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  1. If you're like the rest of us, there will be many more missions in need of rescuing.
  2. Does anybody know what key this is? It would be very useful.
  3. The handbrake is a mod, right? I've never tried it. Does it stay braked when you leave the vehicle? Htting B on regular landing gear only brakes as long as you hold the key down.
  4. You know you can just leave Commander Elbald there until you learn how to reach him with a 3-man capsule with an empty seat, right? The story doesn't have to have a sad ending. Instead, it's the beginning of a whole new exciting adventure and technological triumph. The Rescue of Commander Elbald!
  5. After something similar happened to me, I too build my planes now so that they can rest on the ground with their gear retracted. Also, I've started putting kickstands on my rovers. The one on the left looks cooler, but can't be fitted on top of a rocket. The one on the right is functional on Mun, but the operator has to jump on and off the platform because there's no way to fit a ladder.
  6. The scheme outlined here is how you award poinst to others, and the thingy under your name is how many points others have awarded to you. I think. Right?
  7. So they can rotate but not change attitude? As for attitude control, I've been meaning to try two smaller engines angled out from the main one, like on the old Atlas rockets. In ASCII-CAD, that's something like: /I\ with the slash and backslash indicating the angles of the side engines around the main engine represented by I. But I haven't gotten around to trying it.
  8. It would help if we could see a screenshot of your plane. If the landing gear is uneven, are you not placing the items with the "symmetry" tool? That's one of the round gray/yellow buttons on the upper left of the assembly screen. Whatever you place on one side should be mirrored on the other if that is turned on. Or if your planes are falling over while rolling, everybody's planes do that. It's a bug that they know about and are working on. For right now, place the wheels as widely apart as possible, and it will still veer to the side, but hopefully keep going long enough to takeoff. If the engines just don't start at all, mostly likely fuel is not getting to them from the tanks. Some parts transmit fuel to the tanks and some do not. The ones that do say "fuel crossfeed" on them. Put crossfeed parts between the tanks and engines, or you can use the little fuel conduit thingy to link a tank to an engine, but placing the conduits can be a little tricky sometimes because they don't always stick right where you want them to. Oh, or you might not be turning the engines on. You have to tap the spacebar once to turn them on at the start of the flight, and then they respond to the throttle.
  9. I'm kind of pleased with this ship: It's stable and steerable, and the 4 legs and wide base keep it from tipping over on sloped ground. There are linear RCS thrusters on the underside for last-second braking before touchdown. And it's got just enough fuel to get back from Mun, and so is no larger than it needs to be. Craft (if anybody's interested): http://www./?p30y8xhatfucaz7 (By the way, I'm not offering that as competition with Ziff. His advice helped make my version work.)
  10. How is the Mars-alog going to work if it's closer to the sun than Kerbin? Will it only look like Mars but be warmer?
  11. By the way, the problem isn't solved; it's just been made manageable. When I took one of the guys out for EVA during the transit just now, he floated around watching the ship do a pollen dance.
  12. Since they'd always be opposing each other at the same throttle setting, how could that get anything done?
  13. Lookie what just made 2 successful test trips to Mun and back: Dispensed with SAS, made the upper stages lighter by drastically reducing fuel, rearranged things to discard the first 2 stages before reaching orbit so I'm not trying to steer with a county strapped to my behind, orbiting Kerbin at higher altitude, and other stuff you helpful guys suggested. (Fendleton, I couldn't use that trick because it kept claiming it was "under acceleration" and wouldn't go in to warp. ) Thanks a bunch for the help, gentlemen! (And ladies, if any of you were.)
  14. After my first successful Mun landing, I crashed on every attempt for the next 3 days. Just because you did it once doesn't mean the challenge is gone.
  15. Well? Where are the screenshots? Posting those is the best part.
  16. Oh, for crying out loud, people! Nova's picture is obviously an extinct Martian playing a gaelic harp: (Oh, just pretend the damned thing is spoilered, okay?) (Thanks softweir!)
  17. Say what-the, what is it you're calling attention to in that pic? I'm afraid I don't see anything.
  18. The old ones came from beyond the stars. Would that it were that easy. "That is not dead which can eternal lie." He's been dead before, and he'll be dead again. The proper pronunciation of his name is anyone's guess, but HP did sometimes spell it Kthulu. Point? I have no point to make.
  19. Are you saying that you don't know how or that it's not working? If the former, press F1 and whatever you're looking at (except the mouse pointer) will be saved in the "Screenshots" folder within your KSP folders. Then the best way to post it currently is to upload that screenshot file to a service like Imgur, then take the URL that Imgur gives you for that screenshot and link to it in your post.
  20. That's what I meant. It's good thing you're playing creative games and asking questions instead of just shooting badguys.
  21. Since you asked for feedback, as the player it's useful to switch back and forth between map and main view, but it makes things kind of choppy for the viewer because we're not making it happen and so don't know when it's going to happen. I suggest that you spend a little time planning what you want to do and decide which would be the best view mode to convey that to the viewer, and not switch back and forth so much. You have a very nice voice for narration! An English accent makes everything sound smarter and classier, at least to us Americans.
  22. You need to move to the side as well as go up. Objects in orbit actually are falling down, because gravity is pulling them. The trick is to move to the side so fast that when you fall, you just keep missing the planet and keep on falling. That's why it's called "free fall." Start off going straight up to get out of the atmosphere (which you're right, will slow you down if you don't get above it), and then gradually turn your rocket so the engine is pushing you to the side as well as up. Watch your projected path on the map screen as it stretches to the side, and eventually it will curve around the planet and meet itself to form a circle or an oval. When that happens, you are in orbit. Different players do this in different ways; I like to go straight up until the atmosphere gauge goes from light blue to middle blue, then turn 30 degrees to the side. When the atmosphere gauge goes from middle blue to dark blue, I tilt at 60 degrees. And when it gets to black, I turn level and point the prograde marker at the horizon. (You can fly in any direciton, but it's a little easier to go east, which is the 90 mark on the compass.
  23. Chooses a challenging game instead of a shoot-'em-up. Asks about it. Then knows how it works. I ask about aspects of the game I don't understand all the time, and I learn all kinds of stuff.
  24. That was just a recording of some stuff that happened in a game, yet it had more emotional substance and impact than most of what comes out of professional movie studios.
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