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  1. Only fitting 2 solar panels to the command module. I engage a transfer orbit and commence time acceleration. Come out of time acceleration to do my orbital insertion and realise niether of my panels where orientated towards sunlight and I had 0 power. THe craft proceeds to fly past the target body into the void. Played for 3+ years and still do this once every 2 or so months im playing for.
  2. I put on a dumby payload then observe TWR / Delta V numbers supplied with KEngineer or mechjeb. When i feel im right on the edge of an LKO payload with Dv I attempt to launch the payload.
  3. There is already a concept around very similar to this called an Orbital Launch Loop. It involves a ~2000km long cable suspended at ~80km by centrifugal force from a high speed rotor held within. The upside of this concept is it is extremely cheap to get objects into LEO with a gentle acceleration. The downsides being the cost of building and powering such a loop (it would need several large nuclear power plants dedicated to powering it), Also the fact that when any one of a thousand factors do not line up 100% i.e power drops for a millisecond or wind exceeds a certain threshold then the extremely high speed rotor may come into contact with the sheath causing an energy release (read; Explosion) somewhat similer to 350,000 tons of TNT). Wikipedia article if you are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Launch_loop Also these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_ring Dont know enough about them to explain the concept but it also seems similer to what you proposed.
  4. It was either 0.7.3 or 0.8.0 I don't exactly remember, need a selection for "A long ass time ago" =D.
  5. If i could pick any mod which has caused me the most frustration in KSP its this one: "100m from landing" "75" "50" "25" "10... Satalite has gone below horizon" "lost contact with probe" *Explosion* "Duna Mission XXVII is a failure" Fantastic mod though, very realistic =D
  6. Hey gents, wondering if i'm just being awkward here but is there anyway to see the delay without actually having it turned on? I find it too enfuriating to cope with but I really do enjoy seeing the number so i can optimise my relay network. Being able to see the data transmission range as the crow flys as well as over your relay would also be awesome if anyone knows how to access that data without manual number crunching.
  7. 1/10 You have a lower Avg posts per day than me at ~0.00952 posts per day. Atleast i've got ~0.06897 per day and i'm a huge lurker.
  8. This is fantastic. Great job to everyone involved. Rejuvinated my interest in KSP.
  9. I was already pursuing a career in aerospace however KSP pushed me to learn a hell of a lot more about physics and orbital mechanics than i ever had. It also made me relearn half the stuff i knew about aerodynamics to make it bloody work ingame =D
  10. Granted. World War 3 starts. I wish more money was put into space exploration by all major superpowers.
  11. Are there any alternate download links? I cant access the nabaal.net URL. It keeps saying my connection has been reset.
  12. It seems you failed to land like a dainty butterfly. Gonna have to disqualify you on this one.
  13. There's a new helipad. Lets put **** on it. OP: However you must land like a dainty butterfly! /Challenge
  14. I think so... there are certainly people who already play from spacey backgrounds I.e the guys from copenhagen suborbital and I remember a could of NASA mission controllers a while back. I know a few of us on here are also involved in aerospace in general. Id love to do the whole flying think but due to **** genes im afraid ill always be the bloke on the ground making sure the craft doesn't fall out the sky for no reason.
  15. Interplanatery SSTO (What im working on right now) A satelite (IS maps) at every body (Also working on this) Land at Eeloo or Dres. On my list for a long long time.
  16. thanks that fixed it. I thought it would only auto stage if autopilot was active.
  17. Hey folks Ive had a problem recently (0.19 I think) where my chutes set in stage 0 will automatically trigger as soon as the stage before that (Stage 1) is reached. I have mechjeb 2.0 installed however this issue occurs regardless if autopilot is activated or not. Ship in VAB Image here - what happens ~1 second after launch - The extra engine in stage 0 is the ion thruster in my payload which ALSO activates with the chutes It seems to be as soon as the craft leaves the ground with less than 2 stages (0 and 1) it automatically triggers stage 0 for me. Any solutions gents. Please tell me im just doing something stupid . EDIT: Ugh spelt Shoots instead of Chutes... Brainfart.
  18. I got banned from a garrysmod server a few years ago for helping someone fix there car over there servers forums. Aparently some kid took offense to us trading real life information over there forum. (albeit it was only pictures)
  19. I work on airliners (Avionics Technician) for Virgin Atlantic Possibly spaceplanes in the future, you never know.
  20. During long burns I open a 2nd KSP client and try to find alternatives to using ion engines for my long distance probes
  21. That did it. Thanks mate didnt realise the file system had changed.
  22. Getting a strange issue in 20.1 with the new 4.0 dev version. All the images seem to not be displaying correctly, Image included: Any idea of a fix folks? I know its a dev version but would love to get mapping again ^^.
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