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  1. Scott Manley made a video about it a while ago, that's how I found it.
  2. Weird graphical artefacts on the new water shaders on Linux. http://imgur.com/a/Cx1Sb
  3. The difference between accidents out of incompetence and acts of murder.
  4. Absolutely disgusting, turning a nice game like this into a murder sim. Shame on you. I love it with all my heart just like i love to stick to the forum rules! [gmod]Let's keep it friendly here buddy, sarcasm and joking is really hard to detect on the internet. [/gmod]
  5. Except that, as someone mentioned, it's easy to 'cheat' by missing the straight vertical by a couple degrees. Congratulations, you have picked the least efficient trajectory. This race is ridiculous, piloting and orbital mechanics knowledge is as much a part of this game as designing and building the rocket.
  6. Agreed. 'Straight up' is hard to define and impossible to achieve due to the ship's handling, anyway, and it's an inefficient choice of trajectory if your goal is max. velocity relative to the surface.
  7. SSTO from stock parts: capsule, four liquid tanks, engine. Put a decoupler on the bottom to work around the sticking to pad bug. Surprisingly stable during ascent, plenty of fuel to reach low Kearth orbit, perform some orbital manoeuvres and deorbit safely.
  8. Quoting because this forum doesn't have a 'thank you' button.
  9. Wonderful, downloading it from the mediafire mirror!