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  1. Since this marks the vessel as landed, would it allow manipulation using BahamutoD's VesselMover? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/137438-1-0-4-VesselMover-v1-1 I'm not in a position to test it for a few days, if someone could give it a shot and post results it'd be appreciated.
  2. I PMed CSVoltage a while back when this first came up, here's the reply: That said, the orange ring on the B9 parts and this part look identical to me, maybe a few shades different in color. I do see that CSVoltage posted today in other threads, might be worth bringing it up again in case I wasn't clear in my original PM. I tried PMing the person who runs B9 but it appears they're out of space for PMs. I'm curious if the B9 folks are the originators of the texture or if there's a common source they both used and thus this should be attributed to that source rather than B9.
  3. So when I attach the PEC to a pod it appears to anchor in space rather than the pod. I can attach a KEES experiment and start it without a problem. Oddly, it follows the orbit the pod was on at the time I "attached" it, but as another person said it shows up as debris. I tried what Shaggygoblin did but I think I'm missing a config setting for KIS or KAS. Can someone step me through what appears to work for attaching, running, and retrieving these or are they just not working properly right now? If not that's fine, I'm just happy to have any of these mods working for 1.0+
  4. Are you planning to reboot or expand the Corvus parts with the rest of HGR?
  5. I thought I'd commented in this thread before, but I can't find the post. I'd been skipping this because it looked like "just another Soyuz clone" but took a closer look this past weekend and discovered it was a lot more like what I look for in a parts pack. After playing around with it for a few days, I really like it. The parts all fit well together and still integrate nicely into stock (and the massive stack of mods I'm using, including MOLE and your Corvus mod). The 1.875 size of parts has won me over entirely. I did edit the pods a bit, but that's mostly to take out the TAC supplies (I us
  6. I didn't see any gaps after I swapped signs around. Here's what I have in the cfgs now. The top and bottom should be changed on both, and side0 should only be changed on the 5. The rest appear to mount properly. For the 8: node_stack_side0 = -1.375, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0, 1 node_stack_side1 = -0.6875, 0, 1.1908, -0.500011, 0.0, 0.866019, 1 node_stack_side2 = 0.6875, 0, 1.1908, 0.500011, 0.0, 0.866019, 1 node_stack_side3 = 1.375, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1 node_stack_side4 = 0.6875, 0, -1.1908, 0.500011, 0.0, -0.866019, 1 node_stack_side5 = -0.6875, 0, -1.1908, -0.500011, 0., -0.866019, 1 node_stack_top
  7. Just tested the two parts, then fixed the 5 and tested again to be sure I was doing it right. The top and bottom nodes on the 8 are backwards, just need a sign flip on the appropriate angle column in the part cfg. The top, bottom, and "back" connector on the 5 are backwards, same fix. The "back" connector is the one that points to the back of the VAB if you pick it as the first part, it's node_stack_side0 in the part cfg. This page has all you need to figure it out, if a mod OKs it I'll post the lines I fixed in the part configs later, I don't understand the licensing well enough to be sure it
  8. I think the difference in design options and textures, along with your obvious love of MKS/OKS, would make it clear to anyone that the mod isn't "just a knockoff," but I understand the concerns. A legacy parts pack would be great, I do really like the MCM aesthetic.
  9. If a full camp's worth of equipment can be packed into the big KIS cylinder it'd be pretty neat. Any idea how much KIS space the Ponderosa and Saloon will take up?
  10. For those who might have the same issue, after upgrading I was having a problem recovering craft. Couldn't exit back to the space center or revert at all. Reloading it with KSP Mod Admin didn't seem to do any good. I deleted the mod folder out of the Gamedata folder, manually installed the mod, and when I saw "No Target" pop up after going to a craft I had previously launched, I hit M and selected Kerbin as the target. I was then able to play as normal. No idea what caused it, probably just a glitch from how I upgraded and targeting Kerbin fixed it, but I wanted to share in case others have th
  11. RoverDude seems to be everywhere. Two questions, sort of related: Can I use CKAN along with the KSP Mod Admin program? Should I be concerned that AVC is telling me that I'm on version 7.0 of Firespitter and 7.1 is available? I can't seem to locate 7.1 anywhere.
  12. Not to derail the thread, but do you have these working with 1.0? I ran into issues when I tested it.
  13. I liked the idea of Snacks! but didn't like that it affected reputation. RoverDude, you continue to make things that are exactly (or very close to) what I'm looking for, thanks sir!
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