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  1. Just look up Kerbin on the wiki and itll give you all the information you need.
  2. Well thanks to .17 i do basically the same except i dont use mods. I like to explore, come up with random things to do and then take pictures and add them to my collection. I then use them as my background which everybody admires lol
  3. Hey guys, i finally managed to figure out my encounters without the use of mods. thanks for everybodys help and suggestion! I keep crashing at the moment(damn parachutes), but a few tweaks to my rocket design should be good. Duna is just the first step in many many planetary adventures Jeb and i will have
  4. Thanks guys, ill try some of this stuff hopefully it works, i wont use mods however but the calculator looks to be helpful
  5. So I've been trying recently to get to other planets and thought it would be relatively simple but for some reason i just cant reach them. I have plenty of fuel to get to any one of them that i wish and i figure Duna is the easiest so its where i mostly try to go. I utilize the hohmann transfer very similar to landing of the Mun(which i can do very easily) but my ship never crosses Duna at the same time and i am never grabbed by the planet's gravity. I just circle around and around for hours(like 20 years in-game time) and never come close enough. Im not capable of doing any of the complex math a lot of you guys use so i just want to know what it is im doing wrong.
  6. Im no expert but if you point your ship north or south on the globe then the inclination turns. Because you burn east to achieve orbit, you continually burn east to extend it eastward but to move it up or down you need to angle it by burning north or south. This will extend your orbit somewhat though so you have to account for that.
  7. Minmus and the Mun are not that different, it doesnt require all that much more fuel to get to Minmus as it does to the Mun if you know what your doing because it requires far less to land on Minmus then on the Mun. People just hate changing the angle of their orbit and are too lazy to go there even though it is far better to make a base on Minmus compared to the Mun.
  8. you could just escape kerbin orbit and then push out your kerbol orbit like you do to get to the mun except with another planet. Its not efficient but it works and requires little precision, just some patience in having to warp at 100,000 until you get within the influence of the planet. The problem is returning of course although i except space stations to make this a much simpler(though still extremely difficult) process.
  9. i listen to music from other games such as mass effects galaxy map theme, put it on repeat and enjoy.
  10. Thats awesome if you actually are a 343i/Bungie employee, great to have your support on this challenge!
  11. very nice job andydouble07, would love to see that thing landed on the Mun, im amazed you even got it there. The UNSC would be proud!
  12. nice work Richy, ive got orbiters searching every inch of the place at about 10K and havent seen it yet.
  13. Thanks Runescope ill check that area out right away
  14. Got 3 ships in orbit around Minmus scouring the surface for the Minmolith, but with no luck so far. Anyone know the relative altitude to seeing it best, or what side its on?
  15. precisely why i said i couldnt of, i didnt know trolls existed on ksp as well
  16. haha i love it! very well done, my computer might explode trying to launch it but A+ work, couldn\'t of done better myself.
  17. That was very good, i suck at spaceplanes so i could never tweak it to get it into orbit but your the first so far to attempt this, nice work.
  18. and does it blink like the arches do when your high above them?
  19. if you manage to make a tower to it, id be incredibly impressed, even with all the mods in the world. And yes i believe it just floats above the surface, not actually orbiting it, at least from pictures and from what a few have said about it.
  20. Currently im trying to search for the Minmolith and its actually a surprisingly daunting task. I\'ve searched up and down the tiny moon for hours and have yet to see any sign of the thing. I\'m also surprised that there is practically nothing about it on the forums or anywhere else, so little that its still hard for me to believe it exists(even though i know it does). Seeing as there is a thread dedicated to finding and cataloging everything there is to know about the Mun Arch, i would like this to be the place where people talk about and share photos and information on the enigmatic monolith on little bitty minmus.
  21. So i\'ve been quite interested in using spaceplanes lately but have had the hardest time getting half of them to get off the ground and stabilize, let alone fly anywhere. I\'ve successfully made a few simple designs that can only fly across the ocean to the next continent from the runway and land but cant make orbit using anything but rocket thrusters which is still hard to do. Its just too hard for me to add fuel and thrusters without the thing being too heavy to make it off the ground or just flipping around in air. I dont have any pics to share because i have yet to design a comprehensive plane. I also heard that the games engine isnt yet equipped to deal with spaceplane physics so that maybe why its so hard to make anything that works. I just wanted to know what people have to say about designing and working spaceplanes without too much of a hassle.
  22. Congratulations! I was quite happy myself when i landed for the first time, i didn\'t even know there were arches till much later though.
  23. It doesn\'t really matter what the orbital plane is, just face Kerbin from the side when your in orbit around it and then point your ship 90 degrees north and burn until the orbits are roughly similar and then burn 90 degrees east again until your orbit extends until it touches or wraps around that of Minmus. Then do what you would do to land on the Mun and presto.
  24. Noooo dont use mechjeb. It takes the fun out of learning how to do things for yourself. All you do is get in orbit around Kerbin, then point your ship north on the compass and burn until your orbit is aligned with that of Minmus. Then just burn on a normal easterly trajectory until it intersects with Minmus or as close to it as possible. Dont waste your time getting into orbit around the Mun.
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