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  1. Thread closed by OP's request.
  2. Check the throttle setting and maybe post a picture?
  3. There are several reasons this could be happening. If the craft is sitting on the launchpad for a while before you activate it, it might have run out of electrical power. Or you might have your throttle set to default to zero. New people sometimes confuse solid fuel rockets (which are one piece) with liquid fuel rockets (where the engine and fuel tank must be separate parts). Do you have a picture of the craft you could share? Those often help identify problems.
  4. Those are some whopping great solar panels.
  5. It's "rocket science," which I can divulge since the captcha is made to catch spambots rather than enemy spies.
  6. This work of a fan has been moved to Fan Works.
  7. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  8. I cannot answer your question but I can move it to the sub where someone else might. Good luck with your issue.
  9. @Ultimate Steve, it looks like this is part of the recent precautions regarding store accounts, but for the moment you can email [email protected] and ask them to change the address for you.
  10. Howdy, @paulscoletta.
  11. This suggestion for the game's development has been moved to Suggestions & Development. And by the way, the console ports do not take much work away from the PC versions because the conversion is not done by Squad.
  12. As this is not a challenge, the thread has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  13. Thread moved to modded support, and good luck with your issue.
  14. No date has been specified and they usually don't announce them anyway. We'll just have to wait and see.
  15. Thread moved to the support subforum, and good luck with your issue.
  16. As your rocket flies the speed changes, the air gets thinner, the weight of the craft diminishes due to fuel consumption, and so on. The trick is not in the keyboard controls but in making a ship that still performs properly as the conditions change. It sounds like you're having the common problem of either not including enough control parts (like steerable fins) or not attaching them in the right places. Can you share pictures of your rocket? That often helps with diagnosing problems.
  17. That is a cute little ship, though I would not want to sit in a suit in a chair that long, myself. Meanwhile, congrats on your trip and your post has been moved to Mission Reports.
  18. Question moved to the support subforum, and good luck with your issue.
  19. You're already here, since I moved your thread for you.
  20. Sometimes but it's not that bad. No. Since we are volunteers, we can un-volunteer at any time. No. I couldn't say but I'll let the guys know some stuff is there. This feature was added a few software updates back. It means the thread is very active.
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