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  1. Ehhh I'll ask DYJ. It took about 5 minutes to make, you could do it yourself by the time I put a link up.
  2. The fracturing mun was made by me in Lightwave, with particles and glowy effects ontop of that done by Captain Forever. I won't be uploading crafts for a host of reasons. The few that don't completely tank your framerate or explode on clicking launch either don't actually function at all or are dependant on edited versions of long out of date mods. The craft saves are also out of date themselves. It's a huge nightmare.
  3. It's been pretty much one year since the previous. The time was well spent. Enjoy. For those interested, the mods shown are listed in the video description.
  4. Makes sense, I wasn't ever expecting it to be stickied in the first place. The response is surprisingly overwhleming. I'd also like to apologise to HarvesteR and the rest of the devs for probably receiving a giant flood of poorly worded requests for "gnus an muitlplayer and enemy kerbrels" shortly after I published this.
  5. You shouldn't presume multiplayer is coming any time soon. You'll be dissapointed.
  6. I didnt use any braces, it was able to get off the runway because it flexible and floppy and just snaked off the edge.
  7. Instead of saying high/low/long or whatever, try measuring the effective max ranges. If you just fly straight out to sea untill you run out of fuel, it would be half of that distance (assuming you expect a return trip).
  8. The forum migration pooped up the formatting, one moment while I repair the OP. Not likely. If your stuff is awesome, just make your own video and let it speak for itself.
  9. To make bodywork, turn off angle snapping, and use Shift + WASD to rotate.
  10. It's not helpful, because it wouldn't help anywhere near as much as you think it might. I can guarantee you'll crash just as many times trying to work out how to pilot the VTOL as you would in building it from scratch. If I did make and release it I would be flooded with just as many people asking how to fly it, because taking off is harder than landing, and in general it flies like a brick. A sporadic, ill-behaved, angry brick, with the turning circle of Minimus and a half.
  11. Yeah nope. As I said on the video: "They're all kinda broken and need to be rebuilt from scratch, and anyone who is halfway decent with the editor could do that themselves with less effort than it would take me to remake and upload all of them. I also feel handing ships to people violates the whole game design - I'm practically taking the fun out of it. Flying a cool looking diamond VTOL isn't all that exciting when you don't have that intimate relationship with it forged by spending hours designing the damn thing."
  12. Orbital explosions wont come untill particles are fixed (if they ever are). In the meantime, have a picture: The same collision issues already existed. The fix is to simply add more volumes to collide with, im pretty sure it\'s because the shell moves past entire parts over the course of two frames. The first shot the tank took at the rocket was dead on target, and passed right through it. The second shots were lower and so had much greater chance of intersecting more parts, and (only just) managed to blow enough up to have the rocket come apart.I also didn\'t update at the time because I was 99% sure that all the saves would be broken. I haven\'t copied them over to 0.16 yet but I\'ll see what happens. Also, here\'s some more purdy pictures, taken long before the video was made:
  13. Those are nowhere near what he was probably suggesting. The closest analogue to this would probably be Gcombat/WAC Damage mods in Garrysmod.Also I\'ll see how the .crafts go after I update.
  14. Here's a video I made - as far as I can tell there's no 'media' forum so I'm assuming stuff like this goes in general. I haven't really been going to space that much... Any Questions that aren't answered in the description I'll answer here. Enjoy!
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