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  1. Question moved to modded support, and good luck with your issue.
  2. If you're having trouble steering, orbit may actually be harder than just having the things go straight up but timing it so they do moon fly bys as they do, or having one proceed clear out of Kerbin's SOI to collect solar science. There's no rule that says your probe must orbit before landing somewhere to collect science or heading somewhere farther away.
  3. Where are you trying to send these probes? I generally research SAS modules, heat shields, and parachutes, which I then use to drop probes on Kerbin's various biomes. Fly bys of the moons and science high over the sun are also fairly easy to accomplish, but for more elaborate things like landings on the moons, you'll need access to higher level parts. Maybe do some direct ascents while the moons are in the right position? Then you can perform flybys without having to try to steer the ship through a gravity turn.
  4. Support issue moved to the support subforum and glad it worked out.
  5. And a patch was just put out, so maybe try that.
  6. I haven't seen #1 but as for #2 are you perhaps on career game setting? If so, the apoapsis marker is not displayed until you have updated the tracking station. Also, welcome the forum.
  7. I'm so sorrry, @MildSenseOfDoom. I composed a reply to your question days ago but apparently forgot to hit the submit button. You say you're playing career. That means you'll need to upgrade the tracking station before the peri/apo markers are displayed. Also, your question has been moved to the Gameplay Questions subforum, since that's what the issue is.
  8. I have been playing KSP for about 8 years but have never managed to return from Eve surface. It can't be done. The people who say otherwise are big stinky fibbers.
  9. Sometimes I like to know what the temperature is, especially for solar probes, and I make low-acceleration interplanetary ships for which the grav instrument gives much more accurate readings than the analog indicator by the navball.
  10. Some comments have been removed from this thread. 1) Please don't post to tell others where they should post. It's off-topic for the thread and creates clutter for others to have to click past. 2) If someone is really bothering you you can set that person on ignore. Please do that rather than accuse others of trolling. 3) Keep it polite, please. As yet there is not a separate suggestions sub for KSP2 suggestions, since that whole area is pretty much hopes and suggestions. There will be such a sub before long, as I understand it, so in the meantime please submit all KSP2 content to that sub. I have moved this discussion there. Nobody's in trouble over this. We're just letting you know there's going to be some reorganization sooner or later.
  11. My day job has prevented me from trying the update yet so I can't answer your question, but I have moved your thread somewhere where someone might be able to.
  12. Steam is not prompting you to update the game?
  13. Sounds like a support issue. And so, moved to Support.
  14. If you achieve it don't tell me because I'll be mad and jealous.
  15. Some content removed. This forum does not consider a post to be a "necro" unless the content is outdated, which is not the case here. No need to scold someone who's trying to be helpful.
  16. $9.99 on GOG.com right now.
  17. This means no nonsense threads without a specific topic. A thread should have a subject and stick to that subject, please.
  18. Ladies and gentlemen, threads without a subject devolve into all sorts of problematic posting such as off-topic tangents, misbehavior, and require excessive moderator intervention. That's why we've had a rule against nonsense threads for quite a long time already, but as has already been said here we allowed this one to continue for a while as a test to see if we still needed that rule. As you can see by the fact that KSP content keeps getting posted to this non-KSP thread despite multiple moderator interventions, this experiment has served to confirm the need for that rule. This thread will now be closed and will remain closed.
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    Of the Imgur alternatives, the BBCode version works best. Just copy it straight into your post.
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