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  1. I've noticed this as well, wasn't sure if they scrapped it or what.
  2. Once you get the first section done, different parts are available to you for each additional leg of mission. As far as steering the SRB, I dropped the thrust down a bit, used a fuselage section or two and put on 3 controllable winglets and got through just fine. Get creative
  3. Awesome, thanks for the update to support 1.3. Love this mod.
  4. Wow, thanks Ferram! Was passively waiting for this for months, then left KSP for a few months, and started getting the itch to start playing again today. This is GREAT news! Thanks for the work.
  5. Wow, @linuxgurugamer you truly are on a roll... seems just about all of my recent mods in my current game are yours now ha! Thanks so much for the hard work! Can't wait to get this installed when I get back to my home machine. Thanks again! EDIT: Was going to ask if you had a donation link, found one in a google docs link in your sig. Is that the current and best?
  6. This is good information I was not aware of. Sorry to interrupt this post, but I too get pretty consistent crashes similar to the original poster, and I do use the F12 aero display as well as have "hightlight fx" enabled. Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.
  7. Yep, I'm having the same problem driving a rover on the Mun. Seams send me flipping.
  8. Gave the VTOL Super a try first, been taking Jeb for a spin, great plane! I learned real quick to open the MK2 bay when taking off ha
  9. Love that cockpit shot in the video!
  10. Cool planes, carrier and pics! Some really cool compact ideas here! Thanks for passing along.
  11. Wow, thanks for the fast reply! Not sure how that got switched back off, honestly wasn't even sure what it did in the first place, but that fixed it. Thank you! 1.2.1 working great so far!
  12. Thanks for the quick update, great to see the flickering fixed! Do have one question... in 1.2, I could right click and "autostrut to heaviest part" and it was absolutely brilliant, did it to everything and had super solid and stable ships. Was playing last night with 1.2.1 and now when I right click I no longer have this option. Was this changed in the patch or have I been doing it wrong all along? Thanks!
  13. Not that it helps, but I also have the same problem in the VAB/SPH... drives me nuts. I'm running the latest 1.2 Windows version in 64 bit. Screen resolution, full screen, windowed, stock or modded doesn't seem to matter best I can tell. EDIT: Decided to spend a few minutes removing somre recently installed mods to see if it helped, and it actually fixed it. So, not sure which one of these did it, but removing Mk2Expansion, which also removed CommunityResourcePack and InterstellarFuelSwitch fixed the problem. I now get the reports and mission list as expected, shows up fine in
  14. Enjoyed the 1.2 prerelease and am enjoying the 1.2 final as well. Very pleased and excited with this release, and love the little improvements scattered about.
  15. Awesome thread!! Loved the great pics and video's, and really enjoyed reading the story of each plane! Thanks for posting!!!
  16. Just wanted to say thanks as well for this mod! It's the first I install, was excited to see it already working in 1.2! Love it, thanks again!
  17. Great little shuttle design, I love it! Trying to see, what engines are those on the shuttle itself? Thanks!
  18. I don't run many mods, mostly stock (actually just "plane mode" that swaps yaw/roll), and have yet to have a crash with 1.0(or .02).... played a good bit recently, several hours at a time, without issue. I'm actually really happy with the current state, and glad they did push the aero and final features in a timely fashion. Very pleased with the game, best version yet by far IMHO. I've never monitored memory usage, have no idea what it is using.
  19. Well, for what it's worth, I'm having this same problem with Joystick Pitch Axis (oddly, roll and yaw recognize fine). The whole selection box just greys out when I try and assign pitch. I could have sworn this worked fine in 1.0. I've tried my Logitech F710 wireless pad and also my Thrustmaster Warthog/CH Pedals setup. I also seem to be having the graphics settings reset as well as the ASK me EVERY time if I want to send anonymous game progress to SQUAD. Something is definitely screwy. Please advise Squad, thanks... would REALLY like to be able to use joysticks or gamepads again. EDIT: Thi
  20. FSX is a great choice, and as mentioned make sure you get the Acceleration Pack if you didn\'t get the Gold edition. The flying physics feel great and the visuals are just fine, really nice IMHO. You\'ll love it, and it will help you save both time and money if you ever do pursue real world flying... which I can\'t recommend enough!!! I am a pilot and own a single engine Grumman, and nothing else compares to spending a nice crisp morning punching holes in the sky to both forget stresses and have a ball. X-plane I REALLY want to like, and have owned all versions since 4, but the flight physics
  21. Man, that was a really cool video! That summarized KSP perfectly, and as others have said, the music was perfect! Thanks for taking the time to make that and share it with us!
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