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  1. I agree with @Geonovast. The worst one can say of KSP is that it stresses all parts of your system (GPU, CPU and chipset) so it is sure to find any Achilles' heel like an inadequate cooling system. But your PC would have died eventually, some time, when you ran any sufficiently stressful application.
  2. It's O2 Ice. The second stage has to bleed off oxygen gas as it boils off. Because it is only slightly warmer than boiling point inside the pressurised tank, when released into a vacuum a portion of it freezes. We have seen it before, but it's not usually very obvious.
  3. I used to use it, but it has been Deprecated: changes to KSP have caused serious problems with its built-in landing legs, so ships using it will undergo RUD the moment they go to the launch pad! Because of this, the pod no longer appears in the parts list - it is still in the MOD so you can load old ships that used the part in order to remove it and replace it. IIRC, Sarbian can't fix the problem because the designer has gone AWOL and the source files aren't available.
  4. Hello and welcome! Sorry I can't help with this. However, you might get help faster if you post in the Realism Overhaul release thread. Good luck!
  5. Can I suggest to edit your sig to put that at the top - if I adjust my browser window too narrow then that link gets pushed below the letterbox slot allowed for signatures. Some peeps using mobile devices might never see it!
  6. As you mentioned, quite a bit has changed in KSP that might interfere with MJ, or indeed any other mod that automates docking. One possibility might be that something has caused framerates to drop, such as changes to garbage collection: ie changes to default video and simulation settings. Any kind of automation will fail if the time between simulation ticks is too long - the AI starts a manoeuvre, then there is a delay, and by the time the AI has a chance to check what's up the craft has gone slightly too far. Before giving up on 1.4, try adjusting video and simulation settings to improve that - it might just be that this is all you need to do. Good luck!
  7. And what fourfa was saying was "for support, provide the info requested in this thread". It really shortcuts the convoluted and tiresome roundabout of "send us xyz file. Now send us pqr file".
  8. Watch the language guys, we don't want to have to program the forum to forbid the letter "F", now do we?!
  9. Thanks for posting. Please, in future, use the Report button associated with any post you feel is inappropriate, rather than posting elsewhere. a) It makes it much easier for us to find such posts and b) it avoids unnecessary conversation about such posts. Many thanks!
  10. I've moved this to the Suggestions forum, so the developers will find it easier to find when they are looking at improvements. But thanks for your useful input!
  11. Locked, pending trimming. There was some backseat moderating going on, which has been removed. Sorry, I also had to remove or edit a few other posts that quoted and reacted to the backseat moderation - no fault to them, but it's no good removing a post if I leave the quotes in! Please try to avoid attacking other forum users, even in an anonymous "what is the forum coming to" fashion.
  12. Sorry, what I meant was to try the thread where you downloaded the Konstruction mod: EDIT: Sorry about the delay, lots and lots of annoyance happened to me the last few days!
  13. Yes - turn on SAS and choose the "Radial In" option to left of the NavBall. (Hover over them to identify it.) Of course, you need to have a command pod of some sort placed appropriately. Also, Hello and Welcome to the forums!
  14. He's leaving the forums so he doesn't have to agree to the new T&C and EULA. I assume he will continue to maintain and develop mods, but will host them in GitHub and won't link to them here.