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  1. I think you will need to figure this out and then tell the rest of us how to do it because I haven't seen it done.
  2. We know very little about the specifics yet but there has been no mention of a system like this. It's more likely that the sequel will have a variation on KSP1's campaign system of offering but not requiring certain goals.
  3. I don't agree with your characterization of the post that I liked, but moderators are recruited from and remain forum members which means I can like whatever posts I want to like and that is separate from my duties as a moderator. I have, in fact, both liked a post because I thought it was funny and removed it from public view because it broke a forum rule. Meanwhile, this question was off-topic from the Announcements sub where it was posted so I have moved it here.
  4. A number of comments have been removed. Please stick to the topic, and do not make unsupported accusations .
  5. If we make a mistake we do not hold it against you, and we have usually agreed to a small change if it was clearly a goof.
  6. When we need some team members we either invite a forum member to join or announce that we are taking applications. Candidates must be 1) over 18 years old so that they can legally sign the non-disclosure agreement, 2) have a history of being helpful and friendly on the forum, and 3) be good at communicating in writing. Once you do join, you would be expected to be logged into the internal moderators' Slack channel at all times while moderating so that we can consult with each other and discuss moderating policy. We are all volunteers, we do not get pay or any other form of compensation for moderating, and we all started as forum members. If that sounds interesting to you, keep an eye out for our occasional calls for new members.
  7. You should be able to dock an active ship to an inactive one, though the piloting may be more difficult. There are two things you can do to simplify it. You can leave the inactive ship parked so that its docking ring is perpendicular to the plane of its orbit. That maybe he hard to visualize, but what it means is that from the perspective of the approaching ship, the inactive ship's docking ring will be rotating in a stationary position, making it easier to hit. But that won't help if you've already got the ships positioned. So the other trick is to from time to time go in and out of time warp. This is a cheat because it breaks the physics simulation, but it makes docking easier because it cancels any unwanted rotations of the target ship. My advice would be to save the game, try to dock, and keep loading the save until it works. Good luck.
  8. Whatever argument took place somewhere else on the internet, please leave it there. This forum is not the place to continue it. A number of comments have been removed.
  9. Reminder: the subject of real world politics invariably gets nasty and therefore has been ruled off limits for this forum. Some content removed.
  10. Hmm. I haven't noticed any problems in weeks.
  11. The non-Squad vendors sometimes take a while to update their offerings. Have you messaged them directly about it?
  12. Keep it on-topic, please. And if somebody annoys you, please set that person to ignore rather than clutter up threads with posts telling that person not to clutter up threads. A number of posts have been removed.
  13. Look around The Exchange sub and KerbalX for ideas. Maybe download some and try them, not to use instead of your own, but to see how they work?
  14. It did start a new topic. But as I said in my last post, a moderator (me) moved it here to keep all the testing stuff in one place. I didn't know the thing you were testing was thread creation. But it worked.
  15. What are we testing? Did it work? Also, your post has been merged into the testing thread.
  16. Forum software transitions sometimes lose or distort very old posts. Members can also ask to have their account information removed. When those things happen the software substitutes the word "guest" for missing names and the default date of 1/1/70 for missing times.
  17. Some posts removed. Guys, if you know the joke is too crass make here, please don't say so and then make it anyway.
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