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  1. Excellent and thankyou! It's good to see high-quality mods being improved upon and maintained! I've barely scratched the surface of this mod, but I'm enjoying using it.
  2. RLA Reborn has what you want and a lot more! Thanks to the virtually omnipresent @linuxgurugamer - this is yet another mod he is maintaining!
  3. Neat move! (It would be a good idea to mention the ModuleManager dependency in the O.P. )
  4. I don't know if you've had a chance to look at this. On an otherwise un-modded copy of KSP, using the public release of HabTech2, part-loading freezes at 'HabTech2/Parts/Trusses/ht2_solarArray_duo/ht2_solarArray_duo'. KSP continues to use CPU cycles, very busily, but doesn't progress and needs to be killed from the Windows TaskManager. The end of the KSP.log has the relevant lines: The full KSP log is HERE. Good luck!
  5. Me too. I just came to report it. KSP 1.10 appears to lock up while it is trying to load the double-axis solar array. I'll see about doing some detective work (is it a mod interaction etc) and then getting a log... all in due course. What a nuisance! This is such a good mod!
  6. It's unlikely to be the ram. I got a slight improvement in framerate by going from 8GB to 16GB, but I think most of the improvement was because the CPU can now use parallel RAM banks, with faster transfer rates. (The extra memory made starting the game a bit faster because Windows had to do less virtual memory page-swapping.) Updating to the latest drivers also improved things slightly. Swapping for a better graphics card made scene transitions slightly quicker, but improved framerates only very marginally. I am about to try overclocking my system, but I doubt I will get much improvement witho
  7. I agree with @Geonovast. The worst one can say of KSP is that it stresses all parts of your system (GPU, CPU and chipset) so it is sure to find any Achilles' heel like an inadequate cooling system. But your PC would have died eventually, some time, when you ran any sufficiently stressful application.
  8. It's O2 Ice. The second stage has to bleed off oxygen gas as it boils off. Because it is only slightly warmer than boiling point inside the pressurised tank, when released into a vacuum a portion of it freezes. We have seen it before, but it's not usually very obvious.
  9. I used to use it, but it has been Deprecated: changes to KSP have caused serious problems with its built-in landing legs, so ships using it will undergo RUD the moment they go to the launch pad! Because of this, the pod no longer appears in the parts list - it is still in the MOD so you can load old ships that used the part in order to remove it and replace it. IIRC, Sarbian can't fix the problem because the designer has gone AWOL and the source files aren't available.
  10. Hello and welcome! Sorry I can't help with this. However, you might get help faster if you post in the Realism Overhaul release thread. Good luck!
  11. Can I suggest to edit your sig to put that at the top - if I adjust my browser window too narrow then that link gets pushed below the letterbox slot allowed for signatures. Some peeps using mobile devices might never see it!
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