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  1. Nah, no worries - the world is small indeed :) Which sub?

  2. Oh, so using somebody's else work for free is not goood enough for you? How about you create something yourself instead of taking things for granted?
  3. Oh, I'm not expecting them to be ready soon, just wanted to share the stunnig photo to be honest Tomorrow even better images of Pluto-Charon system should be available. As for the mod, keep up the good work - it's really appreciated
  4. On a good day I can write up to 5-7 pages. That includes all the BBcode things and editing. But if you are starting 1 page may take you a day or two.
  5. I guess it is I'm pretty busy right now and before I start writing I would have to spend a lot of time creating new spacecraft and planning everything, so it surely won't happen soon but I think eventually the story will be completed.
  6. I'm glad to see this mod very much alive. Good work sir!
  7. IMHO it should work, the NTRs in this mod were using LiquidFuel only anyways.
  8. Anyone has visited one of the inner planets so far? Any changes due to introduction of new aerodynamics and heat? I'm planning a mission there soon and I would like to know what should I expect
  9. Okay and then just drag and drop the booster there, is this correct?
  10. I've got probably >1000h in KSP but I haven't played in 10 months or so. Could someone please tell me where exactly is the subassembly button (the one which you use to save your subassembly)? I think it was moved since 0.25. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi there sumghai! I'm returning to KSP after a 6-month-long hiatus and I just wanted to say that I still consider your top-notch parts to be an essential part of the Kerbal experience. Take your time with updating them and rest assured that your effort and dedication you put into your mods is really appreciated
  12. I admire your dedication to this project, I remember when you started it 2 years ago. Thanks for all the effort you put in it nyrath!
  13. Hi there To be completely honest I haven't played for >6 months but recently I noticed that in the meantime a mod was released which is even more important for me than KSP v.1.0 - the Outer Planets Mod. Why? SPOILERS BELOW As you may remember, "The Grand Tour - Voyage To The Planets" ended with the surviving crewmembers back on Kerbin and with "Proteus" in orbit of Eeloo. This Outer Planets Mod by moving Eeloo in orbit of Sarnus not only enable me to finish the Grand Tour from a technical point of view but also made it possible to justify it story-wise. END OF SPOILERS So yes, when KSP v.1.0 is released, when the subsequent hotfixes and patches are released and finally when all the necessary mods are updated to KSP v.1.0.1 or whatever - then I'll take a closer look whether continuation of this story is feasible The pleasure is all mine There is a prequel to this story though, remember to check it out if you enjoyed the Grand Tour!
  14. Sure thing! Thank you very much! It's a really good feeling to read such kind words so long after the end of this story And I agree, unofficial ending made by Coga19000 is pretty good. And to think that KSP v1.0 is being released in a few days, not to mention all these outstanding mods created by the community since this AAR has been completed... Maybe it's time to come back and finish the Grand Tour?
  15. You can post it if you want but the official story ended in May 2014. For now at least
  16. One day, when KSP is no longer in early access, I would like to do exactly this. And thank you for kind words and criticism - I'm glad that some people are still having fun reading this story. Hell, it's been almost a year - time passes quickly
  17. Speaking about brightness, I wonder is it possible to make all the solar panels work accordingly to the inverse square law (as they should) instead of running on some weird Squad formula which makes them only half as useful nerby Jool as they are near Kerbin.
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