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  1. Click onto: ... and scroll down to the heading "The Logs", and from there down to "KSP versions 1.8.0 and above". Good luck!
  2. If the strings are parsed as HTML then &35; or even # might, possibly work.
  3. "that's an exercise left up to the reader" is a common sentence in academic works meaning "there are many ways to solve this, and you will learn more by doing it yourself than if I told you just one way to do it". This topic isn't really the right place for a tutorial on assembling spacestations; there are discussions in Gameplay Questions and Tutorials on that topic, and you can see a few ways people have done that by reading through Missions Reports. Good luck! P.S. Try benjee10's mod that he linked to, it has a nifty utility vehicle which looks good for grabbing station parts and shoving them in position.
  4. Ah! I see! OK, weird thought: add a probe core to the craft, oriented upwards. Control from the prove core, and then you can use the SAS Radial Hold option. This will determinedly keep the probe core pointed away from the ground, which would achieve what you want. Also, check that your command pod doesn't have a switchable Control Point that can be set to Up. If so, setting that to Up and using SAS Radial Hold would also work. I hope this is useful!
  5. Hello! Can I recommend you look at Mechjeb's Aircraft Autopilot feature, which allows you to do exactly this: use Roll Hold to control your roll, and set Vertical Speed Hold to zero. (Most aircraft require a degree of pitch up to fly a level course, so Vertical Speed Hold would operate this for you. I believe there are other Autopilot mods you could look at if MechJeb's doesn't quite suit you. Have fun!
  6. It's not my mod, but hypothetically speaking I would want the entire log; the crucial details aren't always the most obvious except to the creator of the code, and editing down a log might leave them out. In a previous time of my life I had to argue most sternly with a user to get a full log, and when I did I immediately saw the important detail he had thought irrelevant!
  7. The best way to post logs is to save them to a freebie fileserver, and then post the link. I prefer Dropbox. It gets around that appalling mass of text that can destroy the format of a forum page! OK, you need to sign up for an account, but Dropbox are a pretty responsible company and I have had no issues. The service is free for small-scale users, and as such it's ideal for those of us who occasionally need to send log files!
  8. I believe this may be due to the bug introduced with KSP v 1.12. Mod authors have to make sure all .dll files have version metadata attached - if there are duplicates and they don't have the version info then KSP gets stuck. So make sure you have the latest version of all mods. If that doesn't fix it then you need to hunt for duplicate .dll files and remove all but one. Good luck!
  9. Try removing all the control surfaces from one of your craft (I suggest choosing the simplest!), saving the craft, reloading it, and then replacing the the control surfaces. I know that's a nuisance, but I believe it will fix the problem. (You may find that craft you haven't touched since installing FAR will still be OK.) (You may be able to edit the craft files using a text editor, but I'd have to look up the changes needed, and I am short on time. Perhaps somebody else could advise?) Q: Why? A: FAR replaces the stock control-surface modules normally attached to parts in a craft, and replaces them with its own; uninstalling FAR doesn't remove the FAR control-surface modules in existing craft, nor replace them with the stock modules - hence the game can no longer recognize the parts as control surfaces, and the need to replace them with shiny new parts from the parts catologue.
  10. OK, yeah, I was uncharitable. In my defense, too many "any progress yet" can have the same effect as "HEY WHY ISN'T IT FIXED YET", and seeing just one makes me itchy. Sorry.
  11. The important word here is "able". Modders are amateur enthusiasts, unpaid, and have lives. What is remarkable is how very many mods are maintained for year on end; many fall by the wayside due to LifeTM. Nertea has been active of late but has a lot of high-quality mods to care for, and sometimes difficult problems must be put on the back burner so easier problems can be resolved quickly.
  12. Props to @xytovland @linuxgurugamerfor creating and maintaining this mod! I am glad I have finally (belatedly) found it!
  13. @king of nowhere: Ah, yes... That may well do the job. I hadn't thought of that! Now to remake my Action-groups and action-group crib sheet - because like F can I remember everything! Thanks!
  14. Ah! That looks like something that might fit the bill! Thanks! P.S. Just in case anybody else needs to know, the mod to look for is "Action Groups ReExtended" by LinuxGuruGamer.
  15. WaterfallRestock is working fine for me. Try uninstalling both mods, redownloading, and reinstalling. Make sure you put everything in the right place!
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