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  1. Have experienced this issues two times in 1.0 without any mods installed. One time the crew member was launched up in the air with a ridiculously high speed and the other time he just glitched around like crazy and then the game crashed.
  2. Sounds like you've manage to pinpoint a lot of the problems with the career mode and tech tree. Personally I've been struggeling to like the current career mod. First I thought that it is mainly due to the contracts being kind of all the same and the lack of depth. But after reading your post I kind of think that the tech tree is a bigger problem. If I had a tech tree which made any sense I would probably feel better doing the contracts as I would be able to use proper parts for my rockets. I don't have any problems fulfilling most of the contracts now as I've been playing the game pretty much, but the tech tree just feels wrong.
  3. Totally agree.. I've played some of the new career mode now but it still feels pretty much the same. No depth, lots of grind. To me it's just rather pointless and the contracts don't add much to the game as they are all pretty much the same. But luckily the game is great in many other ways And I'm aware of the new science system, but it's really not enough to make the career mode into something enjoyable according to myself.
  4. I really agree with you. Personally I really like the new joint strength. Can't understand why someone would want to need tons of vertical struts for keeping fueltanks from breaking and wobbling about... I haven't played the new update for very long yet and I do believe that there might be some balance issues with some features. But overall I think it's a really nice update which continues to improve this already awesome game
  5. Thank you Diazo. I'll download the source code for TAC Part Lister and take a look at it.
  6. Hi guys, I'm rather new when it comes to building plugins for KSP but I have programmed quite much in C# earlier. Right now I want to create a GUI window which will be visible in the construction scene which will show you a list of all parts you've placed on your ship (I need it for a bigger project). So what I'm looking for is a rough description of how to access the parts of the ship while in the construction stage? I'll be really greatful for all help I can get.
  7. Just putting this thread to the top of the list again. Please tell me if you are interested to participate.
  8. Yes, I understand that. But if I set the time for the evening in CST it will be in the night or very very early in the morning for european players. So I'm trying to compromise a bit.
  9. Yes, that's right. A time need to be set. Therefore I will set the preliminary time to 18:00GMT. I believe that it will at least not be in the middle of the night for neither european or american players.
  10. The reason why I added a prize was because I wanted to add an additional motivation source for participating. Just because I was afraid many people might find it too tiresome to set up the streaming software just for doing a challenge. Though I promise that more competitions will be hosted no matter what, if I'll get the minimum of three contestants for this competitions.
  11. You've got a point there -Gamah. For this challenge I think it might be the best option to go with only stock parts. As this mission is so easy to complete after all.
  12. Thanks for pointing that out. Information-only mods could possibly be allowed as they will not make it much easier to cheat. Though I think I will go for only stock parts and no mods for this challenge. The idea about keeping the objective secret could be a good idea for some competitions. Thank you for that idea. About when it all "finishes". Restrictions for that will be added. There will be both a time limit and a maximum number of allowed attempts. "I think the domain name, site accounts..." I do understand your thoughts about that. But I will still need a platform to publish the actual competition on. And instead of building it all after seeing if it get's popular or not I decided to make a simple foundation to continue from first. Another reason for that is that right now I have at least some free time. But I expect myself to be quite busy the following months. So I will not be able to devote that much time for programming the website then. Though it's much easier now when I don't need to start from scratch again.
  13. Okay guys! The first competition is now up to read about here: <a href="http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/23279-Mun-Race-First-ever-live-streamed-KSP-competition!-Price-for-the-winner!">http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/23279-Mun-Race-First-ever-live-streamed-KSP-competition!-Price-for-the-winner!</a>
  14. Hi! This is the first ever competition hosted by "Kerbal Space Race" which you can read about here: <a href="http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/22328-Live-streaming-Space-race-competitions-interest-check">Live streaming competitions - interest check</a> You will find the website here: <a href="http://kerbalspacerace.sytes.net">http://kerbalspacerace.sytes.net</a>. (a dedicated domain will be bought for the website when possible) This is a completely new concept which basically works like this: <ol> <li>The competitors sign up at the KSR website and apply for the competition through sending a mail to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.</li> <li>Before the competition begins the competitors set up the required video streaming equipment. (this is free and easy)</li> <li>When the competition begins, a dedicated web page for the competition's video streams is created and the competitors will now live stream their games to the Kerbal Space Race website.</li> <li>The competitors live stream their games until they have completed the mission.</li> <li>Next the winner is appointed and he/she will then be able to claim the prize for winning the competition</li> </ol> <h1>The competition</h1> Here are some basic information about the mission: Objective: Construct and fly a spacecraft from Kerbin to the Mun as fast as possible. Shortest flight time wins (this will be measured by the in-game clock). Date: 2012-10-20, 18:00GMT (preliminary time) Parts allowed: Only stock parts KSP version: 0.17 Competitors: 3 - 15 <strong>Prize: <a target="_blank" href=" ">McPixel</a> (Steam account needed for claiming the prize)</strong><h3>Detailed rules</h3> Your objective is to build a spacecraft and then use it to land safely on the Mun. You must launch the space craft from the space center facility. To complete the mission you need to take a screenshot of your spacecraft standing safetly on the Mun with all Kerbals alive. There will also be both a time limit and a maximum number of allowed attempts. On the screenshot you must be able to see the in-game mission timer in the top left corner of the screen. This will be used to elect the winner. The spacecraft used must only consist of stock parts and you are not allowed to use any kind of plugin or mod. You must also construct your spaceship while streaming. This means you can not choose a pre-built spacecraft. The ship must also carry a minimum of one Kerbal, who must survive the mission. Participate Send a mail to [email protected] where you tell me that you want to join the competition. There are no fees or anything. The only thing requirement is a working streaming setup. You will find a tutorial for how to setup the streaming equipment in the profile page under "streaming settings". I will probably add a few things to the rules and modify them a bit before the competition begins. So please keep yourself updated by visiting the competition page on KSR: http://kerbalspacerace.sytes.net/ <h4>The project</h4> The idea with this project is to bring a more competitive style of gameply to KSP. I also want to make it possible for spectators to watch the competitions. Though this project is in a very early stage. There is much work to be done on the website and there are many features that I have not had the time to implement yet. If you like this project and want to help me out in any way there are a couple of things you can do. 1st of all you can donate through the donate button on the website. Donating will allow me to get a dedicated domain and hosting for the website. And it will also help for fixing prices for the competition. Because right now I'm paying for both the hosting and prices myself. And this will get a bit hard for a student like me in the future. You can also contribute by rewriting the texts on the website and write them in good, correct english. I will be very thankful for all help I can get.
  15. Right now I'm using a temporary place on one of my own websites for the project website. But I'll get an other domain later. I was thinking of a quite simple layout inspired by the KSP website: http://sitefix.se/ksp/ I haven't got permission to use the header picture yet but I hope the user who took the picture will soon answer my message. All text including the menu links are just temporary. By the end of the following week I'm hoping to have a working account system so that people can comment on the streams as well as sign up for the competitions.
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