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  1. Been following and using this mod for quite a while, and I'm absolutely in love with how thorough you've been taking care of everything. You made it give us only the info we really need, greatly decreasing the headaches I previously got from trying to match up the various numbers and angles I needed to launch. And the compensation for thrust on ejection angles? Godsend. That was the ONE thing that truly made interplanetary maneuvers impossible for me, but you took care of that right off. Good work!
  2. Ah, I supposed I could have phrased my concerns a bit better. I really meant to ask how can it be used in interplanetary transfers? How can I use them to try to get to Duna or the like?
  3. How exactly does the trajectory simulation work? It seems like it'd be an essential tool to making interplanetary bodies, at least for me, and in spite of its lagginess I would love to be able to properly use it.
  4. Stoup

    Single Stage to Duna!

    Wow. That's... that's crazy. I can't reliably make it to other planets with ANY rockets, let alone an SSTO. Major props mate
  5. Stoup

    Official v0.18 Upcoming thread

    If you take it in the context of some of his other suggestions you would realize why he neglected to mention this. I agree with his statement that the current IVA views are not great for landings, and using the radar altimeter while trying to land in IVA isn't very practical at current
  6. Stoup

    0.17 Easter eggs

    If that were minmus in the picture, there's no way it would be that massive when viewed from Kerbin. Pretty sure Minmus is barely visible from even LKO
  7. I use mechjeb and several interplanetary aid calculators and still can't reliably reach other planets. The low thrust of the NERVAs makes determining the truly proper ejection angle for a ship using them a difficult task
  8. Hmph, frustrating. Suppose I'll have to simply trial-and-error the burns to see how much deviation I have from the burn angle once I reach ejection velocity? I noticed it was about 30 degrees on a burn with a different craft... it had the same burn problems as my current craft. I'll watch closely and learn to spam the quicksave function, which I have never before utilized...
  9. Few things I noticed when using this plugin 1. For me at least, it adds a significant load to the FPS. I think this is simply due to the complex nature of the constantly-changing mathematics behind where you are relative to everything else, but this problem could easily be circumvented by allowing the user to specify which body they wish to calculate for, so they are not all calculated at once. 2. I didn't receive any GUI elements until I ended flight and restarted using the restart flight option. I don't know if this is a common bug to plugins but I've not really seen this particular bug with other mods. Apart from that, quite useful!
  10. Stoup

    0.17 Easter eggs

    Oooh, dot-connecting time. Could this be related to the pyramid shown in the picture?
  11. Hmph. I'm utilizing a few plugins and various assistants to give myself precise values for planetary phase angles and ejection angles, yet I still seldom ever encounter the planets I put myself on a trajectory to. I think this is due to the low thrust of the nuclear engines I use when doing my transfer from parking orbit. I start burning at the correct ejection angle, yet by the time I reach ejection velocity I'm off by as many as 40 degrees. Should I compensate for this by burning 20 degrees ahead of where I should burn?
  12. Stoup

    .17 Planet information

    When I first reached Duna I used a bunch of debris as atmospheric probes, and I thusly gathered the following data: Atmosphere top: 41 km First shade (from left) on atmospheric bar starts at: 27km Second shade:~14.5km Third shade:3km
  13. Stoup

    What do you think about new nuclear engine?

    Only issue I've had with these engines is that, when using them for interplanetary transfers, one tends to have to get a parking orbit in high kerbin orbit in order for the window of opportunity to be long enough that the transfer is successful... by the time I reach escape velocity I'm extremely far from the escape angle, and it makes the transfers nigh impossible. Should I start thrusting before I reach the ejection angle?
  14. It's part of the Deep Space pack, actually.!
  15. Except, you know, this...