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  1. Vanamonde's post in Stabilization of Interplanetary Motherships during Aerocapture was marked as the answer   
    Several of us have tried this sort of thing and the only measure that's worked is to place additional heatshields toward the rear of the craft to cause stabilizing drag. It simply overwhelms any other methods. I'm not home right now or I would share some pics, but there are a couple of methods. 
    For interplanetary transfers one generally arrives with a great deal of speed. Aerobraking is a significant assist and worth the effort it requires. 
  2. Vanamonde's post in A stampotron problem was marked as the answer   
    That is one I have not seen before. What happens if you land a few kilometers away and then travel to the location? 
  3. Vanamonde's post in Orbiting the Sun was marked as the answer   
    No bad about it. Just keeping things tidy.
    Welcome to our forum. 
  4. Vanamonde's post in [Ask] Curved Solar Panel was marked as the answer   
    How does this look? 

    That is a strut holding a battery (to distance the panels), which I then moved farther out using the move tool. 

  5. Vanamonde's post in Bug with 1.11 was marked as the answer   
    No need to put bug reports in suggestions. One can assume that you suggest they get fixed.  Thread moved. They are aware of this one, by the way. 
  6. Vanamonde's post in Mission requires a part that I cannot find. was marked as the answer   
    It's this part, wherever it might be on your modded tech tree. 
  7. Vanamonde's post in Why did my Kerbals teleport on to the tower roof? was marked as the answer   
    Occasionally terrain settings can cause things to spawn at the wrong altitude and jump to the right one. I suspect that's what happened in your case. 
    Or perhaps they just wanted a better view. 
  8. Vanamonde's post in Offset meaning. I'm new to ksp. was marked as the answer   
    Counter-act. Balance out.
  9. Vanamonde's post in FlyBy and science was marked as the answer   
    A flyby must pass through the sphere of influence of the body in question. Looks like you're pretty new to the game, so do you know what that means? In this first picture, the yellow part of my projected path line passes through Mun's sphere of influence (SOI), and is therefore a flyby. 
    Once the ship actually gets there, the colors of the lines change. In this pic, the ship is inside Mun's SOI. 

    As long as you're taking your science readings within that sphere around Mun, you should meet the contract's requirements. 
  10. Vanamonde's post in How can I prevent this spaceplane from getting violently ripped apart at high speeds? was marked as the answer   
    Those large control surfaces may be imposing excessive forces while steering. I'd suggest using smaller wings and flaps up front. 
  11. Vanamonde's post in liquid engine burn rate was marked as the answer   
    Are you at full throttle? How about a screenshot? 
  12. Vanamonde's post in Rockets keep bouncing up when mining. was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like you're not doing anything wrong, but instead encountering a common bug in the current version of the game. We hope it will be fixed in the next one. 
  13. Vanamonde's post in Help was marked as the answer   
    Well, the plan is pretty much just fly another ship there and pick him up. Was there a specific aspect of the situation you were having trouble with? 
    Also, welcome to the forum, and your thread has been moved to Gameplay Questions. 
  14. Vanamonde's post in My supersonic plane shakes was marked as the answer   
    That plane has A LOT of control surface area. I would suggest removing about half of them, because I think your problem might be that they're exerting all sorts of stresses on the craft. 
    Also, your thread has been moved to Gameplay Questions, and welcome to our forum.
  15. Vanamonde's post in can I send a craft I've built to another user? was marked as the answer   
    Your builds are saved as text files in YourKSPFolder/saves/YourSaveName/Ships/VAB or SPH. Send them l like sharing any other file.
  16. Vanamonde's post in satellite was marked as the answer   
    Here's a guide I made a while back. Good luck.
  17. Vanamonde's post in What Happens When You Exceed Active Kerbal Limit? was marked as the answer   
    Nothing happens. You just get freebie Kerbals.
  18. Vanamonde's post in Rocket always flips over, even with wings was marked as the answer   
    It looks like the engines you're using are the static kind which do not pivot to help you exert control over the ship. There's a slightly less powerful version that does, so try removing the Reliant engines and putting Swivels on instead. 
    And it looks like you have no reaction wheel parts. Try mounting one of those to apply steering torque to the ship. 
    When you put fins on it, where did you put them? Can we see a picture of how you were trying to use them? 
  19. Vanamonde's post in What is the red light by the VSI for? was marked as the answer   
    This one? 
    Means you are descending at a potentially hazardous speed. 
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