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  1. So i\'ve been hearing some people claiming that they\'ve managed to go right through an arch on the Mun while orbiting it or slingshotting to either Minmus or Kerbin. I feel like this is possible but have yet to see any proof. If anyone can post a trustworthy group of screenshots or a video of accomplishing this i would be very impressed, as would much of the KSP community i\'m sure. I might try a futile attempt at this myself but im sure someone will manage to prove themselves before me.
  2. Basically once your on that slingshot trajectory, point your ship until you find the green circle with the lines inside of it and then thrust until you get an orbit. Dont point your ship towards the green circle with nothing in it.
  3. well i guess i must\'ve looked at my compass wrong, thanks for the correction
  4. This is relatively easy to do, not much different than escaping the orbit of Kerbin or any other body, just gotta avoid the Kraken and your all good.
  5. For this challenge, anyone that can achieve as close to perfect geosynch orbit around Kerbin wins. According to the Ksp wiki, that means traveling at exactly 1008.9 m/s with an altitude reading 2868.4 km at both the perigee and apogee. You can only utilize stock parts, no mods, and most certainly not mechjeb. You\'ll have to be traveling east to accomplish this. I almost managed this going between 1009.0-1009.1 m/s at between 2868.4-2868.5 km. It looks like your going perfectly geosynchronous and i still have enough fuel to attempt to line it up but it is very hard to do exactly i assure you and even being slightly off means your traveling just a bit out of synch.
  6. I can confirm that there are indeed 2 arches, both seem to overlook craters if that\'s an indicator of anything. Otherwise without any geologic activity on the Mun it can be assumed that its kerbal-made 8)
  7. thanks for clearing that up for me guys
  8. Not sure exactly how they work in reality but at some point, wouldn\'t much of the debris, especially those close to the surface of Kerbin(for example) have decaying orbits that eventually land them on the ground? Or do they constantly orbit forever? I dont know whether this takes place in KSP over extended periods of time but in real life this does happen to many of our older craft and debris. I was wondering if this will be a feature in KSP or whether debris will exist in orbit forever if you choose to leave it on.
  9. Get up to 40k turn to 45 degrees, burn to 70k turn to 90 degrees, burn to 120k assuming you get orbit. Then go to the apoapsis and burn prograde to increase the periapsis until they begin to switch, just before they switch you should have a relatively circular orbit although it probably wont be exactly at 120k.
  10. thread link here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=15182.msg228639#msg228639
  11. Ive been noticing several people on the forums talking about making music for the game. Im not sure what the developers have planned but maybe they\'re up for a few suggestions. I\'ve made this thread to invite all those hoping to make music for the game to post their creations here. If they\'re all in one place, the devs are more likely to notice and more likely to want to use some of them. So come one, come all, post your KSP soundtracks here for all to listen to and enjoy 8)
  12. That sounds like a good idea i may just make that thread right now, an all-encompassing thread where everyone whose making music can post what they\'ve created. I dont plan on making any but you are and others are, so it sounds good to me.
  13. You can wait for the mun to rise or just burn at 90 once you reach about 70k until the apoapsis reaches the mun\'s orbital path and then just warp around on your orbit until you come to a mun encounter or collision course with the mun. At which point your gonna want to burn retrograde at varying intervals until you land. Thats what i do anyways and im not pro but it gets me to where im going(Mun, Minmus, and Kerbin if the need be).
  14. ya thanks didnt know the main menu had a much larger array of settings, was trying to find it while playing the game.
  15. ya tracks for each area is nice, i was just thinking ambiance to reflect the beauty of space if you get my meaning
  16. Even though the sizes of the planets and the sun are small, i believe much of the solar systems physics work identical to our own solar system, therefore Kerbol and the Sun are almost identical in terms of gravity and so forth as is the Earth and Kerbin, and the Mun and Luna. Correct me if im wrong. Therefore a gas giant would behave almost identical to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune. One of the few unrealistic things about the game is the size of the planet and moons and sun in accordance with their characteristics. A gas giant in KSP wont ever be as large as those in our own solar system but they will act pretty much the same as ours do in every other way.
  17. Make it space ambiance like the Mass Effect galaxy map song or something along those lines. Please don\'t make it silly or some sort of metal/rock crap, this is a space program game not a war game.
  18. i have 15.2 and i dont have an option to turn off debris, not sure why everybody else does.
  19. Will there actually be other star systems in the future, or is this just an attempt to escape kerbols gravity for the fun of it?
  20. I\'ve been a fan of video games my entire life, since i was practically a baby i loved playing them. But as i got older i appreciated video games less for their play value but for their story, and thematic parallels to real life. I\'ve always been one for the story in a video game, they can often time bring out more than a book ever could although i do like books. Now im not someone who worships video games or anything like that, but i think a lot of people miss the points brought about by video games that have greatly changed my views on the world and influenced my life. If it wasn\'t for games like Mass Effect, Deus Ex, and Halo(and many others which i wont mention), my fascination for science and technology would never have grown to what it is today, i may just be some blabbering idiot who only cares about my social life(which i do have, dont worry) and little else. While many video games cater to those people, like Call of Duty for example, which i do play admittedly, i can\'t say its a video game i enjoy, nor is it an example of a video game with the things ive described above. Just wanted to know what people think about video games, do you actually think it\'ll help bring about the end of society, make us all idiots, or is there a hint of wisdom and intelligence that will inspire people for generations as things such as art have done? You already know my argument, i wanna hear yours.
  21. Is it just me or is returning from a Minmus trip easier than returning from the Mun? For some reason i ive been able to land and return from Minmus without the slightest issue but Mun is seemingly much more challenging. Using the exact same rocket design i could return from Minmus with some fuel remaining even after landing on Kerbin again. However this rocket design cannot seem to get me to the Mun and back. I run out of fuel just after escaping the Mun\'s orbit and reaching Kerbin orbit again. I\'m sure i could manage with a specifically designed Mun rocket but its just odd to me. Want to know if anyone else has noticed this.
  22. I believe the low points of Minmus are supposed to be frozen methane lakes as stated by HarvesteR on one of his posts to the .16 updates that show kerbols jetpacking around Minmus. As for the Mun, i\'m not entirely sure. It probably is very dry, Mun has a higher gravity and a thicker atmosphere i believe and Minmus is smaller with practically no atmosphere. I\'m willing to bet its just the composition of the moons, theres no way of knowing entirely without some sort of measurement of the elements in these terrestrial bodies. Until then, we\'ll just assume its frozen because the makers wanted it to be.
  23. I think the whole idea of planets, especially those of incredible distance, gas giants with many moons and so on will push KSP beyond currently feasible technologies. I mean, humans cannot currently reach Jupiter with manned missions, land, and return in any capacity as far as i know. I\'m wondering whether this game will end up as a realistic space simulator or a sci-fi solar system colonizer.
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