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  1. I do not know but I bet the modders do, and so your thread has been to the modding subforum.
  2. Hey guy. Did you have a question or were you sharing a screenshot or what?
  3. Some comments have been removed. Please do not make the discussions personal, and watch the language.
  4. Whenever the vendors put it on sale. They don't inform anyone when they do it.
  5. That is enough, @RattlerMike. Hello.
  6. That is a fancy probe, @Kerbals_of_Steel. Have you tried a pass much higher, such as 80kms? Save the game and try multiple altitudes. Meanwhile, if you want to continue to use your existing design with a minimum of alterations, remember that each heat shield can be ejected separately without the need for a decoupler or stack separator. This means that on your existing design you could stack them and kick them off one by one as their ablator runs out.
  7. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  8. Forum members cannot delete their posts because that would be too easy to abuse. Say something rude, for example, then delete it. And the forum had some little hiccup yesterday but our IT guy was on it and got it fixed.
  9. Did you intend to post this here?
  10. Howdy. I can't give you modding help because I like to play stock. But welcome to the forum.
  11. You can give likes to whoever you want to, though there is a daily limit of 25 so people don't abuse it.
  12. Vanamonde


    If you can get to the moons, it's not that much harder to get other places. Welcome to the forum.
  13. To move the panels far enough you have to turn off auto-align (C) and allow additional extension (hold L-shift while moving).
  14. We know it's an exceedingly fine line at times, guys, but we need to maintain our ban on politics even when the subject is a political figure. Some content has been removed.
  15. This mod appears to be defunct. Closing the thread to avoid confusion.
  16. These statistics are not easily searched or tracked. Of the non-official accounts, it looks like would be @tater.
  17. How does this look? That is a strut holding a battery (to distance the panels), which I then moved farther out using the move tool.
  18. This craft sharing thread has been moved to the craft sharing subforum.
  19. Since this is a report of missions you have done, the thread has been moved to Mission Reports.
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