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  1. 595) When 'tail dragger' isn\'t just pilot slang.
  2. ... then you can send him the .craft file for that ship, which he can copy into his ships folder, and then the next time he plays the game, your ship will show up in his VAB as a saved ship just like the ones he made for himself.
  3. Oh yeah. I don\'t know why why I was thinking I needed to create a new one instead of altering an existing one, but I guess it works either way?
  4. The guys already crossed over to Daedalus, which is clearly large enough to have some passengers seats, from which they are attempting to save the taxpayers\' investment in Icarus-2 by using the backup remote control option to deorbit the ship. Their relayed bio-telemetry and crew portraits may cut to static if Icarus-2 crashes, but they\'ll be safe on Daedalus either way.
  5. And you can add those files as attachments to a post, as I did with mine. If you want to look at that one, copy it into the 'ships' folder of your KSP folders, as UmbralRaptor says. Then it will appear in your VAB as a saved ship the next time your play the game. I tried to make it just like yours, but it might be a little different. I flew that version to orbit, by the way, so it should work just fine for you. ;D That\'s odd. I\'ve never run into it before.
  6. I reproduced this rocket from the screenshots. At first it wouldn\'t take off at all, but when I moved the outer engines up just a little, it took off fine. Is that the 'sticky pad' I hear people talking about? I then spaced the outer engines with small hardpoints (which are better for this than radial decouplers because you can\'t accidentally discard them). It flew just fine then, unless I shifted the outer engines too high, in which case the middle one broke and looked like what PanzerschreckLeopard was getting. (I also placed some RCS thrusters, since it looks like those had been left off of the original.) 4x symmetry looks just fine. Here\'s my copy of your rocket, if you want to look at it:
  7. Are you sure the problem is with the tanks? On the pad display, one of the engine icons is grayed out. That means that that engine is already broken, usually because the engines weren\'t all placed at the exact same height, so once on the pad, the weight of the rocket falls on the engines unevenly and breaks one (or more). It would help if you could post some closeups of the engines and maybe the .craft file.
  8. I believe kevinlacht was not intending to pry into anyone\'s personal business, but rather expressing kindly concern for the welfare of the people who are laboring so hard to give us such a delightful product at such a low price. I also hope they are prospering and not having to make sacrifices.
  9. When you deploy or retract the landing wheels, the housing has 3 little doors that open and close: 2 that move to the sides, and the long one that covers the strut.
  10. Thank you. (I guess I didn\'t need to tell you I\'ve been using computers for years, what with me still refering to them as 'directories' instead of folders. In my day, all we had was directories, and we liked it that way! )
  11. I did not know that. They kind of squish and bend under a large plane, so I assumed they were weaker. But I guess if you\'re not actually trying to roll anywhere on them, that doesn\'t matter. Oh yes, a lot of players do that. It\'s an interesting design challenge. But it will run out of fuel sooner or later (the cart mod doesn\'t use fuel and will run forever), which would not have worked out for the long sight-seeing tours I like to take on the moons:
  12. Thank you. But while I\'ve been using computers for years, I\'m still pretty new to using internet at home. How do I NOT install it on top of the previous version? Specify a new directory through a browse option?
  13. Thank you for the kind words. I was afraid they were too lame to expose to the public. I forgot to mention the other reason why I thought a trainer would be a good idea. When we get persistent crews, it will be useful, safer, and cheaper to get them some flight experience in a stable airplane as opposed to an expensive rocket. Does anybody know if eventually vehicles will persist as well as crews? By 'persist' I don\'t just mean that they keep going when you\'re not personally flying them, as vehicles do already, but could you leave a plane sitting at KSC after flying it, ready to be re-fueled and re-flown? In that eventuality, re-useable spaceplanes would have a big economic advantage.
  14. Looks a lot like a MiG-21, which is one of my favorite planes.
  15. The 'small hardpoint' is a fairly sturdy way to attach landing gear to something else. It\'s the slanted thingy between the cockpit and the wheel in the first picture. You can also help them match up better by putting the gear on the fuselage at an angle, as in the second picture.
  16. I\'ve been extremely impressed that you can stick the same control surface or RCS piece any-old-where on a ship, and the software correctly utilizes it to achieve the effect you want, even if the same part is doing opposite things in opposing parts of the ship. The part knows what to do, based upon where it finds itself on the ship.
  17. I haven\'t been around for a major upgrade. Will it be a problem that I moved the game to another folder after installation so that Program Files would stop messing with my screenshots and saved ships?
  18. 578) When you rotate your spaceplane east before leaving the SPH, because in terms of runway hazards, the mountains are farther than the ocean.
  19. If one of my landers comes down in a scenic spot, I leave it there so I can come back and take screenshots of the locale in different angles of sunlight. But no matter how careful a pilot I was, I always seemed to come down just on the other side of some little hill or something from the view that I wanted. So although I\'m a purist and don\'t like mods, I finally broke down and got the cart, so I can explore and put my camera where I want it. 760 meters makes the difference between screenshot 166 (my station is the speck down near the bottom middle) and screenshot 301 (rover overlooking a sea). (Is that clear? I mean, it\'s the same spot in both pictures, except that in the second one I drove closer to the cliff with the rover.) Mr. Reese, what\'s the purpose of having the landing wheels in a circle like that? They can\'t roll if they\'re not aligned, can they?
  20. No, it\'s really not. ;D (There are several other Poles on these boards, and they\'re all very polite! Must be a nice country.)
  21. I just crashed my plane because I was paying more attention to lining up the camera for the perfect screenshot than I was flying the plane. For the third time. Today.
  22. At Fry\'s last week the Attack 3 was $18 (marked down a little) while the Pro was $30. I went with the Attack 3 both because the price was a little nicer, and I liked the feel a little better. The twist function would have been nice, but I haven\'t really missed it. While it doesn\'t have a hat, the A3 does have 4 thumb buttons at the top that do the same thing, and I\'ve mapped them to RCS. I\'m pretty happy with the A3.
  23. I haven\'t seen Dark Star in decades. It looks even funnier than I remembered. I\'ll have to go track it down. And now, back to our topic...
  24. Ha! Don\'t be so sure! I did the math and discovered that Minmus has almost the same surface area as Denmark. I\'ve had a ship orbiting at low altitude for days, orbited a skylab, landed a station, several landers, and 2 rovers on Minmus, driven to both poles, and I\'ve never spotted the little secret bugger yet! Oh, were you talking about getting to Minmus? Yes, that can be kind of tricky. But once you\'re there, you won\'t believe how much easier it is to land. Taking off, you actually have to be careful not to over-do it. Have fun!
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