolphins around a ship. 

    Fully crewed at last, the station took some science readings and is currently chewing on them. 

    And now my watch has ended. 

  5. It's not clear to me what you're asking about but if part A is placed in one kind of symmetry and then you try to attack part B to that, part B is automatically changed to the same symmetry setting. You might get around your problem by placing part A in the symmetry mode you want before attaching B to it. 

  6. I avoid using mods myself, but I have moved your post to the modding subforum where someone who does might be able to match you up with one that will do what you want. 

    And welcome to the forum. :)

  7. Surprise! Progress! 

    I took the station Noobton put in Mun orbit like 100 years ago and added a module which includes an engine, fuel storage, a remote operating core, and science instruments we did not have access to when the station was placed. 


    It is now chewing on science to add to the sum of Kerbal knowledge. 

    And since I can't nag these wet blankets into participating, I might do more. 

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