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  1. *** THESE FIRST THREE WERE MADE IN .15.2 *** Look further down for new .16 designs. First, here\'s the Tutor trainer. I made it when I was learning how to fly and wanted something that would stay in the air long enough for me to figure out how to operate it. If you like nimble fighters, this plane will seem sluggish to you. But for a newbie like me, the good thing is that it doesn\'t flip around violently while manuevering, makes stable, slow turns, and if you make a mistake, it gives you time to figure out what you did wrong and correct it. It\'s actually kind of hard to crash. It will take
  2. I did something similar. With most cards (all?) they don\'t charge you anything on any month in which you don\'t buy anything, and if you pay off the full balance of anything you do charge on the first bill, there\'s no interest. I\'ve had one card for 17 years and a Sears for around 4, and it hasn\'t cost me a penny more than it would have if I\'d paid with cash or check. (I\'ve never used the Sears, because like you, they kind of misled me into it.) Of course, you really should read your paperwork to be sure, but I don\'t think you have anything to worry about. If you\'ve changed your mind,
  3. Is that why this happens? I was wondering if the inner engines were working harder because they bore more of the weight, or something like that. Nice to know.
  4. By the way, how come some of that plane\'s parts are white and some parts are gray?
  5. It reminds me of the X47B. (It would help if you could zoom in closer on your plane when you take your screenshots.) Happy first post!
  6. Are you asking if parts can have more than one connection point? If so, each part only has one 'sticky' spot that you have to place in contact with an existing part in order for it to be part of the vehicle. (Except for struts, which have a sticky spot at each end.) That part won\'t stick to anything else, though other things can stick to it. If you\'re trying to make those wings stronger by connecting the panels to each other better, one panel\'s short side will not stick to another\'s. Your only option is to put struts between them. (Was that helpful?)
  7. It seems to me that there\'s a problem with the structure of the poll question. As far as the work the developers have to do to make it, a gas giant with 10 moons would really require the creation of 11 worlds. It\'s not like a choice between one apple and one orange, but more like a choice between one apple and a box of oranges. I mean, the gas giant+moons is the one I voted for , but it\'s not likely to happen any time soon.
  8. There\'s nothing wrong with your rocket, though it is kind of big for this job, and is pretty much guaranteed to break off some legs. Many players can land ships that big, but I can\'t, and it would be much easier with a smaller one. It takes a lot of power to get away from the gravity and air resistence of Kerbin, but once you land on Mun, a surprisingly small ship can get back home from there. So land only as much as you need to get back. This ship of mine is even a little bigger than necessary, but I like to have a little extra fuel and the RCS system in case I run into trouble. If you\'re
  9. Through our innovative development paradigm of whining to people who are better at this and then stealing their ideas, Yeahletstrythatdyne Aerospacedyne anxiously presents, our first non-embarrassing product line: The F1 Pilum. It takes off, handles reasonably well, and lands, without exploding even a little bit. It may not break new ground in the science of (simulated) aeronautics, but as a wise man once said, 'For me it\'s awesome becouse I made it.' Three-quarter view, side view, and jet exhaust frying chickens in the barnyard. Yeahletstrythatdyne Aerospacedyne: if we could make it bette
  10. It would help if we could look at your ship. Do you know how to attach or post a screenshot? The legs are very fragile, and even experienced pilots sometimes lose one or two depending on the terrain. If you\'re keeping them all when you land on flat ground, then you\'re doing about as well as everybody else. Slopes are just harder to land upon. But the legs are very light, so it doesn\'t hurt anything to give your ship a few extras so that there are still enough to keep it upright after a mishap. Any ship part of any kind will explode after breaking off and hitting the ground. That\'s just h
  11. Is that how one can tell him apart from Alan Alda? (This thread is kind of surreal.)
  12. From what I understand, the MiG-15s and 17s were actually quite comparable to Sabres performance-wise, and even better in some ways, but the US had better pilot training.
  13. Wait? Where\'s the plane? The runway looks empty to me. Oh! That is the plane!
  14. I\'m afraid I don\'t know either, but your upper case didn\'t ruin my day. ;D
  15. Very effective choice of music, but so sad!
  16. My monster spaceplanet was almost working for three GD days, but never actually did. I worked and worked and got it to where it could mostly do what I wanted it to do, but it was kind of fragile and needed to be buffed up a bit. I\'d left that to last because I didn\'t want to have to move a bunch of struts each time I tinkered with something. The right tail plane fell off as soon as the screen came up on the runway. It had never given me any trouble before, and only started falling off after I added 8 struts to keep the stupid thing on. There comes a time when one must accept not just that d
  17. Coordinates of which landmark? In case it\'s certain death jumpy cliff you\'re asking about, here\'s my lander that\'s parked at the bottom:
  18. Sorry if you already know this, but there\'s a good discussion and some tips from HarversteR himself in The woes of building a space-plane thread, a little further down this forum page. It\'s helped me a lot.
  19. Cool, cool, cool! Little touches of customization like this are one of the most appealing aspects a game can have, in my opinion. How exactly would that work? Would I need to copy a record like this and put my own values in for the name and variables?
  20. Universe Sandbox, which is also pretty cool, check it out, listed KSP as being a fellow gravity-simulating software toy.
  21. How can you choose? (Mun over KSC2, early morning on Mun with the sun lighting the western crater wall while the crater floor below lingers in darkness yet, and late afternoon on a cliff overlooking the southern arm of Minmus\' largest sea.)
  22. It\'s amazing what an accomplishment that feels like, isn\'t it?
  23. From page 143 of So You Want to be a Crew Chief: a KSP Maintenance Training Manual: 'After inverting the plane to work up-close on the landing gear, there is one more critical step to remember before starting the next test flight... '
  24. A Trojan arch? They\'d notice it flying in. It would have to land over the horizon, and inch closer, day by day. Kind of like Jane Goodall with the chimps.
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