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  1. You can recruit players here but the actual conduct of the challenge/game will need to take place somewhere away from our forum. The problem is that people tend to over-identify with their fictional factions to the point of developing real enmities, so roleplaying of this sort has been ruled unsuitable for this forum.
  2. This looks like an issue for modded support. And so, moved.
  3. There was an update. Some stuff got borked, as always. The guys are in the process of un-borking things.
  4. Some off-topic and cranky posts have been removed. Keep it polite, please.
  5. This appears to be a moot issue as OP no longer visits the forum.
  6. If it's a career save you will not see apo/peri markers until you have upgraded the tracking station. And so, sounds like a gameplay issue, so your thread has been moved to Gameplay.
  7. @Zacspace, when people ask for the log what they mean is to host it on a sharing site and copy that link here. Sorry we were not clear. Submitting the actual logs here results in excessively large posts which cause page loading errors, so we've removed that. You're not in trouble. We're just letting you know.
  8. One cannot damage the planets/moons, nor alter their orbits.
  9. If it was me, I would try to land that as segments and connect them.
  10. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  11. That's cool. I've raised the question with the right people.
  12. 2 fins leaves an axis unaccounted for. With 3 when you pitch or yaw there are 2 fins on one side of the COM but only 1 on the other, which tends to cause unwanted attitude wandering. 4 is nicely balanced. More than that generally does not help much.
  13. New accounts are limited as an anti-spam measure. After you post a few more times the status of your account will automatically change and you'll be able to customize your profile. And welcome to the forum.
  14. Having 6 major things go wrong in a mission is pretty much normal.
  15. Eve and Duna are not terribly hard if you're not planning a landing. And if you can fly by Duna, you stand a pretty good chance of passing Ike as well. You will definitely need heat shields if you plan on doing any aerobraking at Eve.
  16. This appears to be a game, and so it has been moved to Games.
  17. Thank you for testing that for us, @Dientus. It's useful to know. Please continue to bring problems to the attention of the moderators and we will pass concerns along to IT.
  18. I've found that happens from time to time going back many versions, but it hasn't come up often.
  19. The purpose of the limit is to encourage people to give their likes to content that is actually helpful, interesting, or amusing, rather than to dole out the points indiscriminately. We would not be inclined to increase the limit because we've already done that once, from 10 to 25, and there will always be people who want more.
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