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  1. This is exactly the mod I needed to progress my grandiose spacestation plans! It would be helpful if you updated the OP to remove reference to needing to restart KSP. I was scratching my head over that for a coupla minutes.
  2. What is it that shuts off the engines? An autopilot such as Mechjeb etc?
  3. Hi. Thanks for helping me with this when I was playing KSP Demo in 2019.


  4. Yes, it is up-to-date, and Nertea is actively developing it and keeping it so. Hint: You can check (almost all) mods by looking at the title of the Mod release topic. This topic starts "[11.1x] ..." That is a convention used on this forum, whereby the number in the brackets refers to the version of KSP that a mod will work with. This one works with KSP v11.1 (the current one) and the "x" means it should work with any later, minor updates of KSP that might come out. Happy launches!
  5. Perhaps add a docking node to the existing panels, with a matching node on the add-on panels? Players could then "dock" the add-on panels as an upgrade to existing stations.
  6. I believe that is a spiral antenna - it's more omnidirectional than a parabolic antenna, so it needs to be aimed less precisely, but at the expense of low bandwidth. NASA used similar, although conical, low-bandwidth antennae on the Apollo CSMs alongside the high-bandwidth parabolic antennae. (I may be mistaken.)
  7. IIRC, all Beale's parts are tagged with the relevant RL craft names. So once inside the VAB, do a search for "Zarya" and KSP ought to list the relevant parts. Have fun!
  8. How about cheating? Have a KAL-1000 controller and a mass-less, invisible hydraulic ram guide the rover down the ramp and release it just before the forward wheels leave the ramp. Then make the rover extremely slow (as it would have been IRL), so instability is less of an issue.
  9. Haha! NASA consistent much? No? No worries - however you need to do it. The idea of making a 60° rotation variant sounds tasty, but maybe it would be a disproportionate amount of work.
  10. All very excellent! I am looking forward to restarting my ISS project! A quick suggestion. THIS diagram suggests that rotating your models by 60° would be more "authentic". In addition, if that was done then with no special care in port rotation, craft could dock with craft being in a natural alignment, ie top-to-top, bottom-to-bottom, starboard-to-port. All we would need to do is make sure the top edge of each port had to be to the top of the craft model. As it is, some APAS ports require flipping over a horizontal axis at one end of a craft, but not at the other - it is more nat
  11. @BealeIt's truly admirable to see how dedicated to modding you are! The Tantares mods are remarkable for your dedication to detail, accuracy and playability, and I remain in awe of you, and of them. Thankyou!
  12. While I am a bit disappointed in the delay, I am also encouraged by this: we had feared that Take-Two would want to throw out a quick-buck product that we would find tempting, but ultimately frustrating and disappointing. That there are delays suggests that Take-Two are prepared to invest significantly in producing a product that will actually work on release. A good argument. However, there are two points that count against it: one is that KSP 2 has to be substantially different to KSP - a cut-down KSP2 is unlikely to be sufficiently different to tempt us to buy it. Secondly, it can b
  13. Can I suggest you do what I do before trying out new mods? Make a copy of the KSP folder! Download the mod to the original folder, and try it out with all your old saves. If you like it, keep it; if you don't like it, delete the original KSP folder (containing the new mod), and replace it with the copy. (Make sure to rename it back to KSP if the name changed when you made the copy.) You will then be back to exactly where you were before trying the new mod. Alternatively, if you like the mod but there are problems with old saves then keep the original folder for the modded version, and play you
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